This was wonderful.  As good as she might ever have imagined.  Better.  The sun shone onto her right hand on the table.  She looked out through the eastern doors at the sun-lit grass & trees rising to the ridge.  Wonderful.  The meal had been superb.  The wine – light & refreshing.  She was in heaven.


“…………Simon de Monfort was both.  It just depends on your ……………”


She sipped her wine & looked casually to her right.  The village lay beneath her, the vineyards stretching towards the distant mountains.


Hers.  All hers.  This was sooo right.  How wonderful.  To come here.  Finally.  After all the photos.  Just like the pics.  Wonderful.


“…………if you like, we could go to Montsegur, it’s a Cathar…………..”


She smiled dreamily.  ‘I’ve died & gone to heaven.  Come.  …… heaven……..I just feel sooo relaxed.  What’s he saying?  Hmmm.  Kinda cute.  Boyish.  Well, for a 70 year old boy he don’t do too bad.  And he’s mine.  All mine.  My PAD.  & all he owns.  I own.  Mine.  The lot.  Ain’t life grand?’


It was the right decision.  To come here.  Just like I always wanted.  France.  The SOUTH of France my dear.  Yep.  It’s just like the posters.  Sun & scenery. A devoted slave [and why not – after all that training?  LoL].  But hey, he is cute.  And boy, doesn’t he think I am…………….!  Not just the training.  Well, maybe.  But he’s really sooo attentive.  And enthusiastic.  And obedient.  Mmmmm.  What’s he saying…….?


“……………….in the ancient Cité.  There’s a super restaurant we could…………”


She smiled.  Yes.  Yes yes yes.  Yes to everything.  Everything I want.  I feel so great.  The journey was tiring.  I felt washed out.  But the moment I saw him.  At Charles de Gaulle.  Told him to come & meet me.  I just can’t deal with those foreigners.  French.  Gabble gabble.  & I knew I’d be tired.  Too much for a little California girl.  New York gal?  Well, a ‘good-ol-US of A’ gal.  Then more planes to –  where-ever.  I forget.  Some french name.  Carkassonn.  But it was.  Is.  Pretty.  Such a cute little car.  Hardly enough room for my bags.  And I was {am} travelling light.  After all, he’s got a great selection of toys.  But no paddles or whips.  Ha!  Brought my own.  Made him buy some “restraints”  though I can control him – my mind is more…….I’m glad I got him to Long Beach.  Now THAT was exciting.  MM  mmm.  So attentive.  And sooo receptive.  All my training.  Those pics.  Made me wet.  Such a wide-on.  He just brought out the best [LOL!   Ha] in me.  Sort of drove me to new heights [or depths……..].  Anyway.  He didn’t complain.  Hmmm.  He cried & whined a coupla times.  I just kept on – boy!  What a turn-on.  Not just the power.  Tho’ that’s a great aphrodisiac.  But just knowing I was gonna take him further & deeper than he’d ever thought.  I started out sort of – er, restrained.  But hey, girl.  There’s something about him that brings out the worst – BEST – in me.  I really went to town.  What a blast.  Going to new levels…………. I don’t remember when I got so fruity, so fast.  Made him perform for the girls.  They loved it.  Julie especially.  Wanted a piece……  “Treat every Mistress like your owner…..”  Yeah.  “………..But remember, slave, you belong only to me.  You obey only me.  You please only me.”


I had quite of lot of work.  Tried to leave some free time.  After all, he’d come from Europe.  But after I put him under the first time  – he went under like a dream.  All those sessions.  The letters.  The pics [oh, those pics].  I was surprised how much power I had over him all that way apart.  The personalised session [which he wrote – ha!]  They all do it!  But the ‘live’ session really got him.  I should have done it sooner.  But I was so busy.  And my mom.  & he was coming along without it.  But the live session.  I knew, the moment I heard him saying what I’d made him write & repeat….always in the tube.  Poor little man.  Slave.  I just had to have him live.  Not tranced.  That’s what really got me hot.  Knowing I could MAKE him obey without post-hypnotic suggestion.  Better than hypnosis.  Different.  Knowing I could control him with a word.  Six words.  Reward.  And punishment.  YES!  Making him do things while I watched – thousands of miles away.  Doing things.  Reluctantly.  But punished if he didn’t – boy didn’t he yelp?  I was a bit naughty, but the power really turned me on – he wasn’t really hurt – & I sure rewarded him when he did as he was told.  Conditioned reflex.  You bet!  After all those hours training him.  Brainwashing.  Getting the six little words implanted.  I nearly didn’t bother………………..


“……………no thanks.  I’ve had enough.  You’re a great cook & I enjoyed the wine.  Tell me, do you drink only local wines….?”


Look at him.  White hair.  Well, sorta creamy-white.  Red-head he says.  Like his momma.  Red face.  Always pink.  Wine makes him…………. I feel kinda frisky.  I feel just sooo………..


“Pleasure Mistress!”


Hey!  He’s doing it.  Ooops.  Banged his little head.  Now kneeling under the table.  I can feel his breath on my feet.  Hey.  THIS is fun.  This is such a turn-on.  When I said his trigger in Long Beach right in the airport   I wasn’t going to meet him, but I changed my mind.  Just said it.  ‘Surrender.’  And he did.  Right there.  Just slipped under.  I told him to kiss my feet.  Down he got.  Right there.  Stopped on the freeway & put him under again.  Told him he’d never been hypnotised.  But wanted to be.  By moi.  ‘Very sexy’ I told him.  As if I needed to…….  Then, when I got him to My home………………….


Three weeks I kept him.  I had plenty to do.  Plus I wanted to keep him in suspense.  I wanted to spend more time with him out of session, but I had to be sure I had him really deep.  Plus it was good test to see how he handled being ignored & treated like he was – a REAL slave.  He did OK.  I was secretly pleased he felt hurt & wanted to be with me all the time – well, MORE of the time (AND why wouldn’t he?).  But he wasn’t needy.  No petulant sulks.  Trained him to waken me.  Hmmm.  He liked that.  Hmm.  Me too.
OK.  Let’s see.


“Stand by!”


Look at him.  Back up.  Sitting there, smiling at me.  I know he loves me.  I think he’s in love with me.  He is kinda cute.  He knows what I did.  I bet his little tube is full.


I feel frisky.




Here we go.  Just like having a vibrator.  Not as immediately effective.  But more fun.  Knowing I control him.  Knowing he knows it too.


Mmmmm.  Oh that’s nice.  Oh yes.  Nice.  Mmmm.  More.  There.  Yes.  Just there.  Oh, that’s NICE!