As I drove my rental car into the entrance of the well-groomed Southern Californian gated community my heart pounded. I had dreamed of this encounter for years. Now that it was about to happen, the reality threatened to overwhelm me. I struggled to maintain an even grip on the steering wheel as I piloted the car to the house I sought, past neatly trimmed lawns and ducks floating in picturesque ponds.

I don’t remember arriving at the house or parking the car. Somehow I found myself on her stoop, and knocked on her door. One minute passed. Then two. Finally a sound…footsteps. The door opened, and my heart stopped beating.

Goddess Marquesa stood in the doorway. She wore a blouse of see-through gossamer black silk, under which her magnificent breasts were cupped in a black lace bra. Her long, shapely legs were sheathed in black lace leggings, under which could be seen a sheer black satin thong. Her perfect feet were set in stiletto heels that tapped alluringly against the hardwood floors whenever she moved.

“You’re right on time. I like that in a slave,” she declared in a voice I knew as well as my own.

“Th…thank You, Goddess,” I stuttered. I had first seen Her video, “Submit to Marquesa,” more than three years before. Since that moment my obsession for her had deepened and grown. I had fantasized about her day and night, yearning for her, worshiping her from afar.  It had taken this long for me to find the opportunity to fly from the East Coast and make an appointment to see Goddess Marquesa in person. Now that my long wait had finally, ended, however, I was at a loss. Being near her was intoxicating. I was unprepared for the sheer assault of her beauty, her raw sex appeal.

“Come in, my pawn,” she purred, gesturing for me to enter. I step across her threshold and looked deep into her cool green eyes. Though I towered over her, her gaze was so commanding that I felt dwarfed by her presence. She extended her hand to be kissed. I took it gingerly in my own and trembled as I bent low to press my lips against her skin, eliciting a soft but musical laugh from her.

Taking back her hand, she led me into her parlor and turned, hands on hips. The gust of air that followed her lithe movements sent her perfume wafting around me, disorienting me with its bouquet.

“Strip naked for me,” she commanded, “I want to see my property.”

After a moment of hesitation I complied without complaint, placing my clothes neatly on a chair to which she pointed. When I was finally bare I stood before her, abashed at my obvious imperfection.

She commanded me to turn around by making a spinning motion with her index finger. I did so, slowly, so that she might regard my frame.

“You are physically very mediocre, pawn,” Goddess Marquesa remarked.

“Everyone is mediocre next to you, Goddess,” I objected.

“True,” she replied, “but flattery won’t help you here. You’re a second- or third-rate specimen even set next to my other slaves. Quite a disappointment.”

“I’m sorry, Goddess,” I pleaded. Though I was genuinely crestfallen, my cock remained rock hard and vertical. In fact, it became even more painfully erect under her withering gaze. Even her derision turned me on.

“An apology won’t be enough.”

“Goddess?” I blurted foolishly, surprised.

“Your arrogance must be punished,” she declared. My face continued to broadcast dumb incomprehension, so she continued. “Did you think that you could make me a character in your stories without suffering the consequences?”

“But I thought my stories please You,” I pleaded.

“They do. But that doesn’t make your presumption any less flagrant. For years you’ve felt very satisfied with yourself for serving Me, haven’t you?”

“No…” I began to object.

“Then it’s true, you weren’t serving Me?”

“Yes…I mean no…I mean…yes, I try to serve You…”

“So you feel I owe you something? You feel like a big man because you have cast Me in your own private fantasies?”

“Please…” I croaked out in an attempt to beg. After this one utterance my mouth spasmed silently; I desired to speak but could find no words.

“Stop being pathetic,” the Goddess commanded. “Get on your hands and knees and take your punishment like a man.”

I assumed the posture she ordered. She walked to a closet on one side of the parlor and produced from it a thin bamboo cane. “This will please Me as much as it hurts you,” she observed. “First I want to hear you beg.”

