What do men really want?

The wish is always the same: To blow themselves. To suck themselves off and swallow their own cum.

Goddess has heard this request time and again from slaveboys. And when mistresses get together, it is a topic that often arises (and arouses).

I have several theories why this is so.

One, it’s safe. A heterosexual man may fantasize about sucking cock merely out of curiosity. He may not wish to suck someone else’s cock, but his own is another story.

Two, it creates an irresistible feedback loop of pleasure that begets ever more pleasure—spiraling off to infinity. Deep inside he knows this on an almost atavistic, intuitive level.

Three, it allows a man to take his own hot, luscious load and swallow it. Aroused, all men want to do this; but once released, they “just can’t.” (Though when a man is aroused, it’s laughably easy to get him to slurp up every drop of his own pathetic pre-cum. Some don’t even have to be told, once aroused enough. LOL)

This topic has been explored by gay men on many occasions. In fact, the only actual amateur videos Goddess has ever seen of “auto-fellatio” have been of gay men who were both supple enough—and big enough!—to pull this off. It looks like a lot of work. But then, I’ll bet it’s worth it.

Goddess wishes to year your thoughts on auto-fellatio. Do you or don’t you? Would you if you could? And . . . just how much pleasure can you really stand?

(And be truthful and candid if you wish to please and arouse Me.)