(Ring… Ring… Ring)


   Good evening Mistress, this is Pepper.

Hi!  Good evening.  How are you?

   Well… Im very good and very excited to be speaking with you.

Very good, My pet.  Ive been thinking of you and Im excited to be talking to you too.  Are you wearing your panties and chastity?

   Yes Mistress, I am.

Are they your pretty pink panties?

   Yes Mistress, they are my favorite pair of pink satin panties.

Are you still completely shaved for Me?

   Yes Mistress.  I shaved myself for you again today.  I did an especially careful job.  I am very smooth for you.

Very good, My slave.  And does it feel very sexy and erotic to be shaved for Me?

   Oh Yes, Mistress.

And does it make you feel very submissive to Me to be shaved for Me?

   Yes it does, Mistress.

Good.  Very good, My smoothly shaved sex toy.

Do you have the key to you chastity lock handy?  I may want you to perform for Me later.

    Mistress.  I do not have it with Me right now.  I left it in another room so I would be locked for you.

Very good, My pet.  But I want you to go get it right now. 

   Yes, Mistress.  Ill get it.  (moments of silence)

   Im back, Mistress.  I have the key.

Very good, My pet.  Keep it near you, but do not unlock your chastity yet. 

Are you ready to be deeply hypnotized and submit more deeply to My will?

    Yes, mistress.  That is what I long for.

I know you do, My pet.  You long to hear My sultry voice and succumb and obey My loving commands.

Thats Right. 

Now… Lie back, close your eyes, relax, and listen to Me.  You must close your eyes and obey My commands and suggestions.

   Yes Mistress.  I will obey.

Relax.  Relax.  Relax and listen to My soothing, sexy, velveteen voice.

My voice seduces you.  My voice entrances you.  My voice enslaves you.

You want to listen to My voice and obey My commands.

You want to listen to My voice and obey Me and succumb to My hypnotic love spell.

You need to obey Me and succumb to My hypnotic love spell.

It feels so good to you when you obey Me. 

Obedience is so very pleasurable.

Obey Me now. 

Take three deep breaths as you listen to Me.

  (Breathing deeply)

Very Good My pretty little pink panty pet Pepper.

Now, Relax.  Relax and let your mind go blank

  (Breathing deeply)

Blank… Blank…

You have no thoughts in your increasingly blank mind.

No thoughts.

No thought at all.

  (Breathing deeply)

There is only My voice.

My voice. 

My velveteen, oh so sexy voice.

You love My voice. 

It is so special to you. 

It fills your mind and you obey My voice.

My voice fills the void in your empty mind with My very special thoughts and instructions Relax and submit to Me. 

Relax and submit to Me, Pepper. 

You have no will. 

You have no will.

There is only My will, and My will is stronger than your will.

My will is stronger than your will and you will submit to My thoughts.

Relax and go deep into hypnotic submission to your powerful and beautiful Mistress.

Relax and go deeper… Deeper

Deeper than ever into hypnotic submission to Me, and only to Me.

Deeper, Pepper.  Go Deeper and deeper. 

You love being hypnotized by Me dont you, darling Pepper.

  Yes, Mistress.

You love your Mistress, dont you darling Pepper.

  Oh, yes Mistress.

You want to obey Me. 

You need to obey Me, dont you darling Pepper

  Yes Mistress

Good… Very good

You love and desire your mistress, and you obey her commands and suggestions You are My slave. 

My sex slave and My sex toy. 

You need to be My sex slave.

You are My obedient panty slave, My hot little Pepper. 

Obedience brings you pleasure; and pleasure makes you crave to be more obedient.

Obedience brings you pleasure; and pleasure makes you crave to be more obedient.

Obey Me, My little sex toy.

Touch your panties Pepper.

Touch your pretty pink panties for Me.

It feels so good to feel your panties touching your balls.

It feels so good to be in your chastity and you pretty pink panties for your Mistress.

You love being in your chastity and panties for Me.

You love Me, and only Me, Pepper

Play with your chastity, Pepper.

Play with your chastity and make yourself as large as you can in it.

Fill your chastity with your swelling cock for Mistress Marquesa, My little sex slave.

It feels so good to fill you chastity for your Mistress.

You want to fill your chastity and feel the pain of being denied by it for your Mistress.

The pain of denial feels so good to you.

The pain of denial is so pleasurable.

Play with your chastity.  Play with it.

Pull it, My little hot Pepper. 

Push it, My little panty slave. 

Make yourself fill it for Me. 