“Beg for what?” I asked.

Her cane came across my ass, thwack! sending searing pain shooting throughout my body.

“Idiot!” she scolded. “Beg to be punished!”

“Please, Goddess,” I blurted, ashamed, “please punish me!”

“For what?” Thwack! The cane came down across my ass again like lightening.

“For my arrogance,” I replied, “for presuming to write stories about You.”

“And what are you?” Thwack!

“I am Your pawn!” I cried, hoping to find the answers that would stop the pain.

“What are you?” Thwack!

“I am whatever You say I am!” I ventured, desperately.

“You are a worm, say it!” Thwack!

“I am a worm, Goddess!”

“Again!” Thwack!

“I am a worm, Goddess!”

“And where are you?” Thwack!

Tears were streaming from my eyes. I couldn’t think clearly. “I am in Your house, Goddess!” As soon as I said it I knew it was the wrong answer.

Thwack! “Idiot! Where are you relative to Me?”

I hesitated, collecting my thoughts. I sensed that this was a kind of Zen koan. If I could answer it right the beating might stop.

Thwack! “Answer, worm!”

“I am beneath You, Goddess!”

“That is right, pawn,” she said, her tone gentle even soothing. The cane touched my ass again, but this time it was a caress. I could feel the welts she had raised as the cane moved over bruised skin.

“Thank Me for correcting you,” she commanded, placing the tip of the cane in front of my face.

I understood. Leaning forward, I kissed the offered cane. “Thank You, Goddess,” I said, my voice husky with passion and relief.

The Goddess walked around me leisurely as I waited, still on hands and knees. When she had circled me twice she took several paces and stood about five feet from my face, directly in front of me, her legs splayed and her hands on top of her planted cane, like an Amazon warrior surveying her captive.

“Look at My legs, slave,” she commanded.

My eyes had been drawn to her legs as if to a magnet even before she spoke. Despite the lingering pain of the beating I had just received, the sight of her made my heart soar and my soul burn.

“Is there anything in this world that you find more alluring than My legs?”

“No, Goddess.” It was the truest answer I had ever given.

“Is there any space in the universe that you think about more than the surface of My thighs?”

“No, Goddess.” It was like she could read my mind. Since I had first caught a glimpse of her image, my mind had been drawn back to her gorgeous thighs again and again and again…

“I am ready to receive your worship, slave boy. Crawl forward until your head is between my knees,” she commanded, moving the cane aside to make way for my scuttling form.

I did as she commanded, and waited obediently, head bowed, exquisitely sensible of being between the legs that had haunted my dreams for so long.

“Beginning at my left ankle, press your open mouth against the inside of my foot and work your way up my calf. You are not to use your tongue or pucker your lips in a kiss. Simply let your open lips brush against me and savor the nearness of my body. Remember to keep breathing as you go.”

I did as she commanded, inching slowly up her foot and calf, raising myself on my hands as I climbed, exulting in the shape and texture of her flesh. The sensation of touching her this way made me euphoric, as if I had just been dosed with a powerful drug. I was tempted to plant a kiss in the hollow of her knee but refrained in obedience to her will, and felt my heart begin to pound as if it would break out of my chest as my lips glided slowly over the flesh of her inner thigh.

“Stop,” she commanded as I reached the seam in her stockings just over the spot where her thong covered her pussy. “Stay right there, slave boy. Breathe Me in deeply. Fill your lungs with My essence.”

I did so, relishing the scent of her pussy as it filled my nostrils. The temptation became too great, my tongue flicked out to lick the seam of her crotch.

Thwack! “No tongue, slave!” she warned. “Don’t make me expel you for disobedience.”

“No, Goddess…please…” I whimpered.

“Silence! Stay still and inhale…keep breathing Me in….My scent is penetrating into your mind….your soul. Can you feel it?

“Yes, Goddess.”

“Good. Let it seep deep into the darkest recesses of your unconscious, where it will haunt you forever. Say you understand and obey.”

