The Magnificent Mistress was returning to Her palatial residence after an evening of dancing, domination and male degradation. As She pulled Her powerful sports car into the garage, She realized that someone was already there! Her high-tech alarm system even told Her which room the burglar was in!

She was, of course, curious as to who would have the courage to take the chance to burglarize the home of the neighborhood s acknowledged Hypnotic Highness.

After She had quietly climbed the steps to Her private bedroom She peeked in and discovered James Wilson, an attractive, young man who had just moved into the neighborhood a couple of weeks earlier. She had noticed that he like all males had been watching Her very intently as She jogged by his house on Her morning run but She didn’t think he was so infatuated with Her that he would break into Her home.

But then She noticed what he was doing. He had found Her lingerie drawer and was fondling Her sexy panties. A confident smile crossed Marquesa s flawlessly beautiful face. Usually She had to make some effort to pick a helpless male to enslave but now they were breaking into Her home to surrender to Her irresistible powers.

While Wilson was occupied rubbing the soft, silky garments across his face, She reached down and removed Her freshly-worn panties. She had exerted so much energy during the evening s activities that the purple underwear was wet with perspiration and fragrant with Her most intimate feminine scents!

Silently, She snuck up behind the preoccupied man and placed the highly erotic garment against his sensitized nose as She stood behind him. Then She whispered softly into his ear using the compelling, honey-smooth voice that had captivated so many before him.

Do you like My panties, Wilson? They smell so-o-o good . . . with each breath you take you drift deeper and deeper under My control.

What was happening . . . he wasn’t sure . . . but inhaling that powerful, controlling fragrance made him want to agree with those simple, yet compelling, suggestions. he nodded in agreement.

With each deep breath you become weaker and weaker . . . so weak you find it hard to think . . . to concentrate. Don t even try to think, wilson . . . just accept what I say . . . accept . . . accept. . . .

Accept, he agreed.

Now you are totally relaxed and receptive to My commands as you continue to inhale deeply and listen to My dominant, controlling, sensuous voice.

The Mistress continued to hold the fragrant panties over the nose of the young man as he nodded his continued agreement with Her.

your will to resist Me is deserting you now . . . you have no will of your own now . . . My will has become your will . . . you hear only My lovely soothing, sexy voice

. . . smell only the scent of My powerful sex . . . you have fallen under the spell of the fragrance on the soft, silky panties . . . My fragrance . . . My spell!

She pushed the crotch of the silken garment more firmly against his nose. Gently, She turned the would-be burglar around so he faced Her.

Now tell Me why you are here, wilson truthfully you know you can t lie to Me.

i ve seen you run by my house every morning and i thought you were the most beautiful woman i had ever seen. i broke in to steal your underwear or maybe a pair of Your shoes to make them mine, he answered.

But what have you learned, wilson? She asked.

That i cannot make them or You mine. That i love Your fragrance . . . Your voice . . . You . . . .

The Marquesa laughed in his face. Good boy! you re a fast learner! She said as She placed Her lovely hands on his shoulders, forcing him to his knees before Her.

Now think about this: what do you now want of Me?

The kneeling man hesitated for only a second and said, i want to be Your slave if you will allow me the privilege of serving You.

The Marquesa lost Her smile and gentle voice and barked orders to the enslaved man. Well, you jerk-off, breaking into My house is no way to show it! Drag your worthless ass over to that closet and open it!

Still on his knees, wilson crawled to the closet and opened the door. On display were dozens of whips and canes and seemingly hundreds of restraint devices. Ropes, chains, hand cuffs and some instruments he had never seen before were all neatly displayed.

The Mistress pointed a lovely finger at a particularly large cane and barked a command: Bring that one to Me, boy! Crawl, you prick! Crawl back here before Me and strip, My little sex toy!

Her new slut slave obeyed.

Hand Me the cane!

The air whistled as She used the cane to whip the kneeling man his first whipping as the obedient slave of his new Mistress. Carefully, She came down with blow after blow each inflicting great pain and leaving a red mark across his back and ass. So skillful was She that not even the slightest cut appeared and no blood was drawn. No organ was injured and no permanent harm was inflicted . . . but! The pain was intense! Even in his sex-scent-induced trance he started to shake as each blow struck home.

Quietly at first, then with great sobs, he began to cry something he had not done since he was a little boy.

Now you can clean My shoes with your tongue, She told him and he enthusiastically slurped at Her black high-heeled shoes.

Never again will you be allowed an orgasm until you have pampered and worshiped the Female you are with. And you must obey Her every command until She allows you to stop. Then as She smiled at him, She added, And no, you will not be so fortunate today, My pet.

Looking down at him, She continued. you know, wilson, I am in charge of your life now. Just like the second dog in a sled team, you will never lead again. But I guess, in this case, the view for the second dog is not so bad, is it?

And with that She turned around and thrust Her beautiful ass in his face. Kiss it, wilson, She said. But as he reached up to touch the sexy orbs She whirled around and slapped him in the face. I said kiss not touch! Now consider who I am. I am your regal Goddess. And who you are: you are My lowly presumably-obedient, very reverent slave. Now kiss My beautiful ass very gently. you will never get such a golden opportunity again if you mess up just one more time. you have been warned!

Immediately he dropped his hands to his side. Yes Mistress, he uttered. Yes Mistress.

There is only one truth for you now wilson: you love only Me. you will serve only Me. Forever!

Yes Mistress.

he was Hers! Mistress Marquesa controlled him completely mind, body and soul. he was completely under Her power as were so many other mere males. he was trained to respond to Her fragrant panties!

he would never be able to resist Her slightest wish. Before he left and returned to his own home She placed Her purple silk panties in his pocket with the instructions that he should always keep them near him.

She watched him walk down the street in a daze. As he entered his house She

dialed his number.

Ring . . . ring . . . .

Yes, wilson here, he answered.

Take the panties out of your pocket and inhale, She whispered.

Helplessly he lifted the fragrant panty crotch to his nose and breathed in the hypnotic scent. he was again and forever more Her willing, grateful servant.

Soon I will call again wilson and you shall obey! Good-bye.

he stood, holding the phone and gazing straight ahead. Obey! Obey! Oh thank You so very much Mistress. Thank You! i shall always obey!

At that moment he entered her stable of helpless and eagerly obedient slaves. As M8 prepared to go to sleep She whispered the theme song to an old children s show It s a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . It s so exciting to be Me!