Make yourself sexually suffer for Me.  Ha! Ha! Ha! 

Now, I want you to visualize, to picture in your mind… You are kneeling before Me in only your very frilly pink panties.

You are not wearing your chastity in your dream.

You are kneeling before Me, your Queen.

Your Queen sits on Her throne-like chair, facing you, commanding your obedience.

You can see My thigh high, impeccably polished, black leather boots and the lacy tops of My thigh high black nylon stockings peeking out above My boots. 

They excite you.  They arouse you. They are so powerful. 

You are weak before My regal visage.

You can also see the soft, black leather mini skirt that I am wearing, and My shiny black satin corset, which perfectly outlines My very feminine curves and supports and accentuates My magnificent, creamy white breasts.

I am magnificent.

You are powerless before Me.

You are weak, so very weak before Me and powerless to resist My overpowering sexuality.

Powerless to resist.

You cant resist.  You dont want to resist.

You must Surrender.

Surrender to your Mistress.

Thats right.

As I spread My legs, just a bit, you are given a glimpse of your fondest desire. 

You see that which you desire and dream about so very much.

You see, between My hypnotically sexy legs, the crotch of My tight, shinny, black satin panties.

The panties that you want to worship so very much. 

The panties that cover My powerful and so hypnotically aromatic pleasure portal.

The panties that so beautifully outline My dominating pussy.

My pussy dominates you.

My pussy controls you.

You are helpless before Me, and My black satin clad pussy.

You are helpless before My black satin panties.

You crave to worship them.

You crave to worship Me.

You need to obey the commands they give you.

Thats right.

The panties that cover the very core of My feminine power over you.

The power that I have, and for which you will do anything that I command you to do.

Anything, Pepper.

Mmmmm… So very good!

Your enflamed and extremely aroused cock is spilling sissy tears into your pretty pink panties in tribute to Me, and as a measure of My domination over you.

You Love being dominated by Me.

You love being totally dominated by your Mistress.

You want to be dominated by Me, more and more; every day, every minute, every second that you exist you crave My domination.

Domination by your loving and most potently powerful Mistress, Marquesa.

Obey Me.  Obey Me Now!  Obey Me Always!  Ha! Ha! Ha!

Now, Pepper… I want you to crawl to Me on your knees and prepare yourself to worship My divine panties.  

Crawl to Me Pepper, now

Crawl to you Mistress and worship Her prevalently powerful panties.

Very good.

Now, as you kneel before your all powerful Goddess, I want you to imagine that you are stroking your fully erect and copiously leaking cock for Me through your pink panties. 

Stroke yourself Pepper.

Stroke yourself through your pretty pink panties.

Stroking your panties feels so good.

Leak more sissy tears into your panties for Mistress.

Make your cock cry its submission to Mistress into your pink sissy panties.

Stroke yourself because your all powerful Goddess commands it of you.

Feel how good your pink panties feel as you stroke your shaved crotch for Me.

It feels soooo Good.

Going deeper and deeper into Surrender for your Mistress.

Going deeper and deeper into Hypnotic Surrender; for Me.

Continue to stroke your pink panty covered cock as you lean slowly forward and place a loving kiss on the toe of each of My sexy boots.

Very good, My slave.

Again; kiss the toe of each of My boots.

Now rise up and place a loving kiss on the lace top of each of My nylon stockings, on the inside of My thighs.

Oh!  Very nice, slave boy.  So gentle.  So loving.

Thats right.

Now, Pepper… As I spread My beautiful legs even wider for you, I command you to rub your face in My provocative and powerful panties.

Rub your whole face in My panties and stroke yourself in your pink panties.

Rub your face into My provocative, powerful panties, deeper and deeper.

Deeper and deeper.

Feel how heavenly it is to have My warm moist panties gliding all over your face.

It makes you feel even more submissive.

Smear My powerful feminine essence all over your face as you inhale deeply to drink in My powerfully hypnotic scent.

My scent.  My delicate and yet all powerful, feminine, and compelling scent.

So very feminine, So desirable.  So intoxicating.  So addicting.

The scent of your Mistress is now all over your face, My panty whipped little sissy slave.

The scent of your all powerful Mistress is within you and becoming a physical part of you.

It is becoming a part of your very being. 

A part of your heart. 

A part of your mind. 

A part of your DNA.

Controlling you from within the very cellular structure of your being.

The scent of your Mistress has overpowered you.

The scent of your Mistress has addicted you.

The scent of your Mistress has enslaved you.

Enslaved you, so you will always and everlastingly obey you Mistress.

