Dear Krystal,

We had a brief exchange of email at the end of last year (time seems to have flown!) – I was enquiring about availability of your work to mac users. I have been listening to your free sample again lately, and reminded myself I had meant to buy myself something. It was great to see you’ve spread your hypno-net to us mac types, and I decided to invest in ‘Naughty Nurse’ – I quite like the idea of subverting one of our societal nurturing types, and it was delicious! To me, erotic hypnosis is all about the voice, and you have that in spades.
Your use of language is also extremely stimulating. I don’t think there are many in the fetish hypnosis community who do it as well – probably one other. I also respect and admire your position on abuse in trance. While the submissive in me tends towards the D/s relationship between operator and subject, that should always be with some kind of synergy as a goal, and there are a few who simply don’t understand or respect that. Power exchange is empowering at its best and most intimate – not a wheeze for ripping off somebody’s credit card details. Enuff babbling. Thanks again for putting your work out there. I’m sure I’ll be back again…
Have a great weekend,