I felt like I have been really grinding through the last couple of weeks. Have always tried to keep my highs not too high or my lows too low.

It’s Saturday night after working 6 days in a row and knowing the same schedule awaits next week…I already know before putting the process in motion that included a trip to the gym to sweat out last week’s frustrations and Friday nights cocktails., what would put myself back in balance.

Went online to check the entertainment schedule at various restaurants and clubs and finally saw what I was looking for, Rachel was dancing at the Sahara restaurant the same place I had the most amazing night of my life.

It wasn’t just the amazing dancing that night…there was the most amazing enchantress… Krystal whom has never left my thoughts.

I pretty much know where I stand with Krystal and respect her power and desires, but always keep myself in check.

A I stand on the side of the street waiting for my Uber, then a Porsche Cayenne pulls up and I do see the Uber sticker in the rear window. The driver rolls down the window and with a big smile and looking me straight in the eye tells me “Don’t just stand there Chad, hop in”.  I couldn’t help but think to myself that the attractive female driver wearing a ball cap was someone I knew. I climb into the back of the vehicle and she states, “we’ll be at the Sahara in 15 minutes. I don’t remember telling her my destination, but I must have punched that into my app. I only mutter “Thank you”

We arrive at the front of the Sahara and as the vehicle stops, the driver turns to me, smiles and says “We are here, I will see you later and I am sure you will have an unforgettable time…I mean a great time” As I climb out of the back seat I am wondering why she is so familiar. Before I can ponder the situation any further the vehicle drives off and the door man opens the front door and directs me to the waiter whom sits me at a table for 2 at a spot just front left of the stage.

As I start to get myself comfortable in my seat I start to look up to try and catch the waiters eye to order a drink and there is another familiar face, it’s Krystal. “Hi Chad, it’s been a while” she sets down a Maker’s neat in front of me and looking me straight in the eye “Do you mind if I join you this evening ? “

As I gaze into her eyes, nervously I state “No not at all Krystal, how have you been ? “ As she glides into the seat next to me she continues “I have been good, but I haven’t heard from you in a while” and before I can utter an excuse for not being in contact she continues “ You seem a little stressed, you must be here to unwind and catch a show and maybe a belly roll” Instantly my whole body is relaxed yet excited at the same time.  “Is that true Chad, you want to see the belly roll” Finding myself more relaxed I can only respond by saying “Yes Krystal I came to see the belly roll”  Krystal smiles and inches her seat closer to me.

As we sip our cocktails the melodic middle eastern music begins to play drowning out the sounds of a busy restaurant.  Krystal whispers into my ear “ I believe the show is about to begin…you should relax for me a bit and just watch the dancer, you know our favorite dancer Rachel” I can only nod my head yes. As the volume of the music increases Rachel enters the stage wearing a silver coined costume with red veils playing her zils in rhythm to the music.

Krystal is whispering into my ear “ Chad I want you to relax and watch Rachel dance, that is what you want to do ? Right Chad? “ “Yes Krystal I want to watch Rachel dance” As I watch Rachel dance Krystal continues “ The more Rachel dances the more relaxed you become and the more relaxed you become the more you watch Rachel dance” “ Is that right Chad “ “ Yes Krystal” “Good Chad, keep watching and listening to my words” “Now Chad when the music slows down and Rachel does her first belly roll you will be 100 times more relaxed than you have ever been, do you understand Chad ?” “Yes I understand” The music begins to slow down and Rachel removes one of her red veils to reveal her abdomen and performs a belly roll and Krystal whispers into my ear “belly rollll” My whole body is numb, yet excited at the same time.

Krystal continues “ You like watching Rachel dance, especially the belly roll, right Chad?” “Yes Krystal” “Good Chad, now when Rachel does her next belly roll, you will go 100 times deeper than you have ever been and won’t be able to move a muscle, you will be frozen”  As Rachel twirls her veil around herself and moving in figure 8’s she moves in front of us holding her veil just below her eyes forcing my eyes to look at hers and moving her head side to side. She slowly drops her veil down to reveal  her belly as she does a belly roll. Krystal whispers into my ear “belly rollll”

At this point I am very thirsty and as I try to reach for my glass I find I can’t move. Krystal  giggles “Are you thirsty Chad ?” “Yes I am” “Okay I will allow you to have a sip at the count of 3” “1, 2, and 3, you can move your arm to have one drink Chad” Like magic my numb arm reaches to my drink and I sip my cocktail. “Now Chad continue to watch Rachel dance and when she comes back to our table she is going to perform our favorite belly dance move”  “What is our favorite belly dance move Chad ?” I mumble “The belly roll” “Right Chad, and when Rachel comes to our table and executes 5 belly rolls you will go deeper with each roll and with the 5th belly roll you will have the irresistible urge to kiss her belly and then you will be completely under my control. Do you understand Chad ? “  “Yes I understand”

Rachel moves her way in front of us holding her veil behind her as to create a barrier between her and the rest of the restaurant. She moves directly in front of me and as the music slows down even further She directs my eyes toward her belly and starts to belly roll.   Krystal whispers  into my ear “Belly Roll” another roll “Belly Roll”, another “Belly Roll”, another “Belly roll” Rachel has draped her veil around us and does another belly roll “Look how close her belly is to you Chad, don’t you want to kiss her belly ? Belly roll Chad” I find I must kiss her belly and as I do I find I can only listen and do what Krystal asks.

