Chapter 1

The last train home was about to leave on this warm summer’s evening. Miasmo slowly moved down the corridor of the carriage looking for a suitable seat. She came across a compartment with only a young man of about 19 or at most in his early 20’s seated in the corner by the window. “Ideal,” she thought to herself! The young man looked across shyly at his new travelling companion. She looked quite mature, but nevertheless still a stunningly beautiful, impressive woman of forty-one.

Her black hair was piled up on top of her head and she was wearing a heady perfume. She opened the tunic top of her dress suit to reveal an expansive cleavage. This masterful maneuver captivated her carriage mate’s gaze and he could feel the stirrings of an approaching erection.

Miasmo eyed up the potential toy. He looked vulnerable she thought to herself and probably would be easy prey to a woman of her hypnotic talents. She had studied hypnosis some years ago and had gained an honours degree in psychology. However, after graduating she noticed a demand in the market for female stage hypnotists and had made a name for herself on the club and cabaret circuit. She even made some limited appearances on TV chat shows and the like. She was skilled in many induction techniques and even speed hypnosis. For example, do you think she paid for her rail ticket?

The train pulled out from the station and after a little while Miasmo spoke. “Don’t you find a train journey relaxing? . . . . . . . . . . . I do,” she intoned.

“I beg your pardon,” replied the youthful-faced young adult.

“A train journey’s so relaaaaxing,” she emphasized. “The motion of the carriage, the sound of the wheels over the tracks. They have a rhythm to themselves.” she continued not giving the man time to reply or to realise what might be happening here. “You find this motion relaxing don’t you? The motion relaxing your muscles. You feel yourself relaxing more and more as you listen to my voice!”

The young man’s body began to lie back in the seat. It seemed to mould itself around him as this attractive lady spoke to him in a quiet yet authoritative manner.

“Have you had a tiring day, my dear?”

“Yes I . . . . . . . . . . ”

“I know you have,” she said cutting his answer off in midsentence. “You are looking tired and now you must relaaaaaaaaaaax, relaaaaaaaaaaaaaax,” she said in her most seductive and hypnotic tones.

He couldn’t help himself as he sank further and further into the seat. It was almost like being in a dream world as his muscles relaxed under Miasmo’s insidious instructions. His eyes began to tire and his scalp tingled. A buzzing noise started in his ears and Miasmo’s voice seemed to get clearer and louder–although in fact she was whispering to him.

“Your eyelids are getting heavy, very heavy. And as you look out of the window, the landscape is merely moving colours. They are soothing you and hypnotising you. You are hypnotised. When you hear me say the word “HYPNOTISED,” it hypnotises you. You are hypnotised, going deeper and deeper now into trance, hypnotised. You are hypnotised. Let the weight of your eyelids close your eyes. Let yourself go to sleep. You are hypnotised!”

The poor apparently eternally boyish-looking man was now in deep trouble as his eyes closed. He slid into a deep hypnotic trance where his mind and his will were to be enslaved to Miasmo’s requirements. During the remainder of the journey, Miasmo conditioned her new slave deeper and deeper, brainwashing him so that there was no escape from her domination. She interrogated him about his life, where he was going, and about his sexual behaviour and fantasies. At the end of the journey, she took the prey to her car and then onto her large, secluded house–where she could continue his training. She had already implanted thoughts that he was infatuated with her and that he worshipped her and would submit to her hypnosis at the mere mention of one word. These post-hypnotic suggestions were indeed very powerful. His mind was totally dominated by her hypnotic will and he knew she must be obeyed!

She had him phone his friends and his home. He confessed he had run away to a religious cult and that they would not be able to see him or hear from him for a while.

Madam Miasmo sat in her big throne-like chair. The chair had a high back covered with fine black leather and all four legs of the chair were wonderfully carved in the form of a penis and balls. The head of the penis on each leg of the chair was firmly planted on the floor. Miasmo was wearing her black leather cat suit and matching black leather gloves. On her feet were black leather high heel boots with six-inch heels shaped like a penis. Kneeling on all fours in front of her was a slave. One of Miasmo’s heels was moving slowly in and out of the possession’s butt as he reached back with one hand to lazily stroke on his dick.

