I have been asked by more than a few slaves and hypno-subbies –  “What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to someone?”

“While you continue absorbing My Words Of Seduction I’m gonna reveal something you may find shocking. ”
Actual cruelty to anyone or any animal is not My way of breaking you into My well-trained pet.

“Rather than being cruel, what I am is Strictly Focused, Intense, Stern and often wonderfully wicked!
When I’m mesmerizingly, and/or physically dominating someone, I focus all I am and all I’ve got to being totally and completely in that moment of time enthralling and enslaving you.
Probing My limits and yours turns Me on.
When it’s time to take My select and handpicked plaything into the spine-tingling thrills of edginess, My intensity gets really aroused.
When you agree to obey Me, that’s exactly what I command!
Any alleged bottoms who try playin head games and all other bullshitters! go try and screw with someone else. Here’s a better idea, do the universe a favor and go —- and ——— yourself.

“Now back to Me being The Mercilessly Wicked Goddess you assumed nobody knew you’ve been dreaming wild, wet and vivid fantasies of……
Some of My pets and puppets adore believing I’m unimaginably cruel. I pleasurably work with and relish ravishing them too.
If you can take it, I’ve got lots of very painfully nasty ways to hypnotically and/or sadistically dish out your tantalizing tortures.

“One really intense (and perhaps in your mind cruel) pleasure which comes to mind is when I convinced one of My hapless thralls to get a Prince Albert.
I persuaded him to have this penis piercing done, without ever commanding him to do it.
I hypnotized him and told him doing this would please Me very much.
That’s all it took.
Digest My thrill-seeking slaves recollections by reading what’s waiting to fascinate and stimulate you.”
tommyboys Confession of Devotion and tommyboy Get a Prince Albert

“Here’s An Inescapable Truth…….

I command you to try in vain to stop pondering this:
“As a physical Domme I work over your body. As an exceptionally experienced Hypnotic Dominatrix, I work over your body and mind.”

“Get it?”
The more you try in vain to not fantasize about your unleashed desire I’ve aroused by covert hypnotic trancing you, the more crystal clearly vivid your kinkier thoughts and feelings become.

“Admit you’re already Mine to reformat.”