“Now Chad I think it’s time we go back to my place, don’t you agree ? “ Yes Krystal we should go to your place.” I feel  like I am floating as we leave the restaurant.

I am not even sure how long it took or how we got to Krystal’s house, but feeling like I am coming out of deep sleep I start to wonder why we are at Krystal’s house. I had told myself that as much as I admire Krystal she has many admirers and I don’t just want to be another play thing for her. I can hear the faint sound of middle eastern music  playing in the background.

Krystal enters the room with a drink for me and herself.

“Krystal you know I admire and respect you very much, but I am really not comfortable in this relationship and think I probably should go”

“I understand Chad I respect your decision, but it will take at least a half hour before the Uber can get back here. Why don’t we share a cocktail before you leave?”

Thinking there is no harm in that I reach for the cocktail and take a sip looking directly into Krystal’s eyes and she starts directing my vision to her hands that are moving up and down her body. “ Chad….do you remember the belly roll ?”  Instantly my whole body is pleasantly heavy and I feel  my penis bulging in anticipation. “Yes Chad keep looking at me, relax, and remember the belly roll”

As  I am again immobilized the doorbell chimes to the sound of zils clanking together. As I start to slightly come out of my stupor I proclaim “That must be my ride” Actually hoping it’s a wrong address. I can hear some discussion at the front door and start to gather myself to leave.

Then I notice that the volume of the music increases and Krystal walks into the room. “I am so glad you suggested we go to a middle eastern restaurant when we first met, I really like the music don’t you ?” “Yes Krystal it does have a good rhythm”  “It reminds you of the belly roll…doesn’t it Chad?” “Yes”

Krystal then snaps her  fingers and directs my attention to the entrance to the room where I can see 2 hands gracefully moving to the music and then Rachel enters the room pulling her veil just below her eyes looking directly into mine. “Watch Rachel dance Chad, look into her eyes and relax and remember the belly roll”

Again… I must watch and can’t look away or move. Rachel lowers her veil to show a huge sensual all knowing smile and directs her attention to you and you nod.  “Now Chad Rachel is going to do 5 belly rolls and when she does the 5th belly roll you will kiss her belly and be 100 times deeper under my control, do you understand Chad ?”

“Yes Krystal I understand”  Rachel moves directly in front of me puts her veil around the back of my neck and does the first belly roll “belly roll”, then another “belly roll”, and third “belly roll”, the 4th “belly roll”

Now Chad  when Rachel does the 5th and last belly roll you will kiss her belly be totally under my control and will want to do anything to please me”  “So Chad what do you want to do when Rachel does her next belly roll” “I want to kiss her belly and do whatever pleases you Krystal “

Good Chad, Rachel puts her hands behind my head and glides my face toward her belly and starts to do a belly roll “belly rolllllllll… Krystalwhispers “now kiss her belly” I deeply kiss her belly.

“Now Chad what do you want to do?”  “I want to please you Krystal” “Good  Chad” Krystal slips out of her clothes and stands directly in front of me “You know Chad, Rachel taught me your favorite belly dance technique…the belly roll” “Now Chad I am going to do 5 belly rolls in front of you and when I do the 5th belly roll you will kiss my belly and fall 100 times deeper under my control and give me pleasure…do you understand ?”

“Yes I understand” “And Chad you will not be able to remember what happened here after we came back from the restaurant…you will only remember talking a bit and getting a ride back home”

While standing in front of me Krystal directs my attention to her belly….”belly roll”, “belly roll”, “belly roll”, “belly roll”  “and now Chad belly rolllllllllll” I deeply kiss  Krystal’s smooth skinned  belly and look up into her eyes.  She directs my head down and I wrap my hands around  Krystal’s  perfectly proportioned butt and start to lick her perfect pink pussy until she is satisfied.  Krystal directs my head back up her body all the time I am  kissing my way up every inch!   When I reach Krystal’s abdomen she does another belly roll and with a wicked smile on her face says those magical , mesmerizing words… “belly roll.”   I gently kiss my way up to her breasts and  Krystal whispers into my ear. “Now Chad when  our lipsmeet to kiss I am going to pull you inside me and you will have the best orgasm you have ever experienced and you will always do what I say and always love Krystal” “Do you understand ?” “Yes Krystal I understand”

Our mouths meet tongues tied together and Krystal is on top of me fucking me mindless!

After Krystal has exhausted all my fluids and energy she  looks directly into my eyes. “Now Chad sleep deeply and forget what has just happened here”  She  snaps her fingers and I fall asleep.

I am not sure how long it was but, I wake up a bit confused. Thinking that nothing happened as I have my clothes on and the drink is still on the side of the table.  Krystal enters the room. “You must have dozed off for a bit. Probably because you have had a long week. Your ride is here”

As  Krystal  walks me to the door I am relieved that you she is  okay with us not getting into a relationship. We hug at the door and  Krystal kisses me on the cheek.

“Thanks Krystal for understanding”  “ Krystal smiles, licks her lips and says “No problem dear.” “See you tomorrow. ” I just say “ Okay Krystal I love you”

As I get back into the same Uber I start to think to myself. Why would I see her tomorrow, I thought we ended this relationship.

The driver wearing a ball cap takes off the hat to reveal her long wavy brunette curls and looks me in the eyes. It’s Rachel she just says “Belly roll”

At this point I know I am destined to always be under Krystal’s Belly Dancer Spell.