My Dear Mistress Marquesa,
It has been some time since I wrote to you. I apologize for being so
tardy with this submission.
I have been listening to your recording of MARQUESALON of
Transformations quite a lot lately, and just have to tell you that I
long to luxuriate in wearing such frilly and girlish articles of
clothing as you describe. A pink satin Bra, Panties and Garter Belt
along with a pair of shear seamed pink stockings arouses me to just
think about. Wearing such an outfit would bring me great pleasure if I
thought that was what you wish me to wear.
Your recordings have aroused my lingerie fetish. I have worn a Bra
before but now, after listening to Marquesalon, I find I have a very
strong desire to feel the stimulation of that most feminine of garments
on my nipples again. Under your guidance I find I am slowly
transforming into my shemale (Sissy?) form.