He was nervous and late. He had just been out for his regular run. Then he realised that today was his first ballroom lesson at the “Trancing dancing” studio. He never could work out that title. Neither could he quite grasp why his instructor was called “Madamme Morphia”. Maybe today he was about to find out.

He rang the bell and the automatic door buzzed as he went in. He followed the signs to the studio. His curiosity was aroused to learn why some read “Don’t get too tired now”.

He entered a large room with furniture in the corners. He was panting as he came in from his run. Suddenly he noticed the figure on the chaise lounge in another corner and gasped.

She was at least a decade or two older than he was. He’d never been attracted to older women before. But there was something unexpectedly overwhelming that animal magnetized him to this remarkably attractive lady swathed in a soft, black halter neck dress. Her well-toned and surprisingly long, silken clad legs were casually draped over the chaise lounge. After he entered, she swung her shapely limbs around and stood up to greet him.

She confidently walked towards him. He immediately noticed the large diamond pendant from a lovely choker around her neck. The glittering jewel was gently nestling in her ample bosom. He found this vision and her sparkling bijoux so mesmerizing, he found it hard to speak. She spoke first.

“don’t worry about you being in shorts. I know about your runs,” she said. As she placed her arms around his neck, slyly she deeply inhaled and enjoyed his musky aroma. “Perfect for My purposes,” she schemed.

“you will start with the basics before I teach you more complicated steps.”

As she spoke, he felt the hem of her ankle-length, satin dress brush softly and rhythmically against his bare legs. It soothed him and yet somehow it aroused him even more. But he was most transfixed by the diamond pendant. With their differing heights and those platform-soled dancing shoes, he was forced to look up to gaze into her eyes or upon her dazzling diamond bauble.

” I see how much you like my pendant,” she said. “Lots of students find it relaxes them. And tonight, among other things, you must learn how to relaaaax, to relaaax.”

As she softly, throatily, and compellingly spoke, the background music changed.

“Yes….” she said “It’s the Brahms Lullaby. You see, I teach a lot of anxious, young students like you. And that music is so synonymous with relaxation. It always reminds My drowsier charges of being soothed like a tired child after a hard day. One quite athletic, young man, much like yourself, told Me this music made him remember being softly rocked back and forth……”

As she spoke, he felt Her arms definitely guiding him. And she was indeed gently rocking him. He felt safe and a little drowsy.

“I see you are possibly feeling a little sleepier,” she said. “Don’t fight against My controlling you, My pet. It’s part of your first lesson. Just go with Me into its spells, My well-built, pliable angel. Go where I lead. With Me rocking your delicious body. I am ever sooooooo gently swaying you mindlessly in my arms overwhelming you. But, My supplicant, especially be aware of the irresistible sorceries my pendant continues casting over you.

Now Madame Morphia wickedly licked Her gorgeously painted, lustful lips with gusto and glee. “Relax, My succumbing slave boy toy. My diamond enchanting you evermore. It is like a soothing star in the drowsier night’s sky. Its powers overpowering you is like the sleepily twinkling stars of your childhood. I am softly lulling and soothing you My play toy. you cannot resist My lulling your tired, little mind. How easily and pleasurably you mindlessly follow My suggestiveness into a peaceful, restful slumber. Hear the lullaby and surrender to This Sorceress Who keeps on enchanting you. Feel Me softly rocking you. Rocking you, My sweet, little, babyfaced bodybuilder. My darling childlike he-man-sized toy to seduce ever so passionately. you are My tiny, little, hypnotized gem of a submissive. Just surrender and let me keep rocking away your fading will. As I rock you, feel your head being drawn to my breasts. Like My pendant, that keeps on fascinating you, your drowsier head will sleepily rest peacefully upon My soft, satin breasts. your mindlessness dropping closer to My wonderful, soothing breasts. Now your tired, little eyes are closing, softly! closing, softly closing! Drowsily droopier eyelids softly closing as I draw your head to my soothing satin bosom. And you submissively slip softly into satin fairyland. Into that wonderful place of softly soothing sleeeep, sleeeeep ,sleeep.

He felt his overwhelmed and powerless head drop wonderfully onto Her satin breasts. As he did so, She drew him to the chaise lounge. “Dancing?” She whispered sultrily, “Trancing and hypnotically romancing Me is only the beginnings of what I want. I’m going to have even more fun and games with you!”