He was so fractious,frustrated, frazzled and plain fed up when he entered the store, he needed new lights for his bachelor pad.He had trawled every shop until he came across this one, this was smaller and slightly understated but some of the designs, golden flutes inlaid with gleaming designs that glittered and coalesced in a very mesmerizing way really caught his eye.

When he entered the interior made Aladdin’s cave look like a wood-shed, all sorts of light emitting lamps designs and devices were in the room, he tried to pick out one but simply got confused but suddenly, in this lounge of ornamental luminescence, he felt calm again.It was as if the row upon row of tantalizingly bejeweled and chased designs had taken away all his worry.

“Original aren’t they”

He heard a soft feminine voice at his side. Beside him was a lady dressed in soft leather trousers and a soft satin blouse with billowing sleeves that reflected the light just like the designs. Around her neck was a velvet choker with the most beautiful scintillating stone in the center that seemed to have all the colors of the rainbow locked inside it. She stroked it gently and tantalizingly with her fingers as she spoke to him, all the time looking at him with calm but searching eyes like she was divining the very essence of his inner being as each moment slowwwly passed.

“Yes they’re amazing, this place is amazing, you know that as I came in here I felt so…well..wired, but now it’s like, I am just totally calm”

She smiled

“Yes my light displays can have that effect, light and how it is presented to us is very important you know, from when we are little helpless babies we sense it, respond to it, it can enliven us or calm us, or sometimes both in my experience”

He liked this lady, she had an air of mystery, she was unusual , the sort of person that you could not categorize and as a result found all the more fascinating.

“I live alone and was looking for something, you know, a little bit sensual….”

“Not true, she interrupted, you THINK you are but I think what you would really like is something a bit calming, something for when you get home after days like…well so far today”

They both laughed

“Come” she said “Come and look at one of my verry special delights!”

She seized his arm and took him to the front of the shop and locked the door “This experience requires one not to be disturbed “ she said.

She led him along a corridor and down a short spiral staircase into another corridor with rooms leading off it. He was thrilled by it, what a gem and so unknown.

She led him into a room with a large sofa in it and the most amazing looking lamp he had ever seen in the center. It’s bulb was surrounded by multicolored crystals a little like those on the choker she wore.

She sat him on the sofa and sat beside hem, her legs swung towards him, the sofa was deep and comfortable, he even began to feel slightly tired.

“Now, imagine you have come home from a tired and very frustrating day, you feel tight as a drum, worried that you will not sleep, well imagine that all you have to do is this……”

she flicked a switch and he gasped.

The light made a soft humming sound that he instantly found very relaxing but the display was something else.

Suddenly all the walls in the room were covered in dancing, swirling drifting swathes of the most brilliant colours that he had ever seen. It was like the walls were full of scudding clouds made up of rainbows, they continued to swirl and drew his eyes to the ceiling, to an image like the epi-centre of a hurricane or a film of a swirling galaxy surrounded by vast violet nebulae. In the centre was soft yet brilliant light of blue, of emerald of violet, constantly changing with a soft pulsating beam deep, deep in the centre

“Wow!” he said

“Now sit back, sit close, relax and just watch those wonderful lights, watch the aurora as it dances and prances across the room, see it glow so softly, so softly yet with such strength, it is so strong it compels you to look deeper, to look deeper and deeperrrr.”

He felt the coiled spring of tension deep in his belly finally unwind and fly away, swept away by this amazing display.

Suddenly he felt a calming hand on his back, he could not believe it but the lady was gently rocking him, he thought of protesting but he liked it
“You are wondering why I am doing this” she said “Well it is to make you calm my dear, to put you in the mood for this display, as I said light is soo important, you may remember as a child how you used to love light displays, they not only fascinated you, they calmed you soothed you. Don’t you remember rocking in your cradle looking up at the lights that were put there to help you drift into a wonderful carefree sleep. Those memories stay you know. You need to relax now ,to think of the deep child-like sleep that you used to fall into when you felt safe, less worried, when loving arms cradled you , rocked you , rocked you into sleeeep, deeep sleeeep my little one”

Again something wanted to protest

“You think you have to fight me, but the real you doesn’t want to, the real you loves being here, watching the display, being softly and gently rocked by a wonderful lady of light like me.”

As she spoke she gently stroked his cheek, softly and gently, he loved it he felt his eyes get heavier he wanted to lay down his head..

“Now my little pet it’s time to lay your head to ressst, ressst, on my silken bressst, “ she said

He felt all resistance go as his head nestled in her caring voluptuous yet firm cleavage he emitted a little cry as her silken blouse brushed softly against the sides of his neck, he was almost asleep but very aroused “Yes my little love, nestle, rest in the nesssst of sssatin ssslumber, nap-time now, gooo too sleeeeep, gooo too sleeeeeep, go to sweet restful slumber, rest your head , close your eyes feel my luminescent lullabies, sleeep, sleeep.”

He had never slept like this, he was so content. But he thought he could dimly here the same lady, yet with a more controlling demeanor saying…

“Arousal and slumber go together don’t they, you must always know that arousal and slumber go together and when you feel “Wired” again you will visit me again, you will visit this room you will succumb to my silken surprise enhanced by your own little dreamy light show.Now…given that arousal and slumber go together I think we have other things to attend  to….”