After “Hypnotic Hotel” and “Hypnotic Happiness” confirmed that Lady Krystal Mesmer was the perfect Hypnodomme for me I decided to venture further into her hypnotic world.
One prevalent topic on the web nowadays is Male Chastity and so I decided, perhaps somewhat ambitiously, to try her Goddess Marquesa’s “Kiss of the Keyholder – your New Life begins” and to experience for myself just how much is reality and how much fantasy.
Note: Lady Krystal Mesmer and Goddess/Mistress Marquesa are differing aspects and personas flowing from the same truly hypnotic and compellingly Dominant Woman hypnoteuse and Hypnodomme.

Her “Keyholder” file is, at 70 minutes, longer than most however I found that there is a reason for this.
All the elements of a Lady Krystal/Goddess Marquesa file are there; the sweet, compelling voice, the expert hypnotic induction, the ability to lose myself completely in her trance and voice. Her voice has for me an increasingly sensual, caressing feel such that as soon as I hear her my eyes close, my body relaxes completely and my mind opens eagerly to allow her in.


Where the first two files were soothing almost gentle, in the “Kiss of the keyholder” Mistress Marquesa, while still gentle, is more commanding and direct when needed. Even the all important Kiss is Goddess Marquesa kissing the listener not the other way.
Lady Krystal’s counterpart Goddess Mistress Marquesa makes it very clear that one’s “New Life” is a life of chastity to Her.


I will not elaborate any details but one is compelled to the solution of a full chastity with an interim virtual chastity. Before listening, and I do now listen everyday, to the file I would not really have believed this possible. However when the virtual device was fitted I could feel it mould to me and in accordance with Her order I have not been able to touch myself in a stimulative manner since. When I have the desire to somehow the desire and intention seem to lose focus and dissipate and the thought drifts off. This does not mean I no longer feel arousal but I cannot hang onto the thought to do anything about it.


Every day I find her voice and presence taking a more and more central role in my mind.
I am being allowed to remain in this virtual situation for a short while till I get used to my “New Life”.
So in all a very powerful induction which has definitely started me off on a “New Life”, a path of chastity controlled by Lady Krystal’s more dominant side Mistress Goddess Marquesa. Where it leads I will relate at a later date.


For more details about “KISS OF THE KEYHOLDER – your NEW LIFE BEGINS” click this link.