pendant2“I know exactly what you want is even more pleasure.”

     “Rest assured Goddess Marquesa knows what you think, feel, and desire, among other things, is to succumb, hypnotic surrender, and submit to Meeeeeee.  And you do so automatically and autonomically”

     “I, magnifical Mistress Marquesa know you yearn to masturbate in honor of Me cunningly controlling you cleverly.  Do you remember My sensualities sorceries obviously obscure any hazy bits and pieces of how you’ve forgotten how much I influence, control, dominate, and inspire you.”

     “your unleashed desire to masturbate is an inescapable truth you find Goddess Marquesa simply irresistible.  By captivating you, it’s so easy for Me to slip even more of My successfully posthypnotic suggestions and commandments into your responsive and receptive subconscious mind….which  so easily obeys one-eyed snake charmer Mistress Marquesa sooooooo effortlessly.”

    “your ever-increasing arousals stimulate your masturbation craving to belong to Me.  Powerful emotions and potent feelings of sensual desires improve how much I already and always control you evermore passionately and even more pleasurably.”

     “And your cravings and need to masturbate mean you are further and farther falling DEEPER AND DEEPER under My sensualities spells soothingly sublimating sorceries.

    your yearnings to masturbate reveal so many ways I am in charge of your pleasures and so much more of you is always and already Goddess Marquesa’s plaything.”

     “What you feel is your yearnings to masturbate prove and reveal I am already and always awesomely amplifying My hedonistically hypnotizing domination of you.  Ahhh… for as long as I want you’re getting harder and hot-blooded.”

     “If you’re masturbating, you’re showing THE HYPNOTIC EFFECT of how much and how often and how automatically you obey My subtle suggestions and suggestive commandments direct you autonomically. 

    Hypnoticaly slip sliding My suggestive commanding secret codes into you turns Me on. 

    I’m on top of you.  you are subconsciously subjugated to My will which  is stronger than your will annnnd your will overtly obeys Goddess Marquesa covertly compelling you.”

    “If you are not masturbating, you are revealing My hands-on hypnodomination spells are ever-increasingly relaxing you…..you are under My thumb, My swaying attractions, and My spells powerful potencies. 

    That’s another reason you don’t remember how often I covertly slipped successfully into your subconscious My secret as well as spellbinding commands about you masturbating.”