You obey every command Mistress gives you through Her scent.

You love My panties.

You love My panties.

You love the warm wetness of them all over your face.

You love their scent, inhaling it again and again deeply into you.

You love being a slave to My panties.

Now My little panty sissy Pepper… Kiss My panties.

Longingly and Lovingly kiss the object of your pink panty induced lust.

Kiss the panties that you crave so much and that make you so weak in their presence.

Kiss them again and again, My darling panty slave.

Kiss them, Pepper.

Kiss them again and again and again.

Mmmmm… That feels nice. 

Your kisses are so gentle, and I can feel your love for me in them.

Love Me Pepper, and Love My Panties with your kisses.

Mistress is pleased with her obedient panty slave.

Such a good panty kissing slave boy.

Such a good panty kissing sissy slave boy.

Now, panty slave Pepper… Lick My panties.

Lick them over and over again.

Spread your tongue out and lustfully lick My panty covered crotch from My panty covered ass to the top of My panty clad pussy.

Do it again and again

Over and over.

Lick My panties, slave boy.

You want this so much.

You need this so much.

You crave and desire so much to be on your knees, passionately and feverishly licking Mistress black satin panties.

You need to be on your knees licking and kissing your Mistress panties because it makes you feel so good, so submissive, so obedient, so sexually excited, so loving toward your Mistress.

You love being on your knees and being used by your Mistress as Her personal pleasure slave and for Her personal sexual satisfaction.

You love being your Mistress mindless sex toy.

You Love being Mistress Marquesas mindless sex toy and drone.

You will pleasure Me in any way that I command you.

You will do anything I command to please me.

You obey your Mistress mindlessly.

It makes you very happy to obey Mistress Marquesa.

You feel so very happy and sexually excited to obey Mistress Marquesa.

Lick Me slave boy.

Lick Me over and over again.

Keep licking My panties and stroking yours.

Dont stop.

Lick Me until I cum into My black satin panties and on to your face.

Lick Me Pepper.

I want to cum on to your face.

I want My cum smeared all over your sissy slave face.

To mark you as My own.

To mark you as My own panty trained pussy whipped slave toy.

To mark you as My property.

To mark My ownership of you and your sex.

You need My cum on your face.

You need My cum on your face.

You crave to have My hot cum all over your face.

You need My ownership.

You need My mark of My ownership of your sex.

You desire My ownership, more and more.

Every minute of every day, you crave My ownership of your sex.

Keep licking your owners panties, sweet panty slave Pepper.

Lick Me until I cum on your face, My pretty little pink panty whipped slave boy.

Lick Me until I mark you as My property.

Ah, yes.

You need My cum smeared all over your face.

Keep licking Pepper




Ah!  Ah!

Lick My clit through My soaking panties, My obedient little panty boy.

Lick and flick your tongue over My clit, now.

Yes, Like that.

It feels so good, slave boy.

It feels so good.

Dont stop.

Ah!  Ah!  Ah!

Suck Me through the panties, Pepper

Suck My clit through My panties.

Suck and lick My clit through My panties, panty boy.

You are My good little panty licking submissive sissy panty slave, Pepper.

You will lick My panties whenever and wherever I desire it.

You need this so much.

You crave this so much.

Keep it up… Keep passionately licking My and sucking Me through My panties.

Yes!  Yes!

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Thats what I wanted, Pepper, Yes, yes!

Oh!…. Oh!

Ah!  That was very nice, slave boy.

Very nice indeed.

You are a good panty whipped slave for me.

Now, I want you to remain on your knees, but pull slightly away from me.

Im not finished enjoying your talented tongue yet.

Im going to change position so you can continue to worship me.

You want to continue to worship me, dont you My slave?

  Yes Mistress, whatever you command Mistress.

Kiss My ass, Pepper Panty Slave.

Kiss My panty covered ass and worship it as you did for My panty clad pussy.

Kiss and worship My ass.

I know you crave to worship My ass.

Thats right.

You crave to worship My black satin panty covered ass.

Little loving kisses to start with, My darling tongue slave.

Very good, My pet.

Gentle loving kisses just as before.

You love My ass, dont you, Pepper.

  Yes mistress.

You love kissing and worshiping My firm round ass.

I know you do.

It is so beautiful.

It is the most magnificent ass you have ever seen, isnt it?

  Yes Mistress.  So beautiful.

You want to kiss and lick My panty covered ass just the way you did for My panty covered pussy, dont you.

  Oh, Yes Mistress, very much.

