chapter 7.

Miasmo had laid her plan out in the minds of her enslaved female bodybuilders. They had been conditioned to perfection and now it was time to prepare for the delivery man’s entrapment.

The intended victim was in fact 22 years old, a wiry and lean built young man. Although he did possess a big cock as Miasmo had noticed when she caught him eyeing her up as she put on her long, leather gloves early one morning as she was leaving for an appointment. Miasmo had thought to herself that the prospective boy toy would make an excellent addition to her stable of willing slaves. She also had an evil idea that his effeminate features would lend themselves to her plans to feminise him and convert him into a maid for her mansion and all it’s occupants to enjoy.

Miasmo took her two muscle-bound dominatrixes in training to the gym that she had installed at the mansion. She walked ahead of the two women whilst smoking on a Romeo Y Julieta Churchill cigar. The smoke she exhaled drifted back into the faces of the other two women, turning them on and enslaving them deeper and deeper into Miasmo’s power.

Miasmo had the two women go through a complete workout routine until their bulging muscles strained and sweat glistened on their gorgeous bodies. Then when they were saturated with bodily dew, she had them give her pussy a workout while she finished her cigar. The two women, their thoughts totally on the task of pleasing their Mistress, licked, probed, and sucked on Miasmo’s temple of pleasure until Miasmo had an almighty climax.

Early the following morning, it was time to put Miasmo’s master plan for capturing the delivery man into action. Madam Miasmo had Carmen work out in the room near to the path where the unsuspecting young man would walk. She made sure that the window was open so that when the youthful man appeared, he would have a great view of the amazing Carmen as she rippled her big muscles and flexed those huge thighs, biceps, etc. Carmen would be naked as an added incentive to lure the next slave boy to be captured to the window. Carmen started her early morning routine under Miasmo’s command. Meanwhile, Leila–dressed in a tight, leather corset; fully fashioned, black, seamed nylons secured to the corset with eight strong suspenders; six inch high heels; and long, black leather gloves–hid next to the window where she could not be seen. Miasmo had Carmen work extra hard and her body glistened with beads of perspiration. The air in the room had become heavily ladened with womanly aromas. Carmen was becoming quite turned on during the workout and her pheromones permeated the air.

The delivery man appeared in the driveway to the mansion. As he got out of his car, he became aware of moaning sounds coming from the mansion. He walked swiftly to the main entrance of the mansion, but stopped near the window to the room where Carmen, Leila, and Miasmo waited. He looked in and saw the powerfully built and dark skinned Carmen working out on a multigym in the nude. He caught the aroma of her sweat and was captivated with her muscular body. He had never before witnessed such a woman. He was soon staring in disbelief as this gorgeous woman showed off her big muscular body. He was soon very aroused and hoped that he would not be seen. Carmen waited several minutes for the bait to work. Then she glanced over her shoulder and caught the man’s eye. He was startled, but did not look away as Carmen beckoned him with her finger to come closer to the window. Carmen moved so as to face the target as she massaged her body, wiping off the ringlets of sweat as she did so. She stood with her legs slightly apart, exposing herself even more to the onlooker. His cock strained in his shorts as he moved to look more closely.

He was now almost halfway through the window when Leila struck. Leila karate chopped the man’s neck and it sure did put out his lights. Carmen picked up the unconscious boy toy and carried him to Miasmo’s conditioning chambers. Here Leila and Carmen soon stripped the unwitting slave boy naked and secured him to Miasmo’s large couch, the one that looked like a dentist’s chair.

Miasmo had made enquiries with the man’s employer over the phone. The man’s boss was already another of Miasmo’s hypno-slaves. He had confessed to her that the man’s delivery to her mansion was indeed his last stop and that he usually spent the rest of the day just lazing around and so he would probably not be missed.

Carmen held a small bottle of smelling salts under the man’s nose and the ammonia in the salts soon brought him around. Miasmo sat in front of the soon to be slave boy, Carmen and Leila stood by her side. All three women were dressed in tight, formfitting, leather corsets and fully fashioned stockings. Miasmo held a lit double corona cigar in her gloved hand. Leila and Carmen both held long bullwhips.

