Jillian Hill was looking forward to her third anniversary dinner with
her husband, Jackson. She had planned it carefully, and made all the
arrangements far in advance. She and Jack were going to eat at their
favorite restaurant and night spot, the Lost World. The music there was
always nice, the light was low and the drinks were potent.

Jack had been looking forward to it as well. He had told everyone he
knew about it, since he was so proud to have made it successfully through
the first three years of his marriage. Everyone said the first three years
were the toughest, and that seemed plausible considering how hard they’d
been. He was looking forward to the next three, hoping he’d reap the
rewards for all his hard work. He wanted to be able to relax at long last,
he was so tired of struggling all the time.

His frustration had led him here and there to seek other outlets,
including strip clubs and phone sex lines. He wasn’t proud of this, and
wanted to outgrow the need.

One of his favorite phone Mistresses was the gifted sensual dominatrix
known as Mistress Marquesa. She was the best he’d had in years, and She
really seemed to speak directly to him at times. More than any of the
others, She really wanted to know what got him off, and She wanted to give
it to him.

Actually, She was more understanding than Jill sometimes, who was
often more interested in a “quick lay” than in pleasing her man the way he
truly wanted to be pleased. Marquesa had earned Her place in Jack’s sexual
“Hall of Fame”.

he talked to Marquesa about the anniversary dinner, and about other
major highlights of his life. She was less than a real friend, but more
than just a phone sex operator. It was a special relationship.

In the week before the dinner, Jackson called Marquesa twice, to
relieve his building anxiety. She was able to calm him down in Her special
way, to relax him. he was thankful, and glad he called.

She suggested that he think of Her at the dinner, in the event that
there were any conflicts or difficulties with his wife. he should think of
Her voice, and use it to help him relax. Think of Her soothing, sexy voice.

That sounded like a good idea to him, but he had doubts. Think of his
phone sex Mistress on his anniversary dinner with his wife? Isn’t that a
bit unfaithful?

“No,” She explained, “you’re doing it to relax and feel closer to her.
It will bring you together, not drive you apart.”

This made sense to him.

“Besides,” She continued, “it’s not like I’ll be there or anything.
I’ll only be there in your mind. Only in your mind.”

“Yes,” he thought, “only in my mind.”

“I’ll only be with you deep in your subconscious. She will never see
me or know I’m there. She will never know.”

“She will never know,” he told himself, in agreement.

“I’ll be with you. you don’t have to worry. you can relax now.
Mistress Marquesa will be with you, and you can relax and enjoy the dinner.”

“Yes, i will relax and enjoy the dinner.”

“I know you will, Jackson. I’m certain of it. Just think of Me, and
My soothing voice, and you will relax. Everything will be fine.”

“Your soothing voice,” he repeated. “i will relax, and everything
will be fine.”

The big day came and Jackson was indeed nervous. he bought Jillian
some flowers, a wonderful card and a pendant.

Jillian was anxious too, but in a different way. She was worried
about her wardrobe, the menu, the weather and whatever else could possibly
go wrong. It was raining heavily, and she didn’t know how to dress for the
rain and still be sexy. She didn’t know if her favorite dish would be on
the Daily Specials, and she had forgotten to ask if they knew in advance.
Jackson was mostly anxious because Jill was, and he knew all too well
that if she was too anxious the entire evening could easily be blown up
with a single wrong word or look from him. he tried to calm down, breathe
deep, and relax, so he’d be in a better condition to cope. he knew only if
he was at his best would he have a chance to make it through Jillian’s
turmoil and keep the evening on track, make it romantic and special.
When they got to the restaurant, they were twenty minutes late for
their reservations. Jill had spent extra time finding the right clothes,
and Jack couldn’t move her along. The cab ride was also slow and annoying,
in the pouring rain. They arrived late and wet, an awful combination to
start a special night.

The hostess at the restaurant promised to try to seat them quickly,
even though they were late. She disappeared for a moment and came back
with a smile on her face.

“Are you Jackson Hill?” She asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “we’re here on our anniversary.”

“I know,” she shot back. “Come right this way. I have a very special
table for you two.” She led them to the back, to a secluded room that
looked very romantic.

A nice table for two, with only one other table in the area. “It’s
wonderful!” he exclaimed appreciatively, knowing that coming late should
normally have left them with the dregs.

Jillian didn’t like the table, thinking it was too far from everything
– too far from the music and the dancing, removed from the lovely décor and
ambiance of the bar room.

Jackson took a deep breath and tried to relax. “This is only the
beginning,” he told himself. “The night will be long.” he knew he had a
lot of work ahead, and it did no good to deny it.

he remembered what Marquesa had said, and thought for a moment of Her
voice. It did indeed relax him. Then he looked at Jill and snapped out of
it. Now was not the time. Jill’s predicament demanded his complete
attention, he had to be totally there for her.

