Lana was sitting in a chair reading New Reality, surrounded by dozens of back issues of the paper and various magazines including, of course, Whips & Chains. All revolved around the same subjects: Dominant Females! Erotic Hypnosis! Goddesses! Mistresses! Female Domination stories! Cross Dressing! Infantilism! And Her personal favorite: obedient pliable males!

Lana had been a housekeeper at the Martin home for five years, since she was 18. This was the first time she had ever found this cabinet unlocked. She had enjoyed the work, the money was okay and her free time was her own. She scheduled her hours around her own schedule at the university where she was in her senior year as a psychology major.

She had started at the Martin’s as a parttime housekeeper when Danny Jr. was just fourteen, right after his mom had died. Lana was very mature for her age so Daniel Sr. felt comfortable leaving her in charge of young Danny.

Now fully grown, Lana was indeed a rare beauty. Best of all, Lana had a brilliant mind and she was superb in her studies where she learned very well about the many foibles in human nature.

She was tall and very well built, with stunning, long curly blond hair. Her eyes were a penetrating blue which glowed like twin lasers when she looked directly into yours, always taking your breath away when she did. She even had that quirky smile that movie audiences seem to love so much. In short, Lana had all the abilities, attributes and understanding of reality to become a towering success in life!

“Damn!” she thought to herself, “No wonder this cabinet was always locked. Big Dan was hiding his porn in it. Obviously he really is into this FemDom stuff. I wonder if he is a real submissive or just a `wannabe’?”

Lana had taken a number of courses in so-called deviant sexual behavior. She knew pretty much what the Dominant/submissive scene was like even though her own sexual activities had heretofore been very constrained by her work and studies and what little experience she had was on the vanilla side. But, she did have to admit, these stories of women in erotic, hypnotic control of their slave boys did cause something between her legs to tingle. In fact, she got so hot at one point that she licked her finger and reached inside her loose fitting white blouse and played with her nipples until they hardened while she was closely examining some of the exciting photos of S&M scenes in Whips & Chains.

She sat on the sofa playing with her nipples, unaware that “Little Dan Jr.” (who at 19 wasn’t so little anymore), was watching her. He had walked in and stopped in awe of what he saw.

Lana’s slim body was perfectly proportioned. She wore a thin white blouse tied together at the shirt tail. The bow was secured just below her sumptuous breasts, leaving her midriff bare, showing her flawless skin, her taut stomach and her seductive belly button piercing. Her lush, full flowering breasts, her ever-perfect long pink luscious nipples, hard and erect, peeped out ever so erotically, teasingly from the blouse. And the lovely tanned skin of her perfectly shaped, strong athletic legs were set off beautifully by her black short shorts. She was awesome!

She was barefoot but on her left ankle was a thin gold chain with a small heart suspended on it.

Dan Jr. remained silent, just awe-struck by the young woman who was once his pubescent jerk-off fantasy. “God, she still is!” he thought to himself. He couldn’t look away from the sensuous blond there in his living room. He was already very excited, short of breath, and rock hard! Time stood still. He didn’t want this wonderful moment ever to end!

Suddenly, Lana opened her eyes, looked around, and saw him. “Damn! What are you looking at Dan?”

“I’m sorry Lana . . . I didn’t mean to interrupt,” he stuttered.

She recovered, then laughed. “I remember when you used to look at me when I baby-sat you and you would play with your cock through your pants. How stupid you were not to realize that I knew exactly what you were doing . . . looks like it’s your turn again,” she said.

“I really didn’t know you knew,” he whispered. “I thought I was the only person in the world who had ever done what I was doing so they wouldn’t have any idea how it made me feel.”

“Sure I did! In fact, My little danny-boy, why don’t you get out of those clothes right now so I can really see you do it, just for Me, this time!”

She was really feeling pretty powerful after all those stories. Besides, he looked like a pretty easy target. he had “secretly” jerked off in Her honor only a few years before. But now She could feel like one of the Doms in the magazines if She could make him do it without the cover of pants and shorts so She could see everything! She thought She could easily fall into this fabulous “Mistress” role.