“Gently now, my dear, gently. Enjoy and relaaaaaaaaaaax,” she said in her best hypnotic voice.

The servant was beside himself with pleasure and meekly complied. She had only met this slave a week ago and his training had only just begun.

Miasmo reached to one side of the chair where a strategically placed humidor rested on a small table. As she continued to ravage the toy boys ass, she reached inside the big humidor and removed a large Particas Luscitania, Cuban double corona cigar. Without even missing a stroke with her diabolical high heel, she passed the big cigar under her nose to sample it’s bouquet, and moaned in delight at it’s rich smell as the body under her heel moaned too.

“Don’t you dare cum yet, my boy toy, or you will be whipped severely!” she exclaimed.

She thought to herself that it was getting harder and harder to keep up with the lifestyle as she wasn’t getting any younger and would soon be into her next year of life. Whipping with a bullwhip, with which she was an expert, was now something she no longer found the mental or psychological energy to do on a regular basis. No matter–as the mere threat of a sound whipping was enough to keep the fresh-faced pleasure puppet on the end of her heel in place. Let alone that he was hypnotically programmed.

She carefully clipped the toe end of the cigar with an expensive cutter. Then she warmed the other end of the cigar with a long match, after first allowing the sulphur in the match to burn off. When the end glowed, she placed it to her lips and began to puff at the cigar. She drew thick clouds of aromatic smoke into her lungs and savoured the wonderful spicy flavour. She needed more entertainment, so she reached for the TV remote and flicked through the channels as she smoked her big cigar and worked each of her dildo heeled shoes severally in the man’s butt.

“Wank a little faster, boy toy. I want you to enjoy yourself too. But don’t you dare cum until I command it.”

She settled on watching an episode of Jenny Jones. To her surprise she recognised a female guest on the show. It was one of those about “Geeks to Buff sheek!” The woman she saw was Leila, who Miasmo remembered hypnotising about ten years before. “God damn it!” Miasmo shrieked. Her response to what she had seen caused her high heel shoe in the slut slave’s butt to go in deeper! There on the screen was a gorgeous, very muscular girl now about thirty years old. She was very tanned and had muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Miasmo thought, “Now there is a woman who would make an excellent companion and whip mistress I could use to keep my flock in order!”

Miasmo took a long draw from her cigar and talked to the body on the floor as she exhaled and withdrew her heel from his butt. “Kneel before me slave, look into my eyes and listen carefully to my voice. Your whole existence for a short while will revolve around your dick. Focus your mind into the shaft and head of your prick and stroke faster now. The pleasure you feel while guided by my hypnotic spell now increases by one hundred fold. Stroke faster and faster. Feel the pleasure, my boy, feel the rush!” She double puffed her cigar and inhaled the smoke, blowing it out slowly into his face whilst saying, “Cum now, boy toy.”

chapter 2

After finishing her cigar, Miasmo put the slave boy to bed. He had been fed and watered and conditioned for sweet dreams of serving and worshipping his mature and sexy hypno-mistress. Once this task was completed, Miasmo looked up in her little black book a phone number. She hoped it would ring at the other end and be picked up by someone she knew would react to her seductive and hypnotic voice!

Leila heard the phone ring while she was doing an evening workout session on her home multigym. She stopped her workout, wiped the sweat from her brow, and walked over to the phone. “Hello,” she said.

“Is that Leila?” a voice said.

“Yes, who’s that?” replied Leila.

“Count your blessings, my dear!” said the voice.

Leila froze. A buzzing in the ears overwhelmed her as she swayed slightly from the shock of this feeling inside her mind.

Miasmo did not always completely release her stage hypnosis show victims. Sometimes she implanted deep, powerful postmesmeric suggestions in certain persons that would last for years. She did this so that one day, if she needed a particular person, she could easily reactivate the hypnotic spell she once had that individual under a long time ago. In Leila’s case, this was about ten years before the present telephone conversation.

