The Mistress walked into the brokerage firm with the intention of investing some spare cash in a stock she had heard about.  Actually, a slave had blurted out the “inside” information about the firm he owned, revealing that the company earnings would far exceed market estimates.  This would cause the value per share to skyrocket, he had told her.


When under Her influence, mere men always reveal their deepest secrets.


She approached the first ‘suit’ at a desk in the firm and said. “I need help with a small investment.”

Perhaps Her concept of a ‘small’ investment was different from the broker’s, or perhaps the sight of the perfect blond hail, the beautiful young face and the bright smile of the Mistress momentarily side tracked the normal business instincts of the broker.  Whatever – instead of properly and respectfully greeting this potential customer (and experienced Dominatrix), he looked at Her and blurted out:  “Wow little girly, you sure do look hot in that outfit.  Want to go out with me for a drink tonight, that is, if you’re old enough to drink?”


Sometimes even the Mistress is taken aback by the foolishness of males.


She responded with an incredulous, “What!” to the broker.

Thinking She must not have heard him, he again extended an uninvited request for an evening out.  “You are without a doubt the cutest little girl I have seen in months.  Wouldn’t you like to go out with Daddy?”

The mature business woman reached out as it to touch the Mistress, a move She deftly avoided.

He leered at Her.

Finally She spoke, “Let’s find somewhere private where we can talk.”

Marshal Brooks, the broker, smiled broadly – thinking he had hit the jackpot – and led the way to his private office.   As they entered, he pointed to his name on the door and addressed the Mistress, “That’s me.  My name is Marshal.  I’m glad you are going to take me up on my invitation.  You sure are a sweet looking little girl.”

In Brook’s defense, She was indeed a ravishing beauty!  She wore a simple black sheath dress revealing just a glimpse of Her sexy shoulders.  The dress accentuated Her perfect body as it clung to Her every curve down to its above-the-knee length, showing off Her lean black-silk-stocking covered athletic thighs and calves.  Her lovely feet with their slinky, well manicured toes, were encased in high heeled black suede strapped, open toed shoes.

The blond goddess was coifed perfectly.  Her golden frosted hair formed an irresistible sexy frame for Her noble high cheekbones and Her haunting emerald green “come hither” eyes.

“Never…” as Katharine Hepburn once articulated,”…the less,” inside that delectable, desirable body was a scheming, devious, calculating mind capable of inflicting punishment on those who treat Her with any less than perfect respect.  And the inevitable punishment was always designed to fit the crime!

Already the Marquesa had decided the nature of the punishment Marshal would undergo.

Her irresistible hypnotic powers would allow Her to demonstrate to Marshal exactly who the “cute little girl” really was.  He would soon learn how to demonstrate proper respect to “his elders.”

Marshall ushered the Mistress toward a black leather couch in his office in hopes this discussion would quickly develop into a hot sexual session – but – the Dominating Blond pushed Marshall off the sofa as they sat, leaving Her regally perched on the couch… and him awkwardly sitting on the floor before Her.  It was a totally confused Marshall who looked up hesitantly at Her supreme beauty, She began speaking, softly – yet compellingly – he listened… She spoke.

Marshall, my dear little urchin, let’s decide right now who will follow and who will lead… who will command and who will obey.”

She drew closer to the confused broker and spoke:  “gaze at my ring… isn’t it beautiful?”  She raised Her hand up to Marshall’s flustered eyes, displaying a large white gold ring with a dazzling, oddly-shaped, white stone.  The light seemed to separated into a colorful spectrum and sparkle as it hit the ring.  The dazzling light combined with the soothing, commanding voice of the Mistress arrested the attention of the mature, but naïve, broker.  He immediately stopped talking and starred vacantly at the stone.  His jaw went slack and his eyes seemed to lose focus.  He couldn’t look away!

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” She whispered softly.

The entranced broker nodded in agreement, never once looking away from the ring.

Marshall’s breathing slackened; his chest rose and fell gently as he starred blankly at the Mistress’ ring, unable to oppose Her wishes even for a second.  The arrogance and insolence he previously displayed had deserted him… his condescending, chauvinistic attitude was gone.

The Mistress spoke:  “You’re my servant now Marshall, you are unable to resist my power.  I now rule your very soul.  Resisting Me is useless… you will obey My every wish… My every whim… My commands will be willingly; lovingly obeyed… do you understand?”

Marshall again silently nodded.  His eyes were focused on the Marquesa’s ring, unable to look away.