“What fun I could have . . . at the expense of all the egotistic males I might find!” She thought to Herself.”

“Come on dan,” She purred, “you know you want to . . . do it for Me, dan . . . do it . . . maybe if you are a good little young man I’ll even help you . . . give in to Me, dan . . . do it for Me . . . I want to see . . . how good . . . it makes . . . you feel . . . how much control . . . over you . . . I can have. . . .”

It didn’t take much urging. She was so beautiful, so sure of Herself and vain and, of course, he had had this tremendous crush on Her for years so, off came the clothes! he stood there naked, his big cock in hand, staring at Her . . . She looked more gloriously sexy than ever. his hot manhood twitched in anticipation and in appreciation for Her beauty and Her power over him. he didn’t understand it but he loved the power She had . . . the power to make him do anything for Her.

“Kneel before Me and stroke your cock for Me dan,” She commanded.

“Yes Lana!” dan answered with great enthusiasm and obedience.

“`Mistress Lana,’ dan. you must call Me Mistress Lana.”

“Yes, Mis . . . Mis . . . Mistress Lana . . . yes! . . . for You . . . for You . . . anything . . . anything You say. . . .”

Slowly, inexorably, he fell to his knees under Lana’s dominant, controlling and triumphant eyes. She was no longer his Fantasy Female . . . She was very real! And She was relishing her conquest of “little” dan. And, in turn, it was all too obvious that dan was thrilled to the core of his young soul to finally be able to demonstrate his complete submission to Lana before Her very own exultant, contemptuous eyes. But that was not to be! Not just yet . . . for just then the door flew open and Dan, Sr., walked in.

“Damn it! Doesn’t anybody knock anymore?” Lana shouted.

Big Dan, upon seeing what was going on, thought about all the times he had left little Dan with Lana and he began to boil over with anger. “Have you been abusing my son since he was a child?” he angrily asked.

Thinking of all the secret books in the locked cabinet, Lana chose Her words carefully: “Actually, `dan abuse’ never even crossed My mind until today. And I don’t think I want to stop with just your son. I see from your supply of literature that you have thought a lot about abuse at the hands of a beautiful Woman like Me. And from the look of the bulge in your trousers, you either have a gun in your pocket or you are very excited to see Me as a powerful, dominating Female . . . as Mistress Lana!”

She was feeling pretty confident, seeing both of them fighting erections (as well as deep embarrassement) just looking at Her. Her background in psychology told Her it wouldn’t take much to put them both into an erotic hypnotic trance. Either She would be fired . . . or She would become “Mistress of the House!”

She smiled a powerful, all-knowing smile.

Dan, she said to the man of the house LEAVE now. Go to your room and wait for Me to command your return. Dan Sr. looked peeved but he did as he was told and left Lana alone with his young, horny son.

Then, still sitting on the sofa She pointed Her bare feet at dan Jr. and spoke softly, compellingly, to him: “I enjoy having a helpful, subservient young man at My feet, dan.” She waved Her lovely toes at him as he crawlws toward her on his knees. Her feet brushed against his strong chest and then under his nose. The soles of Her bare feet were so near his face.

dan tried to look away but his eyes kept being pulled back to Her sensuous feet. he felt dizzy, entranced as he was by the rhythmic motion of Her sexy bare feet.

“I see… have a foot fetish, don’t you big-bulge danny boy?”

he became even more transfixed by Her sexy feet by just the mention of his secret fetish and by Her teasing and condescending mannerisms.

She ran the toes of Her left foot against the instep of Her right . . . slowly . . . languidly. he began to feel drowsy but still aroused as She moved Her feet and spoke to him.

“A virile stud like you with a foot fetish loves to look at sexy feet like Mine, doesn’t he danny?” dan Jr. nodded.

Her voice seemed to come from a distance.

“Look closely at My lovely, sexy feet . . . look at them . . . look . . . look . . . .” She had definetely touched an instinctual nerve somewhere below the conscious level that could not be resisted.”

