Goddess Lana had been in charge of the   Martin household  for nearly six months.  The gorgeous , young, blond simply loved the newly discovered power that  allowed her to control the men who lived there.  Both Dan , the father, and Danny Jr. , the son, had fallen under her mesmerizing , erotic spell, which  she wielded, after Dans , she had utilized her spare time learning more and more about mesmerism and mind control, using each newly discovered method to drive both her house slaves deeper and deeper under her mesmeric control. Neither was able to resist any of her

devious methods of mind control. Dan  Martin senior kept working at his job to support the household, and young Danny mostly just stayed at home to serve at Lana’s beck and call.  At first, young Martin’s  girlfriend, a junior college cheerleader, called and texted regularly, but soon, she slowed and then stopped trying to communicate with  Lana’s hypno-slave , as he did not respond to any of her overtures, having been commanded to ignore her by his Mistress, Goddess Lana.


And this is where  this story begins.  Keri really missed  Danny and decided she would go to his home to confront him about his sudden lack interest. Cheer practice  had ended in the early afternoon and Keri drove to the Martin  home in hopes he would be there and she could talk without   his  dad being around  As she glanced trough the sidelight, she saw both Dan and a gorgeous blond in the living room. She stood in the center of the room, above Dan, , as he  was knelt before her gazing up into a strange revolving disc, which Lana was holding in front of the captivated young man. It looked like a spiral that a stage magician would hold to entrance an audience victim, in a show.  They were positioned so that Dan’s back was to the door, and the blond was facing it.  Lana glanced up and saw Keri’s face peeking through the window and quickly decided a course of action.  She could just ignore her until she gave up interest and left but she might tell the story to others about the strange goings-on, so Lana thought she would try to expand her sphere of influence to include another slave.


Lana instructed Dan to stand,and open the door . As commanded, he silently rose to his feet and walked down the hall, Lana following, to the front entrance. As he opened in Lana noted the quizzical look on Keri’s face, and before  either could speak, she invited the young red haired, cheerleader into the home. Slowly, with some trepidation Keri walked into the hallway.


“Uh… I was really hoping to talk to  Dan, but you guys seem to be occupied so I’ll go .”


“No, that isn’t necessary, please stay and join us.  We are doing meditation.  Would you like to stay and watch ?”


“Well … er …uh …maybe,” she spoke as if confused.  And confusion was exactly the reaction Lana was hoping for.  She immediately started the disc revolving, as both Dan and Keri were faced her.


” This is how I help Dan meditate, he just stares into this disc, as it rotates and I speak softly to him and he relaxes…  relaxes … relaxes … looking into the spiral .. watching how the lines keep spinning toward  the center .. slowly … evenly … hypnotically… and he gets sleepier .. sleepier .. and drowsier  … as he stares into the spiral… ” Lana smiled as she saw Keri following her suggestions and looking at the revolving spiral. Dan’s eyes were already closed , but  the   cheerleader wasn’t able to see his submission as she was staring directly into the spinning disc. Lana stepped closer, and lifted the disc so that it was the same height as her eyes. Again, Lana softly spoke to the young woman, ”  It’s hard now to decide which is more compelling, the spinning disc, or my hypnotic blue eyes.  but you do know you can’t look away, my eyes … the disc … my eyes … the disc ..both pulling you under their irresistible power … my eyes … the disc .. deeper .. deeper .. feeling your will slip away and my power over you grow and grow … deeper and deeper under my power. Your mind is slipping way … you are falling … falling … falling under my irresistible spell … wanting to obey me … needing to obey me … falling … FALLING …”


Keri’s eyes darted back and forth between the deep, blue hypnotic eyes and the spinning disc and  her thoughts became more and more confused … why had she come here …  what was the beautiful blond telling her …what .. was .. happening … to … her …under … her … power.


Lana put down the disc on a nearby table and walked up to the weakening girl, and placed a soft, warm, hand on either side of her head , forcing the cheerleader to stare deeply into her eyes.  No longer able to choose her actions Keri just stared deeply into the gorgeous blue eyes as they seemed to enlarge to become her whole world. ” Now, my pet, I want you to repeat after me,”  You cannot resist  my power ,” …Blankly, helplessly Keri repeated, ” I cannot resist your power.”


“I am your Mistress”


“You are my Mistress”


“You will obey my every command”


“I will obey your every command”


“You MUST obey my every command.”


“I must obey your every command.”


Lana reached out and first massaged the red heads tits, then lowered her hand to Keri’s pussy and massaged her.  The teen moaned in erotic submission.


Now, both young Dan and Keri were standing in front of Lana gazing deeply into her deep, blue, hypnotic eyes.  Lana smiled, her nipples hardening realizing the power her six months as Mistress of the House had allowed her to gain.  The lessons in hypnosis she had learned from the web, the erotic ideas she had  learned from the web sites of Mistress Marquesa and Krystal Mesmer, had combined with her innate beauty and mental powers had given her, a third, helpless slave.  And a quite attractive one.


“Follow me, Pets”, Lana commanded and walked into the living room, this time out of view of the door.  The two helpless hypno slaves followed her without resistance . ” Now , both of you. strip.”


Helplessly,  both teens undressed, and with a wave of her hand, Lana commanded them to kneel before her.


She extended he hands before helpless minions, and both tenderly kissed her fingers, moaning in excitement, powerless to resist ANY command. They gazed into her deep blue eyes and felt all will to resist the gorgeous blond drifting away.


“Kneel next to each other, my slaves” Lana whispered.” Now, reached out and masturbate each other. Do it NOW my pets .”


The blank eyed couple reached out and roughly began to stimulate each other, Keri pulling on Dan’s  prick and young Dan  penetrating  Kari’s pussy with  his fingers , as both began to buck and move against the others hands.


“Faster … faster … more aroused … more aroused … but only think of me now, not yourselves, but Mistress Lana … and when you cum you will shout my name and know that you are totally my slaves. When I tell you to cum think ONLY of Mistress Lana ….three … two … one … CUM SLAVES.”


With that command, both helpless teens screamed in orgiastic delight …” Mistress Lana .. MISTRESS LANA !!!!!!”


“Now slaves, crawl to me and kiss my feet.”


Helplessly the teens crawled to their irresistible Mistress, totally under her mental control.  Both totally in love with the gorgeous, hypnotic blonde.


As the couple subserviently crawled to her, Lana thought to herself, ” now when was Big Dan coming home tonight? I bet it will be a WONDERFUL night … for me .”