From the Slave’s Cell (Pt. 2)

Recap:  The Marquesa de Sade had established her own Queendom in which Her rule and authority over the lives and fortunes of hundreds of male slaves was without bounds.  The Queendom, in fact, had no respect for national borders nor did it limit itself to the laws of those nations when the higher principles of Female Superiority and Female divine rights were the issue.  To give her Queendom structure and to facilitate strict compliance with Her requirements and needs throughout the Queendom, She formed aq cabinet from Her inner stable of trusted and loyal male slut slaves.  This was known as Her “sluts of the round table.” Read more…

Cupid in Chains


         I first saw her shortly after I was elected Mayor of this Florida West Coach beach town. She was stunning in a bright pink sun dress that hugged her curves and showed her magnificent breasts and shapely legs to devastating effect. The desire began with that first glance, but I had no idea how intense it would become. It was a sunny day and she was wearing sunglasses, so I would only be hit by her piercing green eyes later, when we had dinner in the evening. Those witchy eyes on top of her exquisite face, luscious form, and gorgeous blond tresses were almost too much to bear.

Read more…

From the Slave’s Cell

During the course of Her career, our Glorious Glamorous Goddess has amassed a league of slut slaves who are both loyal and totally committed to seeing that She lives a life full of material and physical pleasures.  That She was able to accomplish this is not at all surprising as She is a Gorgeous Dominant Female well versed in using Her Superior Mental and Physical Attributes.  As Her Queendom grew, the Mistress realized that it was up to Her to give it order.  A Queendom without structure would be chaos.  To this end the Mistress established a cabinet comprised of Her most trusted sluts of the Round Table because She treated each of Her toys (yes – they are Her toys) fairly and equally.

Some of the advisor positions are listed here: Read more…

The Red Paddle

Krystal rose

Clear glass case

When You look at them

Do You see me?

On my hands and knees

ass bared, soul bared

underneath the Red Paddle


Love and pain

pain and Love

each man’s destiny

Aren’t they here?

Perfectly alloyed

in my heart, in my soul

underneath the Red Paddle


Strong Right Hand

bright pink flesh

As the contact lands

How much? How many?

Ever i remain

captive heart, captive soul

underneath the Red Paddle





Fekrun’s Story (Mistress Marquesa’s Slave)

It was 6:00am and the slave was still lying on the mattress in a corner of the room when Mistress Marquesa walked into the room.  She wore a white sleeveless blouse and a white mini skirt which betrayed the flaming red underwear she had on.  With a pair of transparent short spiked heel ankle boots.

The slave rushed to greet her on all fours as he had been instructed to and went straight to kiss the toe of her pointed boots.

“Stop there and crawl slave, I hate to find you still in bed.”

“I am not in a whipping mood today, but you will suffer just the same.

Lie on your back slave.” She commanded. Read more…


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