“The phone, Leila, the earpiece is rapidly gluing itself to your ear, my dear. You cannot remove the phone from your ear. Now, relax and listen. You cannot fight my voice or resist it’s pleasurable tones. Listen to my voice as your subconscious mind remembers it. Are you alone, Leila?” asked Miasmo.

“Yes!” Leila replied.

“Good, very good. Now sit down, Leila, and make yourself comfortable!” Miasmo was about to remind Leila of the power of hypnosis and how sexual pleasure could also be used to condition a slave. “Your body and mind will soon belong to me totally, Leila!” intoned Miasmo.

Leila’s body relaxed and stretched out on the couch upon which she was seated. Beads of sweat glistened on her skin in the subdued light. She looked quite magnificent. Her well toned and very muscular body waited for Miasmo’s commands.

Miasmo needed to relax too. “Slave, fetch me a Punch double corona, my cutter, and lighter!” she commanded. “Leila, relax and go deeper into trance!” Another slave boy, naked and of about twenty-two years of age, scurried forward with the cigar and accessories in hand. Miasmo took the cigar in her leather gloved hand and ran it under her nose. She felt it to be nice and light in weight. She then cut the toe end and the boy toy flicked the gas lighter into life. Miasmo held the end of the cigar in the flame, slowly rotating it until it began to glow red hot. She put the cigar to her full lips and drew smoke, further igniting the cigar. She inhaled deeply , held the smoke in her lungs for a moment, then blew the smoke out lazily into the slave boy’s face.

He felt his dick tingle as the smoke wafted into his lungs. His fetish response was born out of deep hypnotic training.

“Now, Leila, lick your fingers dear and prepare to masturbate for me!” she commanded down the phone. She was trying hard to imagine the sight of this female bodybuilder about to carry out her suggestions. “Play with your clitoris, Leila. You know how to please yourself and relaaaaaaaaaaax, relaaaaaaaaaaax. Deeper and deeper down you go. Very good, my dear. You are doing so well,” Miasmo said, as she heard Leila moan on the other end of the phone.

“Your conscious mind is going to sleep for me now. Your subconscious mind will remain awake and very focused on my voice as you listen carefully to my words. Your subconscious mind is now opening up fully to my suggestions. You will obey, my dear,” commanded Miasmo as she took a deep puff from her Punch double corona and blew out yet more smoke into the slave boy’s face.

The slave reached down to stroke his dick, but Miasmo ordered him, “Freeze, slave boy ……….. No wanking for you. How dare you even consider it?”

Leila continued to play with her clit, even though she was deep asleep. Miasmo’s words echoed in her subconscious as she did so.

“Good girl, Leila. Very good, my slave. Now listen to me. You will come to me tomorrow at the address I am about to give you. I need you here, Leila. Cancel all your engagements in the morning for at least the next six months. You will do this wont you, my slave?”

“Yes!” moaned Leila as she pleasured herself, driving herself further onto a monumental climax.

“When you cum for me in a moment, Leila, you will realise that you are now mine, deeply enslaved to me. An obedient slave to my will and power. You understand this don’t you, Leila?” continued Miasmo.

“Yes, Mistress Miasmo, I am your obedient slave!” groaned Leila as she climaxed, her juices flowing and her body shaking and gyrating on the couch.

Miasmo commanded her to sleep and dream of her Mistress. Leila slumped on the couch and drifted off to sleep where her subconscious mind and conscious mind would absorb Miasmo’s deep and powerful suggestions.

The following day, Leila packed her bags, loaded the car, and drove out to Miasmo’s house out in the country. She did so as though it was the usual thing to do. She had no recollection of the previous nights conversation. In her mind she only knew two things, that she worshipped her Mistress Miasmo and she must get to her as soon as possible. Leila arrived at Miasmo’s house, her mind in a daze. She was aroused and excited at the prospect of meeting with this older lady!

After concluding this segment of Leila’s hypnoerotic education and training, Miasmo took another satisfying draw on her cigar, blowing the smoke in the slave boy’s face. “Cum slave!” The statue in front of her began to tremble slightly as his teased mind and body immediately had to orgasm. “Good boy!” moaned Miasmo.

To be continued.