Matthew woke up with a start. He looked around his small room frantically. He let out a sigh and fell back down onto the hotel room bed. It was just another nightmare. His nightmares were always the same: he was walking down a long hallway, walked through the door, and there was a horrendous monster waiting for him. He would panic and run, but the abomination would always be just behind him. As soon as he felt its talons digging into his back, he would scream and wake up. Ever since his girlfriend had left him for another man, the nightmares had been persistent and nightly. He moaned, rolling out of bed and pulling on his clothes. It was 5:35, he might as well get up early.

Matthew Williams was not a superstitious man. He did not at all buy the ideas of magic, or fortune-telling, or the supernatural. A job as a college professor was to be his destiny, as he was currently acting as a student-teacher. Matthew was a man of science, and couldn’t be troubled with anything out of the ordinary. The only thing that ever brought him out of the world of logic and reason were his nightmares. Terrifying, nightly, and the same thing every time. However, despite Matthew’s constant hatred of all things unnatural, he was desperate. He had contacted a professional hypnotist to help him with his nightmares.

Actually, it wasn’t just any random professional hypnotist. It was actually one of his friend’s ex-girlfriends. Her name was Kelly, and al of Matthew’s friends said she’d been acting strange ever since she got back from New York, looking for her now ex-boyfriend Isaac. Although she had not come back with Isaac, she had come back with a new fascination: mind control. It creeped the hell out of most of the people she new, but to Matthew, Kelly’s obsession was the most arousing thing he’d ever come across. Visiting her for help with his nightmares was a constant temptation, but now that he realized his performance was slipping, and his chances of getting a job were becoming more and more slim, he decided to take the risk.

He had set up an appointment for 8:30 PM (rather late, but Kelly insisted that all regular slots were filled) Tuesday night. Normally, Matthew would be suspicious, but frankly, he wasn’t going to complain about seeing a girl as beautiful as Kelly. She had an adorable face, and fairly impressive breasts. Not the biggest he’d seen, but certainly substantial. Kelly also had a nice, slappable ass on her, and he’d often fantasize about coating her ass in kisses and then burying his face in her cleavage. These daydreams would usually only stop once the drool on his chin became too annoying to ignore.

Monday came and went, and soon Tuesday night was looming ahead of him. He drove over to her apartment (where she conducted her business, although Matthew didn’t know how he could stand working at home) about a half an hour early and prepared himself. He took in a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

Answering the door was Kelly, dressed in nothing but her bathing suit. Matthew’s eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped as he stared mindlessly at her full, luscious curves. She giggled at him, seemingly not embarrassed in the least by his fascination.

“Hello Matthew! I’m glad you came! I hope you don’t mind the outfit, but I went to the beach today and just never bothered to change!” She giggled again. “Isn’t that silly?”

Kelly was far from the sharpest knife in the drawer, and Matthew swam through the muck of his brainless staring to wonder how on Earth she would have the dominant demeanor to hypnotize him. Then again, she could just use her mesmerizing mounds of flesh to bring him under. She grabbed his hand and led him over to a small table, ignoring his incredibly obvious erection that was brought on from his staring. She sat him down in one of the chairs, and asked, with a look of comically sincere concern on her face, “Do you want some tea, Matthew? The stove’s literally right here.”

She had a teapot sitting on the stove, which was, as she said, literally right next to the table. There was barely enough room for her to squeeze her tight little body in. Her ass was now right next to his face, and he couldn’t resist for a moment staring at the beautiful, seductive buns in front of his already drooling face. To make resisting the instinct to fall completely into ass worship, she began to give her rump some nice little shakes in front of him. Then she began speaking, not in her usual high-pitched, ditzy voice, but in a soft, soothing, sultry tone that made him want to melt against her tight, cute butt.

“I know what you’re looking at, Matthew darling…don’t be surprised or embarrassed, just keep looking…”

Her rear end continued its cute, short undulation, and Matthew continued to mindlessly gaze at her bottom. “Keep staring at my adorable tush, baby…. keep thinking about pressing your mouth against the cheeks…kissing…kissing…letting my flesh enter your mouth…enter your mind…kiss…kiss my ass…”

He began to lean forward to mindlessly smooch her magnificent rump, but then something stopped him. “Enter my…mind…?” he managed to stutter out.

Matthew could almost hear the smirk in her voice as she continued in her will-melting tone. “That’s right, baby…your mind will be mine…kiss…kiss it…you know you can’t possibly resist kissing my butt…. just pucker up your lips and give it a smooch…!” She let out a gasp of triumph as she felt him press his lips against her right ass cheek.

Meanwhile, Matthew could almost feel the soft, tender flesh work through his tongue and into his mind. He felt his consciousness fade away, falling asleep under her irresistible magic, and right onto the softness of her ass.

He found himself in a familiar place; in the hallway that led to the one room in the world he dreaded the most. It was the long hallway leading to the door…he knew the monster would be there…

As always, he opened the door…and…

He remembered seeing a beautiful woman…and then he remembered nothing more…
One month later
Matthew woke up, pawing at his soft leather collar. He snuggled closer to the beautiful woman lying next to him on the bed. He wouldn’t want his Mistress to be cold…after all, she got rid of his nightmares. Sometimes he suspected she might have taken away more of his subconscious, but he didn’t mind. He loved being her obedient pet.