It was another boring, I mean relaxing Friday night with nothing on television so I had opened my iPad to see about playing some games online. I couldn’t get off my mind last weekend when we had gone to the Comedy Club and one of the acts had been a hypnotist, a very beautiful hypnotist with green eyes that seemed to be beckoning me.That must have been the lapse that captivated me and drew me to have just enough abandon, for before I realized it, I was up on stage listening to just a few sweet seductive words that soon had me floating in willing compliance to whatever this mesmerizing Goddess suggested. For it seemed she wasn’t expressing different ideas, it was really my words, my will being told through her. And oh it felt so good, each word she said sent me deeper into a dream state with waves of pleasure flowing through my body. Well, I don’t remember much about the show but my friends told me I seemed to pass the suggested audition for Chipendales, right down to my boxers. But this Friday night was quite different as I sat before my screen looking for someone to play a game of Words With Friends with and just relax after a long stressful week. After logging in as ‘Stud’ and not finding anyone I knew online, I decided to do a random invitation. A few moments later an acceptance popped up LadyMesmer. Well this was a coincidence, as the hypnotic performer last week called herself Krystal Mesmer, but Mesmer could be common enough and besides it was just an innocent word game on the web. After accepting the challenge, I played my first word – “Butter”; My opponent came back seconds later with “Breasts”. Well this certainly was starting off interesting. So after a few minutes I played off her word breasts with “Stroke” Within seconds came her play, “Naked”. I suddenly began feeling very warm and the urge to loosen my clothing. It was also becoming difficult to concentrate on my game. Luckily a shorter word popped into my mind from the letters in front of me and went with her word naked “Obey”. As I began placing the letters down, I couldn’t help feeling that light floating feeling returning, just like I had experienced at the show last week. Oh how beautiful it reminded me of letting go as I had for Krystal Mesmer. I’m not sure how long I enjoyed that euphoric state after having played ‘obey’ When her next word was played “Surrender” And instantly the waves of pleasure started up my body.
I only wanted to hear her commands …and respond without thinking. It was almost like playing solitary as her words became exactly what I was thinking, the only thing I could think about. Well it was one thing to feel mentally seduced by these suggestive words, but what followed took me totally by surprise as I spelled “Horny”, Within seconds came her response “Strip” and without realizing it I found my hands moving and releasing my belt and all the restrictions my clothes seemed to present right down to my shorts. It was than I noticed the incredible bulge beginning to throb from my boxers and the growing desire from my whole body. I was breathing heavy… over a game of Words With Friends!
It took all I could muster to spell my next word “Please”. Her next word had barely appeared in front of me when my hand began moving again, and before I even realized that her word spelled “Nipple”, I found myself squeezing my nipples and letting out an ecstatic groan. Pumping my legs together, I felt my heart pounding and my balls wanting to explode with incredible intensity. The only word I could squeeze out was “Now”, To which she quickly responded “Wait” All I could spell back was”OH” which I’m sure was not as powerful as what came out of my mouth. But she seemed to understand as the next word she played was “Three” mine came quickly “Yes”. Hers, after a teasing, agonizing pause “Two” , mine came almost instantly, “SLAVE”. Mercifully her response came soon after, “Release”.
Oh what an incredible orgasm hit my entire body. Somehow she had made every muscle in my body contract and the contractions in my loins seemed to last for the next 10 minutes. When I finally relaxed down, amazingly the only thing I could spell with the letters left was “Mistress” .
The game ended as I had run out of letters and I seemed to drop into a deep dream from there. There was no doubt she had won and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, for her will and desire was mine now.I find myself playing this game more than ever, though now when I open the Words With Friends app I’m automatically logged in with a new name I don’t remember entering “SLAVE”. But I’m growing very fond of it.