They finally agreed on the table (“settled” might be a better word),
after a few precarious moments waiting for Jillian to make up her mind.
The hostess went away pleased, as the two sat down.
It turned out that the music could still be heard, just loud enough to
appreciate, and softly enough that it did not interfere with ordinary

They looked lovingly at each other and wished each other a happy
anniversary. They picked up their menus and started considering their

Jillian wasn’t pleased. Her favorite dish wasn’t on the “Specials”
menu, and she wasted no time in fretting about it. Jackson tried to
console her, to help her decide, to be supportive. his efforts had little
impact. She was working herself up, and all he could do was smile, wait
and hope. his mind began to wander.

What was it Marquesa had said? Just relax, and think of her soothing
voice. Let your thoughts drift to calmness, breathe deep and regular, and
think of Her soft, sexy voice.

Jillian finally seemed ready to settle on an entrée, when there was a
bit of commotion. At the table next to them, the only other table in the
room, a tall, sultry, ultra sexy woman took her seat.

Jillian grumbled as this lady moved past her and broke her
concentration. Jackson looked up and saw this stunning beauty in her full
stature, before she sat down.

“Excuse me, Ma’am,” she said politely to Jillian.
Jillian smiled and went back to her menu, trying to resume where she
left off. Jackson swore the tall beauty’s voice was somehow familiar.
When the woman sat down, she glanced at Jack and smiled
apologetically, her eyes locking onto his in a single instant. For Jack,
that instant seemed to last forever.

Jill was still looking at her menu, and Jack smiled back at this woman
reflexively. he felt a small shiver inside as he saw the strength in this
woman’s eyes, and the raw femininity. She appeared very self-confident,
perhaps the single sexiest trait a woman could have. The confidence in her
gaze cut right through him, to his very core.

Jill was still absorbed in her food crisis, oblivious to everything
but her own frustration and disappointments.

Jack tore his eyes away from the eyes of the mystery woman, and tried
to turn his attention back to his troubled wife. On their way back to his
own table, his eyes found the woman’s ample cleavage cradling a lovely
pendant several times larger and more attractive than the one he’d bought
his wife. The one he was so proud to be giving her as the ultimate token
of his affection and commitment. This woman’s cleavage, and her pendant,
put his wife’s to shame.

As his eyes lingered, the woman watched, and smiled.
When Jack’s eyes finally made it back to his wife, he was feeling a
strange weakness brought on by the woman who had just sat down next to her.
he tried to concentrate on his wife, who seemed to be reaching her
decision at last. he was relieved, because at that moment he hadn’t any
support to offer her.

he called the waiter over immediately, so they could place their
orders as quickly as possible, before giving Jill another chance to change
her mind.

Once they placed their orders, Jack brought out his anniversary gift.
Jillian was very excited, and fell in love with the pendant immediately.
While she took a moment to put it on, Jack took an equal moment to
observe the woman at the next table, and her far superior adornment. She
was looking off in another direction, holding the chain and dangling her
pendant absentmindedly. Jack was astounded at how lovely she looked, and
for an instant he lost himself. She caught him looking, and moved the
pendant gradually back to it’s resting place on her chest, holding his gaze
as she did so.

“I absolutely adore it!” Jill exclaimed, and then proudly asked “How
does it look on me?”

Jack snapped out of it and said “It looks great, dear. It’s just
right for you!”

Jill was happy, and so was Jack. The anniversary ‘dance’ was
proceeding well. Jill gave Jack his gift, a handsome tie, and the
celebratory gift exchange was complete.

Jill had to go to the ladies’ room before the food came, so she
quickly made her way up from the table and out the door of their secluded
dining room.

Jack was still anxious, mostly because this woman next to his wife was
so much lovelier and sexier, and her eyes were so compelling. he knew he
had to concentrate his attention on his wife, after all it was their
anniversary. But he was not sure how he was going to do that, with this
gorgeously sexy lady sitting right there.

his problem now was no longer with his wife, but it was inside HIMSELF.

he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to relax. he began
to think of Marquesa’s voice, and it comforted him. he began to hear Her
say things to calm him down, to relax him. Then he heard Her say something

“That was a very lovely pendant you gave her,” She said.

This was too weird! How could a voice inside his head be talking
about something going on right then and there?? his eyes snapped open, and
he suddenly saw the woman at the next table looking at him sympathetically,
even affectionately.

She said, “That was very sweet of you to give her such a lovely gift.
I’m sure she appreciates it.” As She said this, She locked Her eyes onto
his, and he tried unsuccessfully to hide his shock.

The question hanging on his lips was a single word, actually a name.
“M-Marquesa?” he asked softly, not believing what he was hearing, not
believing he could be asking this.