The boy toy tried to struggle, but could not fight the bonds that held him in place. He made a muffled groan, but couldn’t speak due to a ball gagged firmly wedged into his mouth.

“So this is the peeping tom, ladies!” exclaimed Miasmo.

“Yes, Mistress!” said Carmen.

“Well, well what are we to do with him?” said Miasmo. “We should hand him over to the police chief. He can deal with him!”

A look of panic came into the man’s eyes as he heard these words and he struggled to scream!

“Young man, I will allow you to talk to us. But only if you promise not to scream or shout. Not that it would matter as we are miles from anyone else ………… Do I have your word?”

The man shook his head in agreement. He just wanted out of this predicament and didn’t want to be labelled a peeping tom.

“Remove the gag, Leila,” commanded Miasmo.

The prisoner did not really take too much notice of the way the women were dressed or that he was naked. He was too concerned about his own predicament.

“Please, lady, don’t call the cops. I didn’t mean any harm!” he whined.

“But you were caught red-handed leering at my assistant Carmen,” replied Miasmo whilst taking a long draw on her big cigar.

The imprisoned man’s loins stirred as he was slowly coming around now and could focus on the explicit sight in front of him. Miasmo started to stroke her cigar in a suggestive manner as though it was a big dick.

“Well, my dear, we seem to have two choices here–don’t we?”

“Go on lady,” said the man.

“You will address me as Madam Miasmo, if you please!” implored Miasmo.

“Sure, lady, sure ………. I mean Madam Miasmo ……….. What do you want me to do?”

“We either hand you over to the cops and have you charged for leering at Carmen here or ………… !” said Miasmo.

“Or what Madam?” inquired the man.

“You agree to let us deal with you ourselves. You will put yourself totally in our hands for your punishment!” replied Miasmo as she continued to turn on the prisoner by playing with her big cigar and exhaling a long plume of fine Havana smoke.
“Well, what is your decision, boy?” asked Miasmo.

“I agree!” said the helpless man. He had just sealed his own fate.

“Very good, my dear. I do think you have made the correct choice.” Only she knew what she had in mind for the boy toy. His life would change forever.

She continued to smoke her Cuban double corona as she planned her next move in the new toy’s conversion and conditioning. Miasmo had already noticed his interest in her leather gloves and knew he would be quite submissive. She had also noticed his delicate, feminine features and thought he would make an ideal candidate for hypnotic feminisation and then training in the duties of a maid.

chapter 8.

The delivery man lay secured in the “dentist’s” chair while Miasmo finished her cigar. The man was now fully awake and in control of his faculties. The ball gag had been replaced so he could not verbally complain about his situation. However, in the presence of three voluptuous women he had little control over his erection. Miasmo also had an aura of dominance and power which seemed to fascinate him. And after all was said and done, he had agreed to be dealt with, for his supposed crime, by this woman.

“First of all, my dear slave boy, you need to relax if you are to enjoy your punishment!” commented Miasmo. “There is no need for you to worry about your employment. I have already spoken to your boss about your actions and he fired you on the spot,” she continued.

A look of disbelief came over the man’s face. He was stunned.

“Later we will get you to write or phone your friends and family and you will tell them you have joined a religious cult and that they will not be hearing from you for a while,” she said.

He tried to struggle but he had no chance of escaping from the bonds securing him to the chair by the two powerful, muscular dominatrixes who worked for and worshipped Miasmo.

“Now, young man, you have agreed to let me punish you. However, I do not want to hurt you,” said Miasmo. “I want you to let me hypnotise you,” she continued. The delivery man mumbled something to the effect of “What!” “Hold his head for me, Carmen” commanded Miasmo. Carmen held the man’s head in a vice like grip so that he could not move. Miasmo withdrew another Cuban double corona from her humidor and began to hold it and fondle it in front of the man. He became fascinated with what she was doing and soon Miasmo had his attention as she spoke ever so quietly to him. She had in fact mesmerised him with a version of speed hypnosis before he ever realised what was going on.

