She then sarcastically laughed a little more. Soon i was done massaging Her back and i stood motionless for a second wondering if i should push Her robe down further and massage Her gorgeous buttocks as in my instruction.
“Well, all done I see, at least for now My Pet.” That was my clue not to go any further. i backed away about three steps.
She sat up on the table, Her full Breasts exposed, and then She elegantly got off the table and Her robe completely fell to the ground! my knees quivered and i uncontrollably fell to the floor, on my knees. i looked up and was enraptured by Her presence. i could see Her wonderful Satin Black Panties and following the curves of Her body and Her beautiful Breasts and finally i found myself gazing deep into Her Sapphire Blue Eyes. “Thank you for getting on the ground to retrieve My robe.”
i said “Yes” and quickly picked it up and handed it to Her. i stood up and felt like i was about to orgasm right there! i reached down and picked up my towel and used it to clean some of the sticky clear pre-cum off of my hard rod. i then wrapped it around myself as quickly as possible and pushed my engorgement down to prevent an even more embarrassing moment.
She then said, “Take your box of clothes and follow Me.” We walked out of the massage room and She picked up the nearest phone and called someone. She then told me to kneel down and face the wall.
Soon Audrey met with The Satin Mistress in the hallway. Next, i heard Allison approaching The Satin Goddess. She was saying over and over again how sorry She was. “If I want one of My Subjects knowing something about Me I will tell them!” Basically She verbally tore into Allison for about 30 seconds. i turned and caught a quick glimpse and i saw Allison on Her knees before Her Majesty. i took a quick look down the hall and i saw Audrey standing in front of a door to another room. She was holding a nine tailed whip. Allison stood up and started to walk dejectedly towards the room and She disappeared inside. i refocused my eyes on the wall and i heard the door slam shut. Her Majesty told me to stand and i did. She told me to go put my clothes back on in the dressing room and meet Her out front. i walked with Her past the room Allison was in and i could hear Her shrill screams. Then i stepped into the dressing room and put my clothes back on. i noticed that my clothes had been washed. i put them on and walked out to the front and met up with Her Majesty like She told me to. We walked to the limo and She started asking me how i liked Her place. i told Her that i had the most wonderful time and i started to quickly forget everything that i had seen. Once again i was sitting next to Her in Her limo drinking some cranberry flavored vodka. Wondering where we were going.

i was totally overjoyed that i was going on a date with this beautiful Satin Goddess. i was so focused on Her and making sure that i pleased Her that i really did not realize what was happening to me! As each minute passed my short term memory seemed to slip a little more, my throbbing penis still pushing against my slacks. i soon forgot most of what had occurred so far during this date. i looked down at my watch and noticed that the time was 8:22 pm. Quizzically, i stared and wondered where the last hour or so went, flashes sort of appeared in my mind and then She said, “Do you like seafood, kevin?”
i, no long concerned myself with the last hour or so and replied, “Sure, i really like it.”
“Good,” She said and then She lifted up the receiver of a phone and told the driver where to take us.
Soon, we came to a stop in front of a very secluded and most beautiful restaurant close to the beach. We entered the front of the restaurant and i noticed everyone’s eyes became real big. The host knelt on one knee in front of Her and said “It is a pleasure to have You here tonight. i will retrieve lewis for You.”
She said “Thank you.” he then stood up and hurried off to get lewis, whom i assume is either the owner or manager of this fine restaurant.
As i stood there waiting, i noticed that all of the male servers and hosts had bulges protruding from their lower regions! Then i blinked and looked away from them and i started to gaze helplessly at Her Black Satin Dress and the way it caressed Her sumptuous Skin and Body.

lewis approached and he too knelt before this Satin Goddess. he kissed Her Hand and said, “Your Table is always ready for You my Goddess.”
“Good,” She said, “Now lead us there.” lewis quickly lead us to a table towards a dimly lit back corner of the restaurant. This table had the best chairs, beautiful candles, basically it was a step up from the rest of the restaurant.
Once seated, She started to ask me more questions: Such as, where i worked, what i did for a living, who my family was, etc… We were seated at about 9:00 pm and the questions started shortly thereafter. As before, i was an answering machine, i gave the most truthful answers a person could give.
Soon i forgot everything She had previously asked. Her very last question to me was. “So kevin, what would you do in order to win My affection?”
i responded with a resounding, “Anything You want.”
“Good.” She replied.
i looked down at my watch and it was now 9:15 pm. i was thinking had we ordered our food yet?
Apparently we had, because the waiter brought out our salads. When the waiter was done he left and She said, “This is what I want you to do.”
She reached in to Her purse and pulled out a pair of Hot Pink Silk Panties.
i was thinking “wow,” as they shimmered in the low light in front of my eyes. i bet they would be soft and smooth stroking up and down the shaft of my erection. my eyes were huge, looking at the Hot Pink Silk Panties and then glancing into Her sapphire blue eyes.
She said, “kevin, how do they look?”
“Excellent,” i said.
“Good, now you will take these Hot Pink Panties and walk slowly to the men’s restroom. When you get there, you will take your shoes and pants off. Then you will slide off your underwear and place your underwear in the trash can.
At this point you will be standing there naked. you will then take the Hot Pink Panties and slide them on, over your penis and testicles. Then you will put your pants back on, do not button them right away. First, put your shoes and socks on and then button your pants, but do not zip them up. Push on the head of your penis which will be completely wrapped in the Hot Pink Panties and push it under your button. Now pull your balls out through the opening where your zipper is down also. Now look at yourself in the mirror. your penis and balls will be covered in these wonderful Silky Panties and they will be sticking out through the hole in the front of your pants. you will do this to please Me and win My affection. When you see yourself you will also feel very good about yourself and what you have done. you will then walk out of the restroom with your Hot Pink Silk covered penis and quickly return to My table. Once you start you will not stop!……… Even if someone walks into the restroom while you are changing you will proceed as instructed. Understood.”
“Yes.” i said.
She then held the Hot Pink Panties out in front of my face by the waist band and i reached for them slowly. i had
them in my hands, my heart racing, I knew i just had to please Her! i stood up out of my chair with the Hot Pink
Silky Panties in my hand. i walked slowly towards the restroom. my cock rock hard, like it was crying to be
set free and the Panties were trying to answer it. Telling it soon you will feel good.
While i was walking slowly to the door it seemed like the walk would last forever. i felt like a young boy who was
told by his Mother to go and find his own switch so that She could punish him well. As the punishee, th boy really does not want the search for the switch to end!
Not only did She tell him to get a good switch, one pliable and snappy, but that She was going to give him an innumerable number of licks with it! However, the young boy must return……he has no choice, his Mother controls him.
In real time i didn’t want the walk to necessarily end either. However, it was not for the same reasons. i didn’t want it to end because i was looking forward to what i was going to get, savoring the anticipation. i was scared, and nervous, but i was willing to let myself be taken by Her; i was not able to stop myself from being taken by Her.
i was now approaching the restroom door. i opened it and proceeded inside. Here, i felt that i would seal
my fate, although, i would once again forget that all this ever happened.

To be continued…..