“Yes, Jack,” She replied, Her voice now clearly recognizable and the
words unmistakably coming from this woman’s lips. “I am your Mistress

As She finished these words, Her fingers again picked up the pendant
and dangled it elegantly, playfully in front of Her. This time not so

he looked at the sparkling pendant, Her inviting cleavage, Her
perfectly manicured fingernails, Her bewitching eyes, and Her glistening
lips as they carefully formed each word.

“I am the One,” She added softly, carefully watching his reaction.
he was full of questions. “W-why?’ was the only one he could put into

“you wanted Me. you have wanted Me for quite some time. you want Me
now.” She paused to let this sink in. “Check your feelings, Jackson. How
do you feel about Me?”

“i want You,” he echoed agreeably.

“Yes, you want Me, Jack,” She said teasingly as She manipulated the
pendant in the candlelight. “Look at this pendant,” She continued.

he looked at it, obediently.

“Do you know who bought this for Me, Jack? Do you know who bought Me
this lovely pendant?”

“No, i don’t.”

“you did, Jack. you bought Me this magnificent pendant. All the
times you called Me, all the money you paid. I have adorned Myself with
treasures at your expense. Yes, Jack, My darling, you bought Me this
pendant, and it’s so much lovelier than the one you bought your wife.” She
smiled wickedly, holding it up. “Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, it is lovelier,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Yes, Jack, it is. And you bought it for Me. It is your wonderful
gift to Me, and I love it so much! Don’t you love it, too?”

“Yes, i love it, too,” he conceded.

“The way it sparkles, the beautiful setting, the delicate chain. It
is so beautiful, sooo beautiful. Don’t you agree, Jack? Sooo beautiful.”

“Yes, i agree…”

“You know Jack, you’ve heard My voice so much now, and you’ve grown to
love it, you’ve learned to let My voice inside you. My voice comforts you,
doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Your voice comforts me.” he saw no reason to contradict Her.

“Yes, My voice does comfort you. You have let Me inside you, as you
wanted. You have let Me in. My voice is like a drug to you now. My voice
is becoming addictive to you. you are most responsive to it, now. you are
most responsive to My voice, because you want to be. Only My voice, My
sweet, soothing voice.”

“Your sweet, soothing voice.” he was becoming lost in Her voice,
weaker and weaker the more She spoke.

“you gave Me this pendant, so much more beautiful than the one you
gave your wife. you have shown your devotion to Me. you have shown your
desire to please Me. you want so much to please Me, don’t you?”

“Yes, to please You.” All he could do now was agree.

“you want sooo much to please Me now. Yes, I can tell. That’s all
you want. Listen to My voice, you know it’s true. This lovely pendant, My
soothing voice, you can’t think of anything else, can you?” It wasn’t
exactly a question.

She dangled the pendant seductively.

“you can’t think of anything but the pendant and My voice,” She
repeated. “The lovely pendant, and My soothing voice.”
“The lovely pendant, and Your soothing voice,” he echoed, unable to
think or say anything else.

“Yes, that’s right, My love. Now, your wife will be back in a short
while. But when she returns, you will remain under the spell of My voice.
you will respond to Me.  My voice will be alive inside you. you will always
obey the sweet, soothing sound of My voice. you will always obey Me, and
you will not remember why.”

“i will always obey You, and i will not remember why.”

“you will always obey My voice completely and willingly. It gives you
great pleasure to obey Me, and this is what you want. you want the
pleasure that comes from obeying My voice, don’t you?”

“Yes, i want the pleasure…”

“My voice will make you so weak, so helplessly weak, that you will not
be able to resist My suggestions. When you hear My voice, you will become
weak, and you will not be able to resist My suggestions. The sweet,
soothing sound of My voice is just too much for you. It overpowers you.
you just want to listen, and obey. you will have no resistance to the
gentle power of My voice. In your weakness, you will draw strength from My
voice, from following My suggestions. you do not want to resist, you want
to give in to Me, only that way can you regain your strength. Only by
following My suggestions, can you feel powerful.”

“Only by following Your suggestions…”

“No matter what comes up, if you try to resist My voice, it will cause
you to feel weaker and more helpless. you cannot resist, you do not want
to feel so weak and helpless. you want to obey Me, and feel the power. My
voice will only make you feel weaker and weaker, the more you resist. Try
to resist, and you feel sooo weak, sooo helpless, like a little puppy. I
can tell the puppy what to do, I can make it happy. All it has to do is
obey its Mistress, and it will feel sooo much happiness.

“Whenever you hear My voice, from now on, your only instinct will be
to obey. This instinct will be too strong to resist. you will follow your
instinct, and obey My voice, as you know you should. you will obey My
voice, and you will endeavor to please Me. you will want only to please
Me. Pleasing My will make you happy, like a good puppy. you want only to
obey Me, to please Me, to follow My suggestions.”

