my name is angela……now.
i am a 46 year old business executive who has had and held a secret desire for a very long time. A secret desire that is now being realized in a satisfyingly sexy and yet safe way. This past year, i have had the privilege of spending time with Mistress Marquesa and being trained by her in ways i have always dreamed of! i won’t waste time getting to the point… let me share with you the facts.
Mommy Mistress Marquesa has hypnotized me and regressed me back in time. She has also transformed me into a pretty, pliable and very horny girl (which is what i have always, since i can remember…craved to be.) i have been instructed by Mommy Mistress to keep a journal of my transformation and below you can read one of my most entries.

Deeply hypnotized and totally under Mommy’s control is where i want to be and where i feel most safe, secure, content and satisfied. i am never alone or lonely when i am Mommy’s plaything and i truly feel so completely fulfilled serving as Mommy’s little SEX toy.
i hope you find my hypno-journey down into that very special decadent place of sexual surrender to be a titallating tale and one that you won’t soon forget!
……Early in the evening, You tell me it is time to dress up and make up and my little body tingles knowing how pretty and sexy You will make me.

You tell me to purse my lips and i see my special burgundy lipstick in Your hand. Your fingers slowly twist the base and i watch the dark red lipstick slowly rise from the tube, as You twist the base slowly back and forth, so the lipstick rises and retracts, slowly again and again, each time getting higher, coming more and more out of the tube, until it is as high as You want it to be, and You press it against my pouting lips, covering my lips in the dark red creamy lipstick, my lips seeming to swell as they almost caress the lipstick. Then You start doing my eyelashes, undoing the cap of the eye lash brush, as You slide it slowly out to check, and then plunge it back into the container, building the black creamy liquid on the tip. You apply it to my eyelashes, making then so long and thick and dramatic, my eyelashes so long and sexy. then You apply the dark blue eye shadow to my eye lids, showing me how to flutter them slowly and look from half closed eyes. You paint my finger nails, which You have shown me how to keep long and shapely, matching dark red burgundy nail polish, then You have me stretch out my toes, while you paint my toe nails too. i know tonight is going to be one of our special nights. You put on my long dangling ear rings, so i can feel them brush against my cheeks as i move my head. You then help me dress in the black silk and lace panties and teddy that You had made specially for me. and finally my special clear high spike heel shoes. You have made me understand how special and sexy i look when i wear those clear high heels, clear so everyone can see all of my foot and my painted toe nails. You then have me walk for You as You have taught me, the heels making the muscles of my legs and ass so shapely, tight and firm and moving my ass as i walk, so i can make everyone watch me, and show off my sexy little body.

After i have shown You how well i am learning, You have me model for You, taking pictures to make me feel so grown up, showing me how to strip, until all i am wearing are the shoes i love wearing so much, so i always love it when You take more pictures of me in my shoes, because i get to walk aound in them and wear them longer.

then You have me lay down on my bed, telling me i can leave my sexy make up on. my eyes drift natually to gaze into Yours as You tell me how proud You are of me, because i look so pretty and sexy, Your eyes seeming to get bigger and bigger and i feel the tingling in my body again, the tingling that i always love, getting stronger and stronger between my legs, so i can’t help putting my hand down to touch myself, as i listen to your voice and gaze into Your eyes, and the tingling getting stronger and stronger …

You lead the slave into my bedroom, where i am lying asleep, my long hair cascading over the pillows, still made up so sexily from where You were playing with me before i needed to go asleep.

As he gazes down at me, his cock begins to pulsate, as You slowly pull back the coverlet to display my young smooth body. my little hand is resting between my legs and as you pull back the coverlet, the soft breeze makes my little nipples erect and a shiver runs through my body. my hips begin to writhe as i begin to grind, almost imperceptibly, but very sensuously against my fingers. his gaze becomes fixated on my sensuous little body and his cock is now erect, with the glisten of precum on the tip. You sit beside me, and reach out with Your long fingers to capture the precum. You smear the precum on my top lip and just under my nostrils, so the scent begins to fill me as i reach out my tongue to lick my lips. This arouses the slave even more and more precum escapes, You reach out again, and begin to smear the captured precum on my lips like a balm. my writhing becomes more sensuous and the slave groans in arousal. as You smear my lips, my little tongue reaches out to lick Your fingers and my lips part inviting Your cum covered finger inside my mouth. You smile a satisfied smile as i begin to hungrily lick and suck Your fingers.