Miasmo flicked the butane lighter into life and began to rotate the end of the big cigar in its golden heat.

“Carmen, my dear, you may release him now and remove the gag too. He is already mine!” ordered Miasmo as she began to puff on her cigar. Carmen did as she was commanded.

“you may both leave now. Go and have some fun whipping my other boy toys!” said Miasmo as she exhaled a long blue-grey cloud of fine Havana smoke.

“Look at me, slave boy,” she intoned to the transfixed man in the chair. “Gaze at me and begin to feel your muscles relax as you listen to my seductive voice. Your body beginning to feel loose and heavy. Heavier and heavier as your muscles give in to me. You cannot resist my words, do not want to resist my words. The more you try to understand my words, the more you fail to understand them. And the confusion in your thoughts only causing you to stop thinking as you relax deeper and deeper for me!”

The former delivery man sank deeper into the chair. He felt the soft leather moulding itself around him as he entered a deep trance. His body tingled and felt warmer and warmer as his conscious mind gave into Miasmo’s words and suggestions.

“Close your eyes now and drift off into peaceful sleep as you obey my commands and suggestions. Your conscious mind going into deep sleep. Leaving your subconscious mind to become open and very suggestible to my instructions. You are doing so well, my dear!” coaxed Miasmo.

She noticed a slight smile appear on the man’s face as he slid down deeper and deeper into trance. She knew from experience that he had entered a deep suggestible phase of hypnosis. She would now concentrate on conditioning him for complete servitude where he would no longer resist any commands.

Miasmo took a long satisfying draw from her big cigar and exhaled slowly into the already heady atmosphere of the room.

“Slave boy, listen to me closely now as you sleep. When I awaken you later, you will be ready to worship and adore me. You will obey all my commands and act on my suggestions. I want you, when you awaken, to beg me to fulfill a fantasy that you have had in your subconscious mind for some time now. That is that you, my dear slave, have always wanted to be a slave to a dominant Mistress and indeed further to this you have longed to find a woman of experience to feminise you. You want to be transformed into my personal maid. That is correct isn’t it, my dear?” she asked already knowing his reply.

“Yes,” the man managed to say through his dry lips.

“You see, my dear slave boy, the thought of me feminising you gives you great pleasure and arouses you so much. Your cock has never been so hard as these thoughts pass through your mind now. And as they do, you feel a wave of intense pleasure travel throughout every nerve fibre in your body. This wave of pleasure will always end in the head of your cock. Feel it now, slave!” commanded Miasmo.

The man’s body arched in the chair as the wave of pleasure traversed his sensory nervous system and he moaned in delight. Miasmo exhaled another plume of smoke and smiled to herself as she witnessed the power of her suggestions in action.

“Good boy, so much pleasure as you follow my suggestions. Remember when you wake up you will obey me, adore me, worship me, and beg to become my feminised maid. In addition, my dear young man, you will not remember being hypnotised by me. But your body will still respond to my commands. And when you obey, the wave of pleasure will wash over you again !” intoned the marvellously maniacal Miasmo. She continued to smoke her cigar as the man’s conditioning and brainwashing was completed. “Now sleep, my slave, deep sleep. And when you awake tomorrow morning, your conscious mind will have absorbed what I have taught your subconscious today. Sleep and dream of your Mistress!”

The following morning, Miasmo entered the delivery mans room. As he awoke, she bombarded his senses with the aroma of her perfume and womanly odours.

“Madam Miasmo!” he said. “Will you please feminise me today?”

“How delightful, my slave, to have someone so willing to learn and obey!” she answered.