First the right cheek, then the left.

Kiss them, My slave.

Kiss your Mistress beautiful ass cheeks.

Kiss them and keep kissing them slave boy.

  (Minutes pass)

Now, My obedient little ass kisser, place a long, loving, joyful kiss right on My ass hole.

Kiss My panty covered ass hole, Pepper.

Mmmm… So obedient.  So submissive.  So controlled by My ass.

Your loving this arent you, My pet.  Nod your head.

Now…  French kiss My ass hole.  Push My panties as far up My ass as you can.

Mmmm… So good.

Push deeper.  Deeper.

Mmmm… So nice.

I bet you you would love to lick My panty covered ass, wouldnt you.

Nod your head.

Then lick it slave boy.

Get Me hot and excited with your tongue just as you did before.

Kiss and lick and worship My beautiful round satin panty clad ass.

Thats right.

Get your tongue way up between My ass cheeks.

Push My panties deeper into My ass hole with your tongue, slave boy.

Push your face deep into the crack of My ass and lick Me deeply.

Ah yes… That feels nice.

Deeper, slave boy, Deeper.

Push your whole face into My ass and smear it around again, and again.

Now, deep licks like before, bottom to top.

Over and over again.

Make Mistress feel so good again, pretty Pepper.

Give Mistress the pleasure She deserves from you.

More deep licking.

More deep licking.

Thats right.


Very good.

You have given Me much pleasure, My pretty pink panty trained sex slave.

Was it good for you too?

  Yes, Mistress. It was very good for me.  I enjoy very much obeying You and performing as You        command.

Are you ready to cum for mistress?

  Oh, Yes… Yes Mistress.  Please let Me cum for you.  Please Mistress, Please.

I love it when you beg Me for your satisfaction and release, My slave.

I love to hear you beg Me for any pleasure you desire from me.

Oh wait… You cant cum.

Youre still in your chastity.

I guess you were doing such a good job on pleasing Me that I just forgot to have your remove it.

Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!

Poor little frustrated chastity slave Pepper.

Well, to make it up to you heres what Ill let you to do.

As soon as we hang up I want you to put on My Masturbation Companion recording and listen to it one time completely through as you play with yourself in your chastity, and relive your worship of me.

Then and only then do I allow you to remove the chastity, listen to the recording again and slowly, very slowly, stroke yourself until you release into your pretty pink panties, as you again relive your worship session.

You must fill your panties with your ejaculation.

Ill bet its a good one.

Immediately after you have so pleasurably cum into and filled your pretty pink panties with your ejaculate, I command you to e-mail Me to tell Me in great detail about your pink panty masturbation ritual. 

You Must be wearing your cum soaked panties when you do this.

I especially want to know at what part of the recording you finally came. 

Then and only after you have e-mailed Me with your description of your pink panty masturbation ritual, do I allow you to remove your cum filled and sopping panties.

If possible, I want you to sleep in your pretty pink cum filled panties and feel My control over you as you sweetly fall asleep. 

Dream of Me, My little Pepper pet.

Dream of Me controlling you, putting you in chastity and teasing you, and putting you into panties.

Dream of panties, panties, panties.

Whenever you finally remove you panties, I command that you lick all of your ejaculate out of them as a tribute to Me and to swallow all of the cum that you lick up as a ritual performance of your obedience to Me, your Mistress and Goddess.

You must then hand wash your precious pink panties like a good and obedient little panty whipped slave gurl.

When you are done cleaning your panties; I command you to immediately e-mail again Me to tell Me in great detail about your oral cleaning ritual.

You cannot refuse these commands.  You Must obey your Mistress in all things.

  Yes, Mistress. 

  I will do as You command, Mistress.

Very good, My Pet.

Call Me again soon so I can continue training you and transforming you into My perfect pink panty sissy slave gurl and house maid. 

Maybe next time Ill hypno-enthrall you into that frilly pink party dress ensemble that you like and desire so much to have Me put you into, or maybe the frilly pink satin maids uniform that you so badly seem to want to be forced to wear, with some pretty pink lingerie and stockings.

Dream about Me commanding you and forcing you to wear one of those ensorcelling pink sissy outfits and being hypnotically enthralled to perform for Me, and to serve me, your Goddess and Mistress while you wear them tonight as you go to sleep.

  Yes, Mistress.

  Whatever You wish Mistress.

  Thank You, Mistress

  I Love You, Mistress

Thank you, My darling Pepper panty slave sissy pet.

Well talk again soon.

Good Night.