“To obey You, to please You, to follow Your suggestions.”

“And following My suggestions will make you feel very good, Very, very
good. you’ll grow addicted to this good feeling, won’t you? you’ll want
to feel this way more and more, and you’ll want more and more to obey My
suggestions. Won’t you, Jackson?”

“Yes, i’ll want to obey Your suggestions.”

“When you hear My voice, you will always open your mind to Me, and
prepare yourself for My suggestions. you know that following My
suggestions will make you feel good, don’t you Jackson? It will make you
feel very, very good to obey Me.”

“It will make me feel very, very good to obey You.”

“Good, Jack. Very good. I will let you go back to your dinner now,
and enjoy your romantic time with your wife. you will forget about Me
sitting here, but you will not forget our conversation. Our conversation
will linger on deep inside you, growing stronger and more meaningful with
each passing day. you will get comfort when you think about My voice, in
anticipation of hearing it, and in anticipation of obeying Me, pleasing Me.
your anticipation will grow stronger and stronger. you will gladly obey
My voice whenever you hear Me speak to you. This will make you feel good,
and you want that good feeling again and again. you will gladly obey, and
this will make you feel good. you want that good feeling again and again.
Do you understand, Jackson My pet?”

“Yes, i understand,” he replied.

“Very good.” She snapped Her fingers and went back to Her appetizer.
Jack woke up and saw his wife coming back to the table. But she was
too late, his life had already changed, forever.

Later that week, when Jackson was home alone one evening, he received
a phone call.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hello, Jackson. This is Your Mistress calling. Mistress Marquesa.”
he felt a rush come over him, and he began to feel weak all over at
the sound of Her voice. he felt a very deep urge to please Her, and he
could not understand why. he only knew how good the thought made him feel.

he was putty in Her hands. he opened his mind and awaited Her
suggestions, and eagerly anticipated all the good feelings he would feel by
pleasing Her.

Weeks went by, and the spell cast by Mistress Marquesa grew stronger.

Jack’s feelings for Her grew stronger as well, amply reinforced by the good
feelings he felt each time he pleased Her with his obedience. he gradually
learned to obey Her instantly, enthusiastically and without question.
When She wanted him to call, he called. When She wanted him to send
Her money, he sent Her money. When She wanted him to spend every waking
hour of his life thinking about Her, he did so. And when She took complete
control of his masculine sexuality, making him focus all of his passions on
Her, he followed Her commands willingly and with great enthusiasm. When
She wanted him to masturbate thinking of Her, he always complied. And only
when She wanted him to reach orgasm, could he do so.

But it felt so much better now that he was doing it to please Her.
This condition led to the gradual decay of his sex life with his wife.
Eventually he found only Marquesa’s voice would excite him, and only a
generous command from Her could allow him to feel that ultimate explosion
of pleasure.

Of course, She had planted these thoughts in his head, and had
reinforced them carefully and methodically, over time. What was once a
game and a diversion was now very real, very powerful. She had trained him
like a puppy dog, to be Her own personal pet, and he could now only respond
to Her voice, to the loving and sacred commands of his True Mistress.
his wife became just the woman he lived with, the woman he still
claimed to love. But the woman to whom he devoted his passions, his desire
to please and to receive pleasure from, his desire to adore and obey,
became his Mistress Marquesa.

he began to notice on his own how this was affecting his marriage.
his Mistress did not have to plant the thought in his mind, or in any way
suggest that he talk to his wife. he did so of his own accord, of his own
free will. Perhaps the last act he would ever make of his own free will,
and perhaps a sort of cry for help.

Once he realized he needed to talk to his wife, Marquesa only guided
him, and helped him find the best way to break the news. he made the
choice, but his Mistress put the words in his mouth. The right words, no
doubt, to get Her what She wanted. The right words to keep proper control
over the situation, and ultimately the right words to bring Jack’s wife to
Her on a silver platter.

In its way, it satisfied him that his Mistress took such interest in
his final act of desperation, and that She helped him along with it. he
obeyed Her suggestions, and kept to the script She gave him to guide him
through this difficult act. This small act of obedience, while performing
an apparent act of rebellion, made him happy. he was pleasing Her, even as
he tried his best to betray Her.

Marquesa was proud to be of service to this hopeless little man, Her
newest pet, Her plaything, as he uttered his last gasp and fell forever
into the rich and compelling comfort of Her world. As he fell hopelessly
under Her spell, and his last little bit of resistance was gently and
permanently set aside.

Deep is his heart and soul, he knew that the true strength of their bond, came
from his willing submission and that Her power over him existed not because
he had to follow Her, but because he chose to follow.