“It’s so easy to just listen to My sultry, sensuous, soothing voice as you surrender to the sexy beauty of My lovely feet. Just lose yourself . . . in My voice . . . . . . listen . . . and let yourself enjoy the sight . . . the sight of My lovely feet!”

“It is just like in the stories, your daddy likes to read, little dan. It is just like when Mistress Marquesa captures the mind and soul of some helpless male in a story in New Reality . . . only it’s real this time . . . it isn’t a fantasy . . . I am capturing you. In fact I am going to capture both you and your father! Both of you want to serve Me . . . you will both serve Me . . . you . . . will . . . serve . . . Me . . . you . . . must . . . serve . . . Me! you will serve Me as My sex slaves she cooed.into his ear.”

She watched as danny squeezed his cock and She moved her feet within inches of his face. She knew She had won young dan sooo easily and that soon both father and son would serve Her . . . that She would be in charge! They would be Her slaves, her loyal subjects . . . forever!

Now She could quickly finish school with Her new “foot-on-ball” scholarship. No more working after class. She had only to drive them both deeper into submission so they could never dream of opposing Her will.

She gently stroked the cheek of jr. . . . Her fingernails rubbing and sensuoulsy, lightly scratching his bare flesh.

“dear boy . . . there is a very simple and exciting way you can always have Me around,” She said as Her hands traced little circles around danny’s lips… “Do you know what total sexual surrender means?”

little dan shook his head “no.”

“It looks like that thing between your legs knows what total surrender means,” She said, laughing. “See how gleefully and animatedly it responds to Me!”

It was true. danny had a huge erections pointing right at Mistress Lana.

“you must submit to My Feminine power . . . you must pledge to serve only Me and aid Me in convincing your father that this is perfextly right and correct behavior! you love the idea, don’t you?! Now, My darling boy entertain Me. Stroke in My Honor. Stroke! Stroke your cock!

As he knelt before Her She rose and stood before him with Her hands on Her hips, like some blond Super Woman.

“That’s it toy-boy . . . My . . . little . . . slut . . .stroke for Me . . . stroke for Me . . . in My honor . . . you may shoot your load for Me. . . but only when I command you to cum . . . and don’t you dare cum before I say so . . . you may shoot your load on My lovely mesmerizing feet. Remember, you must wait until I command you. . . .





dan Jr. didnt know if he was hypnotized or just in love but he did know that he had to keep stroking his cocks because She wanted it. he had, in fact, fallen under Her erotic Feminine spell. he would convince his father to give Lana whatever she wanted just so he wouldnt lose his Mistress, his sex Goddess!

“Faster!” She commanded.




“When I count to three you will cum . . .on My beautiful feet . . . you little foot slut . . . .”



“Ready now studpuppy . . . ”


And with no ability to resist Her command danny boy shot his massive load of hot cum on Her gorgeous, sexy feet.

Lana gave vent to an unusually wicked sort of laugh as She slowly, sensuously sat Her gorgeous body back down on the sofa. Her male captive, caught off guard by this simple act, sighed involuntarily in humble appreciation-grateful to witness Her incredible beauty in motion as it exhibited such raw Feminine sexual power. Obviously, dan jr. had become irrevocably bonded to Mistress Lana.

She crossed Her feet. Then, thinking better of it, She uncrossed them.

She fixed danny with a stern gaze. “Since you’re going to be stroking and shooting like this real often for Me now, and by the way……. so will your daddy……… it’s so thoughtful of Me to allow you to reprocess your own cum. Now, danny, lick My lovely feet until all your disgusting cum is gone!” While you lick think of all the ways in which you can aid Me in manipulating your father into doing exactly what I want him to do!

The young man crawled submissively toward his precious and demanding new owner and Her glorious feet . . . .he loved being humiliated in this fashion and as he licked her feminine feet clean he wondered……why hadnt he ever found his dad’s private stash of hypno-erotic fantasy and fetish mag’s? dan jr. could only assume that all of this was meant to be (hey, like father like son!) Yep, obviously Lana was meant to take charge of the house… of him and of his father. Wow! What a trip!