“Now close your eyes and sleep… listen to My voice and sleep… obey Me…sleep…”

Marshall’s eyes slowly closed.  He sat perfectly still.  His expression was still blank.  He was clearly under the great power of the Divine Marquesa.  Marshall made no effort to combat the commands from the beautiful Blonde.  Her words slowly, surely, became his thoughts.

When again he was allowed to open his eyes he had no idea how much time had elapsed… but changes had occurred!  Instead of being a mature businessman he had somehow become a little baby!  His once muscled, tanned body had become small and white and chubby.  He was really a baby!  He was even wearing a diaper.

Then with a child’s innocent eyes he looked up at the Blonde Goddess who had entranced and enslaved him.  She had become a new person – somehow older, wiser, more nurturing… like an aunt or a mother.  She spoke to the child now before Her.

“Baby Marshall you’ve been very naughty.  You did not show enough respect to Me, your Superior.  In fact, you showed no respect at all… and for that you must be punished.  Isn’t that right?”

Marshall knew he had misbehaved.  He slowly crawled (why couldn’t he walk?) toward the Marquesa.  As he crawled he tried to explain his behavior.

“Marshall is sorry,” he said, “Marshall is sorry Mistress Marquesa, Marshall was bad and he is sorry.  Please don’t punish Marshall.  Please!”


But the Mistress knew what to do with naughty boys!


She put naughty Marshall over Her knee and spanked him until he cried and cried – big tears – and he begged Her to stop.  His voice was oddly child-like:  higher pitched and more unsure than before.

“Please… please Marshall will never be bad again… please Mommy Marquesa… don’t spank baby Marshall or baby Marshall will cry for ever.”

The small child-like voice emanating from the baby touched the Mistress’ heart and She hugged him and rubbed soft, silky baby powder on his little baby butt and Marshall felt better.  In fact, baby Marshall loved his Mommy Mistress.  As She rubbed the soothing powder on his rump, something started to stir on his little body… something bad!  His wee wee started to grow and get hard.  Mommy Marquesa was so pretty and his wee wee just got bigger every time he felt the soft, warm touch of Her loving, Motherly hand on his bottom.

Eventually the Mistress noticed Marshall’s bad wee wee and pushed him off of Her lap onto the floor.  She again spoke to the little baby boy:  “I know it is hard for Mommy Marquesa’s little boys to control their pee pees so She will help you baby Marshall, look up at Mommy’s hand.”

With that the brilliant white stone of the Marquesa’s ring was placed before baby Marshall’s eyes and he was again immediately transfixed by the bright shiny stone.

Again the beautiful blonde spoke in a soft, irresistible voice:  “Here’s how Mommy Marquesa will help baby Marshall’s pee pee.”

With that She rubbed him and as if by magic, it withered and disappeared into his body and was replaced by the small, yet perfect, sex organs of a baby girl.

“Now you can be baby Marsha – a little girl baby – that’s much better than being a mean ol’ boy baby!”

Marshall/Marsha couldn’t resist any of the suggestions Mommy was implanting in his/her feeble little brain and enthusiastically adopted his/her role as a girl.  In the back of Marsha’s brain was a vague feeling – something about the sensuous Mommy stirred a kind of longing and tension within him/her – but with no pee pee, he could take no action.

He/she just relaxed and let Mommy Marquesa finish the powder rub… just loving every touch… he/she loved Her like a baby loves her Mommy!


Marsha/Marshall was so good that Mommy Marquesa once again drew him toward Her and produced a bottle, complete with nipple, that Marsha/Marshall suckled contentedly – cooing.


After feeding, Marsha/Marshall fell fast asleep in Mommy Marquesa’s warm safe embrace near Her bosom… a warm, wonderful place to be.

As Marshall opened his eyes a second time he again spied the Mistress.  She was fully dressed in Her sexy black dress.  He grabbed his crotch and noted with great relief that he was once again whole and fully functional, for with one look at the lovely, dominating, controlling, hypnotic blonde, he became rock hard.  But this time he knew he must treat Her with dignity and respect She (and every other woman) deserved.  He politely asked if somehow he could be of assistance… and each sentence ended with “Ma’am!”  He had learned his lesson.


Needless to say, the Marquesa purchased Her stocks ( at a great discount)… but the real success was that once a week Marshall visited the nursery of Mistress/Mommy Marquesa where, with a bit of hypnotic help, baby Marshall reappeared.