Mike had come home from Seattle to see his new stepmother. Not that he didn’t love his dad, but he hadn’t been home in over two years. With his law practice and social calendar he was just always too busy, it seemed. But then came the call from his father in which it was revealed that he had married the housekeeper, Melanie, who had been hired only a month earlier. Mike figured that the young woman was just trying to ace him out of his father’s will and assumed he could come home, have little trouble convincing his father that this marriage was a mistake, and have it quickly annulled. That would make him once again the sole beneficiary of the will. Since his mother had died he had been the only one in the will, which was “just as it should be.”

Mike made enough money to live quite well but his father was truly wealthy. Obviously he–an only child–deserved to inherit the estate!

When a servant answered the door Mike was surprised that the old family butler had been replaced by a young, gladiator-looking stud whose “uniform” consisted of a tight white tee shirt emblazoned with the words “Lady Killer For Hire,” tennis shorts, socks and shoes. Obviously “Mom’s” boyfriend, he thought to himself.

Mike was led out to the pool where he got his first look at his stepmother. His father had hired her as a nurse/housekeeper/companion a month before, but it was clear she was now very comfortable in her new role as “lady of the house.” She was lying on a chaise lounge in a sexy bikini thong (was it black leather?) reading a newspaper as she sipped her drink–looking very good!

As Mike stepped closer she raised her sunglasses to the top of her head, revealing her gorgeous deep brown eyes. Mike stumbled as their eyes met. She gave him a knowing smile and spoke as she laid the New Reality paper aside.

“You must be Mike. little hubby said you were coming for a visit. Sit down! Have a cocktail! ron, bring mikey a Long Island Iced Tea–and be quick about it!”

The white-clad body builder instantly headed off to get the drink.

Mike cleared his throat and began to speak. “Now Ms…Ms….”

She interrupted, “‘Ms’ is just fine…for now….”

Mike began again, “Look, whatever your name is, I’m trying to keep this, at least, civil. It’s obvious you’ve tricked my father into marrying you and I’m here to fix that! Where is he?”

A smile played across Her full, sexy lips. “Oh, you’ll get a chance to spend some quality time with little hubby later. For right now, let’s just talk. I think you’ve misjudged Me. you haven’t spent any time with your father in quite a while. I have. I know his wants, his needs much better than you. We are a very happy family–maybe not in a traditional sense–but we are a very happy family.

“In fact, it is insulting for you to come storming in here talking about tricks. you have no idea…no idea…about the bonds between little hubby and Me.”

“Shit!” he thought to himself, “Maybe I came on too strong! Maybe I should start talking money to side-track her anger.”

Just then ron, the hunky servant, returned with Mike’s drink on a silver tray. Mike quickly took a long pull on the potent drink, trying to calm his nerves. It tasted a bit odd, but it was cool and refreshing. He decided to try another approach.

“Well, Ms, maybe you can tell me more about you and Dad and I’ll understand. From the outside it looks like you are taking advantage of him.”

She stood up and walked slowly, ever so luxuriously, toward him. “God, she is sexy,” he thought to himself. “Dad is no match for this!”

She spoke in a whisper, a purr. “That drink is cooling, isn’t it? It’s so warm today. Lucky though, I can feel a nice breeze, can’t you? It is so soothing, it just makes you want to relax.”

He nodded his agreement but he still wanted to talk about her…and his father. “I can feel it,” he said, “but let’s talk some more about you and Dad.”

“It’s so hard to concentrate on business in this heat, isn’t it, mike?” She purred, guiding the conversation back to where She wanted it.

“Well, yes…but…let’s….”

“While the sun is beating down on us–relaxing us, soothing us–I will tell you about Me and your father. As a nurse I have studied both the effect of certain drugs and certain…techniques…as they relate to the human psyche. These techniques helped Me to learn that your father had not experienced many things he had truly desired and desperately needed in his life. Freed of his inhibitions by these techniques he quite naturally fell very quickly in love with Me under My–let’s call it erotic–spell. Soon, he was begging Me to marry him so he could continue to follow My commands and openly worship Me and shower Me with everything he could give to Me. Of course, since I realized that I am the key to his happiness and I didn’t want to disappoint him, I accepted his proposal.

mike wanted to say something. he opened his mouth but no sound came out. It was so warm…so relaxing…here by the pool.

“I guided your father to a relaxed state where he feels good–relaxed, submissive–all the time. you feel relaxed now mike. I can tell that. Can you tell?”

“Yes, Ms, i can feel it…relaxed….”

“Relaxed…mike…and submissive?”

“And submissive…,” he nodded.

“Just like your dad, mikey,” She laughed. “Some of the drugs were in the drink ron served you and we are experiencing one of the relaxation techniques right now as we talk. you want to relax more and more now as I guide you mike. Just listen to My lovely, soothing voice now mikey. It has become the most important thing in your life now. Listen and follow My instructions. Don’t fight. Don’t resist. Just listen and obey….”

“Listen and obey…,” he heard himself respond.

