Krystal via Phone


Phone Rates

20 MINUTES – $65

30 MINUTES – $100

Indescribable satisfaction you shall SEDUCTIVELY FEEL from submitting to Me. There is sensuous subtlety in My COMPELLING, comPASSIONATE control. These THRILLS and much more find their fullest expression as thanks to your imagination — Imagine I stand before you and command you to lose yourself in My emerald eyes, my captivating cleavage, my voluptuous voice and…my all AROUSING feminine powers of persuasiveness. Know this to be true … For Me every session is about you and I TOGETHER reveling in mutual, mind-blowing pleasure!
My always enjoyable responsibility is to help you feel comfortable as we explore and indulge your secret desires.
I have a treasure trove of XQUISITE equipment and TANTALIZING toys..perhaps you do also… ready and waiting. If you possess an experimental side, I’ll coax it to come out and play with Me.


Hello, My fantastique phone–fan-tasizer:

+ Set yourself up with My PHONE SESSIONS PREPAYMENT option and **SCHEDULE OUR PHONE TIME**

+ Thanks to My SAFE AND SECURE {NOBODY EVER SEES YOUR ENCRYPTED FINANCIAL INFO} phone sessions prepayment option, We can do it enthrallingly when our schedules mesh and you’re ready to yield to your SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE DESIRE for Me to telephonically titillate you.

* After you’ve prepaid for Our enthralling electronic encounter, to arrange Our spellbinding session time you can:

++ Call Me at 727-307-3875

Between 9A:M: – 11P:M East Coast Time.
++ Email Me at  —

Each time you and I share some hypno–phone-tastic thrills, I will reward you with a free recording with a purchase price of up to $19.99.

RelaxnoDomme Lady Krystal Mesmer