SLEEP WITH ME! a testimonial


I … would like to describe my experiences.

1. I was impressed with how different your voice sounded. It was less soothing and more commanding than what I am used to. That didn’t detract from the experience, but it was just different.
2. I liked lying down next to you and holding hands. That could have lasted longer (foreplay is good!).
3. I had a little difficulty visualizing the whisking away to an outdoor location, but I really like the idea of an outdoor romp! The setting was romantic and erotic. I especially enjoyed the glow behind your hair.
4. This was the most intimate session yet…! Very sexy and arousing! I wish that I could feel more like it is a real experience. Even though I try my best to touch, feel ,smell, and taste as directed, it just doesn’t quite measure up to reality. I find that somewhat frustrating…
5. The release was very pleasurable, as always, so be assured that you are always successful in that regard!
6. I know that I was instructed to forget, but I distinctly remember the suggestions regarding the full moon and associated expressions of love. I actually find that appealing because I want to do that!
7. The ending was too abrupt! I was looking forward to cuddling and drifting off to sleep with you! I REALLY enjoy the way WORSHIP OF THE MARQUESA 2 ends.





Some say women are more like cats and men are more like doggies.

Hmmmmmmm!  I wonder:

!  Reading these words from left to right, “Feminine” and “feline” do share five letters.  While “masculine” and “canine”  share four letters.

!  There’s a saying, “Cats rule, dogs drool”.  And Krystal’s web site ( is a passionate and pleasurable place risquély revealing the simply irresistible, krystal clear fact that “HypnoDommes rule and horn dogs drool to serve and obey and please Us”.

While your subconscious keeps pondering the fascinating possibilities, here’s something to watch:


Animals can do some truly remarkable things.  And this video of a family’s pet cat saving a child from a dog attack is but one example.

CLICK THIS:  cat saves boy from dog attack LINK to see what I mean.

Ahhhhhhh! Yes; as for Women being catlike and men being like dogs, keep these facts in mind:

#1.  A Domme may call a male subbie Her puppy, doggie, horn dog, etc.

#2.  Julie Newmar brought CatWOMAN to life and into your wet dreams about wild and wicked witching catwomen, captivating panting packs of gentlemen… one of whom is you; who yearns to become even more obedient and more submissive under My Purrrrrfect Hypnotic Control.

From the pages of GQ



This article from GQ magazine is a simply sensational summary of my sister, Krystal Mesmer.

I AM SITTING IN A RESTAURANT on the waterfront in Los Angeles.  I am having a glass of wine with a friendly computer programmer.  Martin Knight* is in his early fifties, and his pale face maintains an alert yet quizzical expression.  His sport shirt hangs from his slight frame in what must be the same way it hung from his adolescent body when he was acing math and being ignored by high school girls.   *His name has been changed for this article. Read more…

Hypnotic Surrender – a testimonial

The Wonderful and Powerful Goddess Marquesa

I have completed 10 days of listening to HYPNOTIC SURRENDER and following your instructions:

First I want to say that this was an INCREDIBLE experience. No hypnodomme and no session has ever taken such control of me and given me such a fantastic positive feeling.

I want to say “thank you” for your fantastic Hypnotic Surrender session. I have experienced nothing like it. I love the way the session so easily takes me from one state to the next. It is so easy and pleasant to listen to and follow your voice and commands.

When you tell me to “listen of the music” I do. When you blend your voice with the music it does, as if it is a single thread of sound. When you tell me to “relax”, I do.  From this point the simple journey of this session flows so easily for me. The sequence where you ask me to open my eyes in trance is so powerful. In the past, I have never been able to do this but with you I not only stayed in a deep trance, it was easy and had a ‘powerful’ effect on me, especially when you told me to close my eyes again and ‘surrender”.

This recording affected me more deeply and more quickly than any other hypnotic session I have experienced so far. I also combined this listening with Trust and Assurance, which helped me understand and balance the feelings I was having. I think these two sessions compliment each other quite well and enhance the ability to deepen my trances.

I have listened to Hypnotic Surrender for ten days, sometimes multiple times a day.

The first five days were filled with strong wonderism and bliss but I still felt that I had difficulty fully giving up control and letting go. On the sixth day I felt like I started to go deeper and it was more natural to accept your instructions and suggestions. On day number eight, I entered a new level of wonderism like I have never experienced before, very, very deep and submissive.

I entered what felt like a deeper phase in my trance. I felt disconnected from the physical world and unaware of it. My hearing was sharper than it has ever been and I heard every sound and musical note on the recording. It felt like I was completely open and taking in all of your words. I wanted these and wanted to be connected to you and give up all of my control. I only wanted this more and more.

My wonderism is now very deep and my willingness to give up my control to you strong. I feel a strong connection to you and feelings of love. The last two days were especially the most powerful and you have a very strong effect on me. I am very deep each time, giving you control and wanting to do what you command.

I am ready for a deeper hypnotic relationship and submission to you. I am yours.

Your Loving Servant

curious and fascinated p

MARQUESALON testimonial

My Dear Mistress Marquesa,
It has been some time since I wrote to you. I apologize for being so
tardy with this submission.
I have been listening to your recording of MARQUESALON of
Transformations quite a lot lately, and just have to tell you that I
long to luxuriate in wearing such frilly and girlish articles of
clothing as you describe. A pink satin Bra, Panties and Garter Belt
along with a pair of shear seamed pink stockings arouses me to just
think about. Wearing such an outfit would bring me great pleasure if I
thought that was what you wish me to wear.
Your recordings have aroused my lingerie fetish. I have worn a Bra
before but now, after listening to Marquesalon, I find I have a very
strong desire to feel the stimulation of that most feminine of garments
on my nipples again. Under your guidance I find I am slowly
transforming into my shemale (Sissy?) form.



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