“From now on whenever you hear My sexy, controlling, and very exciting voice, you will discover that it excites you to pay close attention to it. you will discover that you will want to please Me. you need to please Me! My happiness is the most important thing in the world to you now. And still you find your love, your desire, your need to make Me happy is growing exponentially every minute…even every second! And you want it that way, don’t you mikey?”

“Yes Ms. i want it that way.”

“It would make Me happy if you–from now on–address Me as Mistress Melanie, mikey.”

“Yes, Mistress Melanie.”

“And now would you like to see your father?”

“If it makes You happy, Mistress Melanie!”

“Like father, like son,” She laughed. “Both so easy to control. ron, bring out little daddy!”

The hunky butler fairly ran to the house to return only moments later with mike’s “little daddy” in tow.

The 60-year-old millionaire was dressed in a satin maid’s uniform. his legs were encased in sheer black nylons but the hair on his legs destroyed the sexy effect by making strange dark shapes on the shining fabric.

“little daddy” wobbled toward his Wife/Mistress and submissively fell to his knees before Her, throwing himself to the ground. Sheepishly, he crawled toward Her and respectfully kissed each of Her feet.

“Yes Mistress Melanie. What can i do to make You happy?” he asked.

“Look who’s here,” She said as She pointed to mike, standing only feet away staring–and totally entranced by Her beautiful face. “It’s your little boy. Would you like him to join My household as a slave like you?”

“If that is what makes You happy Mistress,” he answered.

Melanie laughed out loud. Only a few short months ago she had discovered the drugs and hypnotic techniques that had quickly made Her the Mistress of this family…Her family! “That’s what ‘girl power’ is all about,” She thought to Herself.

“ron! Drop those trousers!” She ordered and the houseboy immediately slipped out of his shorts. “Now, ‘little daddy,’ go over and kneel down before ron.”

The slave/husband in the maid’s uniform crawled over to the butler and awaited Mistress Melanie’s orders.

“Anoint My silly little hubby slave for Me ron! Anoint him with your hot golden nectar! Show him what I think of him!”

Even in his drugged state mike was revolted at this disgusting show of power. his eyes started to blink and he shook his head as if to clear it of the spell his stepmother had woven so skillfully over him. Mistress Melanie looked over toward the handsome young lawyer and stared deeply into his eyes. Her gorgeous dark brown eyes literally glowed with Her dominant powers!

She spoke. “you can’t break free mike. you can’t resist Me anymore than either ron or your pitiful little father could. Look deeply into My lovely eyes. I command you!”

he tried with all his will to look away and just when it seemed he could pull his eyes from Her gaze She reached out Her hands and gently, slowly, traced circles on his temples with Her fingers.

“Look…look…!” She ordered. he couldn’t break free from Her penetrating stare. “Obey…obey…no resistance…all your resistance is gone…obey…!” She whispered as Her gentle fingers massaged his temples. “Mine…Mine…Mine….”

Slowly mike felt himself falling into Her beautiful eyes. he fell deeper…deeper….

“I would be happy if you worshipped My feet, just like your daddy did, mikey.”

No longer able to resist Her commands, he too knelt before the bikini-clad, barefoot Goddess and tenderly kissed each toe, sucking every one as if it were a sacred nipple. he was totally enslaved by Her fabulously glorious body and Her superior Female scheming mind. After what seemed like hours She ordered him to stand again.

“Take off your clothing, mikey. All of it!” She ordered. he had still been dressed in his Armani suit when he had succumbed to Her hypnotic spell. “All of you undress completely. I want you totally naked before your Mistress, slaves!”

ron removed the rest of his brief uniform and mike’s father wiggled out of his drag maid’s costume, throwing it onto the damp ground, wet from his long, hot, golden anointment by ron. And there the three of them stood–like soldiers in a row–naked before their Mistress.

“Before I am done, many more slave boys will serve Me. I want to be the ultimate cult leader…a living Goddess!”

“A Goddess!” they sang out in unison.

“Good boys! It would make your Goddess happy to see you boys stroke those throbbing cannons. Prime those pumps for Me. Now boys!”

All three eagerly started to jack away at their pump handles–or were they cannon barrels?–all totally enslaved by Her incredible beauty and power. they were merely Her toys!

She started to count, saying, “When I reach five, your pieces will fire away their salute to Me!” A staccato of compliant responses tumbled out of their mouths as they sweated and stroked away in Her honor in their gleeful obedience to their Goddess’ command.

“Yes, Goddess. If it makes You happy. Yes Mistress.”

“One!” She yelled as She laughed at them in their total obedience to Her frivolous commands.

“Two! Faster, slaves. Faster!” She shouted in glee.

“Three! you will shout My name when you fire your cannons. And from now on you will fire them only for Me and only at My command!

“Four!” She said as they nodded their heads in unison.

“Five! Now…my slaves…fire away!”

“Yes, Mistress Melanie!” was their response as their pieces of cannon blasted away–their barrage landing yards away!

Suddenly Mistress Melanie heard the door bell and mike cried out, “It must be my girlfriend, i told her to meet me here Mistress.”

Melanie picked up a glass from the table. An evil smile crossed Her lips as She said, “Does she like Long Island Iced Tea?”