“Smart is sexy.” Many have said it, few have embodied this truth as well as I, your Goddess Marquesa. Why do you worship Me? Why do you fall quivering at My feet, offering up paeans of adoration and cries of abject surrender? Is it my gorgeous legs? My exquisite breasts? My bewitching emerald eyes? My classically beautiful face? All of those qualities and more enchant you, yes. But they are not the real source of My power. My mind, My brilliant intelligence, is what makes Me utterly irresistible.

            Hypnotism is not a game for the dull witted. I could not captivate your mind unless I had rigorously refined My own. A lifetime of learning and experience goes into each syllable of every mesmerizing incantation. Hours of thought and intellection impel the force of every word I employ to ensorcell your consciousness.

            Yes, pet. When your heart races, when your cock stiffens, when your mouth waters uncontrollably and you groan with desire, it is My mind to which you are responding as much as My irresistible body. Arousal and allure are rooted in the imagination as much as the physical senses of taste, touch and smell. I am so much more compelling than any of the lesser woman you encounter, because My thoughts, feelings, and wicked fantasies are so much more ingeniously sophisticated, artful, and dynamic.

            But sexy works both ways, darling playthings. The smarter you are about O/our relationship, the greater the heights of ecstasy to which I can bring you. The more frequently and the more intelligently you think about Me and for Me, the more you will turn Me on…and the more I will turn you on.

            So let this be your New Year’s Resolution, pet: be sexy, be smart. Share your thoughts with me, in email or over the phone. Let Me know not just how I make you feel, but why. Comment on whatever you see here that sparks your imagination. Or construct a fantasy and let Me explore it with you. Together perhaps W/we can create something beautiful….and sizzling hot.

            Come, lay your mind before your Goddess. I promise I won’t hurt it. Much. Ha ha ha ha ha……