It is a different century, but only a few years have really drifted by since this event. This is a most happy time in Mistress Marquesa’s life. Things are less hectic. Her submissive subjects seem to be less demanding of Her precious time and energy. And…. this is a monumental day! The world will receive a great work of art this day. This is the day Marquesa has decided to RE-record “Hypnotic Surrender.”

Naked before Her, her loyal pet tugs lightly at the hand and leg cuffs, which bind him helplessly to Her bed. Marquesa likes this boy, and chose him for inspiration while She softly reads the original manuscript of Surrender.

Marquesa is taking a short break in Her recording. Like any man who has ever listened to it, this slave feels that She is doing this wonderful thing just for him, and him alone. he lies there watching Her apply fresh lipstick. She has just woken him from his trance by counting to five. he liked the relaxation of the warm ball of soft white light, and was aroused by the touch of Her lovely manicured nails. he especially liked the sensations he felt when She spoke a certain word so many wonderful times.

But he can’t reflect on what She had said just yet. He is becoming enraptured watching Her use Her lipstick. She is doing this very slowly, and applying it a little too thick, he thought. This is such a feminine act, that all women did as a second nature. Yet Marquesa does this so sensuously and lady-like that She seems to be feminizing the act to a new level. Everything else in the slave’s vision becomes a blur. All he sees now are Her slightly parted lips yielding so softly as the stick slowly gleans its way around. So moist! So soft! So completely feminine!

his cock is becoming harder now. he tries the cuffs once again, a little harder this time. Still they hold him firmly. he feels his cock crying out for physical attention. Just one caress! he lifts his pelvis slightly as if to answer “I’m trying”.

Marquesa calmly places the cover on Her lipstick. She looks down at Her imprisoned slave, a slight hint of pity on Her face. He has no idea what is coming up for him, in the script of Hypnotic Surrender. A smile forms on Her newly moistened lips. A sinister smile! What devilish thoughts begin to run through Her mind? Yet, Her face is also full of compassion and warmth. Only the gifted could combine such opposing qualities in a single expression. But Mistress Marquesa far, far exceeds gifted. She is divine!

The poor boy feels such trust gazing at Her. he has no idea of the magnitude of devotion and adoration She is about to cascade into his mind. Marquesa glances down at Her manuscript, finding the place where She had stopped. As She looks again at Her pliable plaything, Her expression suddenly changes. She becomes the complete essence of superiority. This sex-slave is so weak and helpless, and She is so powerful and dominating.

The subbie returns Her gaze, his eyes wide and glowing. he wonders what She is about to do to him. he has no idea how soon he is going to return to the trance of Her control. The voice! The SWEET FEELING OF SURRENDER! Please YES!

Mistress Marquesa presses a button on Her recording device. She picks up Her microphone, and raises it to just below Her perfect, freshly and thickly moistened lips. She looks at Her puppets straining cock for an instant, then deeply, mesmerizingly into his eyes.

“It’s so easy to obey me… It’s so easy… to obey me…….”