Miasmo had Leila and Carmen take the man to her special chambers. The man was already very aroused and waves of pleasure coursed through his veins and nerves everytime he complied with Miasmo’s commands. Leila and Carmen stripped the delivery man of his pyjamas and soon had him in a large bath where they poured in scented oils and liquid soaps. Miasmo ordered the two muscular beauties to strip off and join him in the large round bath. They cleaned him, then using depilatory creams they removed all his bodily hair. They then shaved his head too. He did not protest–as in his mind this was exactly what he wanted to happen to him.

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Miasmo as she lit her first Cuban cigar of the day, a full bodied Romeo Y Julieta Churchill.

The two assistant dominatrixes lifted the man from the bath and carefully dried his female smooth skin. One of Miasmo’s other slave girls entered the room. She was carrying the following items. a black, roll-on full corselette with eight suspenders which would be extremely tight and restricting. It was Perfect to wear with big, fake boobs. Fully fashioned, black, seamed stockings which were so retro and so smooth! A maid’s dress which was quite mini in nature. A maid’s cap and a blonde wig. To complete the ensemble was a pair of patent leather six inch high heels. When Leila and Carmen dressed the man, Miasmo was pleased with his transformation. He looked really weird with an eight inch hard on preceding his maid’s apron.

“Now for the makeup, my dears!” concluded Miasmo.

When the wicked woman was finished with him, she had applied long luxurious false eyelashes, pale blue eye shadow, deep red lipstick to his full lips, and blusher to his cheeks. He looked fantastic in drag. Or at least that was what Miasmo had him believe.

He was still so very aroused and turned on.

“Leila and Carmen, remove your clothes ,” commanded Miasmo. “It is time to drain his balls and I think you both deserve some reward for your work here this morning. So you will both give him a blow job and suck his testicles dry …………. Begin!”

The two muscular women stripped ready to begin their task.

“Maid, lift up your apron and now Freeze. Concentrate all your thoughts now to the head and shaft of your cock. Your penis now becomes hypersensitive ………. Enjoy my slave!” said Miasmo as she settled down on her cock-legged throne with her wonderful cigar ready to view the amazing sex that would take place just for her.

Leila and Carmen flexed their strong thighs as they knelt down in front of the man. They were licking their powerful lips with their lascivious tongues, making them wet and slimy with their saliva. The man’s cock already quivered and tingled, drooling pre-cum in anticipation of what was to take place. Leila knelt to his left and Carmen to his right. They each held him firmly with their powerful arms around his nylon-sheathed legs. What a ridiculous sight in reality as the muscle-bound women began their devil’s work on this wiry, feminised man. Leila snaked out her long, strong tongue and flicked it across and over the head of his dick, lapping up the pre-seminal fluid there. She steadied his prick in her right hand as Carmen’s tongue joined hers in slipping and sliding across his cock’s head. Their actions were making it shake even more and more.

Miasmo had her legs apart now. With the cigar in one hand and a big vibrator in the other she started to play the tip of the vibrator across her clit.

“Slave boy, ………… look at me !” she commanded. She drew more smoke from her Havana cigar and used the vibrator more vigorously. “You cannot cum, you will not cum until it is commanded of you ………….. Obey, slave boy. Such a good boy ……. Intensify your actions, ladies. I want to see him sweat!”

Miasmo knew that this onslaught would fix in the delivery mans mind the fetishes she had given him for ever and ever. When she released him from servitude, perhaps in a couple of years when she had tired of him, he would never find sexual fulfillment unless dressed in drag and worked over by two muscular dames who would no doubt charge him several thousand dollars for the privilege.

Leila and Carmen put even more effort into their administrations. Soon the man’s cock was at bursting point.

“Stop now”, shouted Miasmo as she reached her satisfying climax. “Stand away from him. Play with each other, sixty-nine, my dears!” With much satisfaction Mistress Miasmo watched the two busty bodybuilders lay on the floor and tongue each other out.

“Slave boy, look at me. Now cuuuuuuuuuuuum!”

The delivery man exploded and his cum flew high into the air. He moaned and collapsed into a heap. His fate was now sealed forever!

Miasmo had now her full compliment of adoring hypno-slaves and would live in contentment for many years to come.

Definitely the End.