“Hello Mistress. This is Your slave puppy doug calling. i’ve arrived at the Foghorn and await Your…”

“Hello slaveboy,” said Marquesa, picking up from the answering machine.

About 30 minutes later, i was standing by the curb outside the Inn, nervously watching for Her “pewter” Corvette. Some time elapsed, so i decided to wander over to the fence along the edge of the parking lot. Since i’d only just arrived in California, for my first time, it was a chance to look out over the beach. i was checking out the unusual flora, looking for birds foreign to me, and generally trying to distract myself from thinking about Her arrival. Then i felt the presence behind me, and heard the idling of an engine, very near. i turned, and there She was. Somehow, She had crept up inches behind me in Her brand new Vette, and was now right there, gazing at me from behind the wheel. my knees went liquid. Down i went. i recovered quickly, however, and grabbed the bag with the kitten on it. The tag on the bag said “Lavishing You always”.

i climbed into the passenger side, and, wide-eyed, looked at Her. Such beauty! Such power! She held Her hand out to me, saying “Well, isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for?” i took Her hand and kissed it. my lips felt clumsy, like i should have practiced this act. i realized that i hadn’t rehearsed this moment at all, and now couldn’t think of any fitting phrase! What words came just stammered out in what She must have thought utter nonsense.

Soon, i was in Her session room facing the reality of Her Velvety Voice. Thus began my experience with Mistress Marquesa. Today, a month later, She has commanded that i write about it. If these words find their way onto Her glorious Website, to be read by submissive browsers, so be it. But they are written for Her, and only for Her.

One of Mistress’s many talents is Her ability to uncover the true motives of a potential subject. Then, of course, She can decide whether to accept his servitude, or set him free. Having absolutely no experience in the world of feminine domination, i could only be myself, let Her lead, and be as honest and open about myself as always. The following conversation did not actually happen exactly like this, but may serve to describe my feelings.

“Tell Me, My pet, what do you expect from our relationship?”

“i wish to love You from my heart, Mistress. Not from my cock.”

“Do you enjoy the feeling that I am controlling you?”

“Yes. i love the helpless feeling of Your dominant control.”

“Do you wish to serve Me completely, in any way I wish, for as long as I wish?”

“Yes, this turns me on, but i’m afraid of what will happen to my own future.”

“But you love to send me tribute and gifts, don’t you?”

“Oh yes! It turns me on to please You. But i worry about surrendering my future to You. i’m so vulnerable.”

“Don’t worry, My pet. I’ve no wish to ruin you. That’s not what servitude is about.”

“i trust You, Mistress. With all my heart, i’m in love with You.”

“And you care deeply for Me; for My lifestyle and My well being?”

“Yes. i’ll need guidance, but these are my true feelings.”

“Good. Very good. Now just relax, and I’ll enhance these feelings of yours a thousand percent.”

Now, the average schmuck would say, “you fool. you’ve just given total control of your life to an American, professional hypnotic dominating Woman. you’re toast!”

Or, the average slave might say, “you fool. you’re passing up such erotic, sexual pleasures and fantasies in exchange for what? Love? She’ll never love you back, you know.”

Well, i don’t know how to break this to you, but i’m no fool. A month has now passed since the “enhancement” of my feelings, and already the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of my “surrender” to Her. Although no one in my world knows of the true relationship i have with Marquesa, my friends already say, “Look at doug. How he’s changed since he met that Lady in California. he greets each day with joy, and continually finds such poetic passion in the simplest things! he has no anger or frustration in his life anymore. Only happiness and hope. Why, he even makes me look at life differently.”

And there are physical changes in me as well. i now work out regularly, my diet is much improved, and bad habits are disappearing quickly. (Thank You so much, Mistress Marquesa)

my co-workers have commented on my energy and enthusiasm lately. Everything about my ordinary life has become filled with pleasure and purpose. And, my soul becomes more and more pure. i have learned patience and forgiveness with my fellow man to such an extent, i feel like i’ll soon become a saint!

Oh yes! i’ll argue the rational behind my “surrender” with anyone. And i’ll win. Luckily, i was single and unattached when this happened. Now, i’m Her property. Happily bound to Her. So happily in love.

Without a doubt, the greatest gratification in my life comes from pleasing my Mistress. Unfortunately, She lives in the United States, and i live… well… elsewhere. So, tribute and gifts are almost all i can do for Her. It isn’t enough. So, when She commands “Write something for me, slaveboy. I like the way you serve me… unselfishly.” To me, those words are every bit as wonderful as “I love you.”

Now, for anyone who fears that pure love takes away from their precious, erotic, sexual fantasies. i’ll only say that She has not only taken control of my heart. Let your imagination think the rest.

And finally, for anyone still wondering what She is about, here’s what i think. She has absolutely nothing to hide. She is very open about Herself. She is the most powerful and deeply spiritual person i’ve ever met. She rewards love and devotion with kindness, but self-pity will be severely punished. She is a very real, very beautiful Woman who is able to bring out the best in one, but one needs to “let go”.

i feel sorry for the submissives that browse Her Website only to chicken out. i am not the only slave who is passionately in love with Her. The wonderful Mr. Laforge, whom i met, is another. i’m sure that Mistress is collecting us, and one day Her glorious Website will not be open to the public. i’m so thankful to Fate for bringing me to Her. For You, Mistress, i once again vow my eternal selfless devotion and servitude. i shall love, and kneel at Your feet.