Almost before you whisper, “wake up baby”, my eye lids flutter partially open and my eyes fixate on the slaves pulsing erect swollen cock.

i sit up and swing my legs slowly over the edge of the bed, my eyes gazing hungrily at the throbbing cock, Your fingers still caressing and being caressed by my lips and tongue. i reach out automatically and wrap my little fingers around the now swollen rigid cock and begin to expertly caress it, as You have taught me, and the slave groans again. You take You fingers away, knowing You have set an inevitable course of events in motion.

my little tongue still licking my lips as my fingers expertly massage the throbbing cock, i move my head closer, the slave can hardly contain himself as the swollen pouty lips of my little mouth slip over the head of his throbbing cock. The need and desire for the slaves cum is building inside me, like an insatiable hunger, as i move my lips up and down the throbbing pulsating member, my fingers and lips working in unison, my tongue like a butterfly in my mouth, caressing and teasing the tip, the compulsion of my growing addiction making the craving and hunger wilder and wilder inside me. i continue to massage and manipulate the throbbing cock, feeling with my silky tiny fingers, the blood pulsing through his vein, knowing his whole existence is now concentrated on his arousal, his cock becoming harder and harder as the blood pounds through the major veins, and the inside of my lips are becoming so sensitive, i can even feel the little capillaries, like threads around his cock, almost as if the blood is drained from every where else except his aroused rigid cock. he puts his hands on my head, to steady himself and his fingers wrap in my long silky hair. i am concentrating more and more on his cock and how his cum is going to shoot from it when he orgasms.

You reach over and begin to caress the inside of my thigh, my legs opening automatically for You as You begin to build the arousal inside me, Your fingers moving expertly up and down the silky part of my inner thigh, closer and closer each time to my smooth moist pussy, my hips beginning to grind, trying to press against Your fingers, my hips grinding so sensuously and erotically, like an experienced lap dancer. Your voice encouraging me, as Your fingers caress my smooth silky pussy, ‘that’s it baby, it is so nice, baby, so nice soo nice”, as You watch the way my whole body is moving, knowing how well You have trained me and guided me down this path, knowing You will be able to use me to draw more slaves to You, using me to bind them tighter and tighter to You and Your will.

Your fingers expertly moving back and forth, arousing me more and more, making me wilder and wilder, as my fingers, mouth and tongue continue to work on the slaves cock, the length of his cock covering in traces of my dark lipstick, my little fingers and lips so wet and slippy, sliding up and down, sending the slaves mind into oblivion, You gauge the tempo and timing of Your caresses manipulating my impending orgasm, until as the slave begins to explode, down my throat, over my face and down my little breasts, Your fingers make my orgasm explode inside my body, reinforcing the connection between the slaves cock, my orgasm and Your control, always Your control.

As my orgasm continues, Your fingers manipulating and controlling me, my fingers continue to milk the slaves cock, until he moves back, totally spent, his mind empty of everything, awaiting Your words.

i lay back, trembling on the plateau You have brought me to, and You lean over me, Your eyes swallowing mine as Your tongue slowly swirls around my lips, Your swirling tongue, like a whirlpool in my mind, swirling round and round, more and more, drawing me deeper and deeper down, as my lips part for Your cum covered tongue, Your firm tongue probing my eager mouth, Your fingers moving over my tingling pussy, Your fingers and tongue taking me from the plateau, arousing me more and more, binding me to You more and more, until the final orgasm explodes through me, taking me deeper and deeper into the Darkness that is forever Your world and i am bound to You forever in Your world. and the craving and addiction building inside me all the time, for the darkness and the cocks and the feelings and desires inside me that are forever Your feelings and desires.

The End.