“I understand and obey,” I replied, drawing her into my lungs involuntarily as I spoke.

After several more breaths, she commanded, “Continue your worship, pawn. Work your way down My right leg to My other ankle.”

I did as commanded, head reeling with delirious pleasure. When I reached her right  ankle she summoned me, “Place a kiss here,” pointing to a spot on the inner thigh of her left leg. I did so, faint with ecstasy as my lips tasted the silk lace and felt the firm resistance of her flesh. “Now kiss me here,” she commanded, using her cane to indicate a spot on her right calf. This order I likewise carried out with alacrity, again filled with feelings of rapture.

As I remained groveling, Goddess Marquesa returned her cane to its closet, then walked back to me.

“Up, slave,” she directed with a snap of her fingers.

I rose and, obeying her gestures, followed her into an adjoining room. This was a space set up for hypnosis.

“It is time to entrance you,” she declared, pointing to a reclining couch like the ones used in psychologists’ offices at one side of the room. “Lie down,” she commanded.

I did so, and she took up station in a chair directly beside the couch, turned so that she was looking down on me, and I up at her, with a full view of her legs, torso, and face.

“Relax, pawn,” she commanded, and my muscles complied spontaneously, already long conditioned from videos and phone sessions to obeying her voice. “Look into my eyes. Focus on my voice. You can feel the tension throughout your body melting away. Your heartbeat is slowing down. Your shoulders, neck, and scalp feel very loose, very comfortable. All down your back you feel a mellow heat, making the sinews and tendons slacken pleasurably. You feel like you are floating in a haze of complete relaxation. Your mind is unclenching. Opening to me like a flower to the rain. Say, ‘Yes, Goddess.’”

“Yes, Goddess.” It was my voice, but I heard it as if someone else had said it.

“Good. You are feeling sleepy now. Your eyes are getting heavy. Close them.”

I closed my eyes. I was adrift on a cloud of bliss, the only realities my own happiness and Her Voice.

“I am going to count back from five. With each count you are going to go deeper into trance. Five…You are going ten times more deeply into trance….Four…. you are completely entranced, completely in thrall to My voice ….Three….Your whole body is heavy, you have no thoughts but the words I speak….Two….Deeper and deeper…..One….You are completely relaxed. Completely in My power. Now…open your eyes.”

She filled my vision as my eyes opened. The air around her seemed to shimmer as if she were lit by a halo. Her eyes captured mine and held them spellbound.

“Masturbate for me,” she commanded.

I grabbed my ramrod-stiff cock and stroked, gazing into her eyes all the while.

“You feel yourself coming to the edge of orgasm,” she declared, “but you will not cum until I command it, because My will is stronger than your will. Say it.”

“Your will is stronger than my will, Goddess.”

“Good. Now I am going to lead you through a guided contemplation, My pawn. First I want you to think about all of My qualities of mind. My intelligence. My creativity. My passionate playfulness. My decadent imagination. My mischievous use of language. My wicked wiliness. Are you picturing them?”

“Yes, Goddess,” I replied.

“What do they make you feel?”

“Adoration. Worship.” The words bubbled from the depths of my psyche without conscious effort.

“That’s right,” the Goddess said, her tone satisfied. “Very good. Let those feelings soak in deeper, deeper, deeper into the unconscious recesses of your mind where you recall the scent of my pussy. From now on any experience of My mind will evoke the pleasure of kneeling beneath me, sniffing my pussy. Tell me so.”

“From now on any experience of Your mind will make me remember the scent of Your pussy, Goddess.”

“Good. Next I want you to think about My moral character. My strength. My honesty. My integrity. My mercy. Are you picturing them?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“I am a far superior person to you, am I not?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“How does knowing that make you feel?”

“It makes me grateful to You. It makes me love You, Goddess,” I replied.

“Very good,” Goddess Marquesa declared. “You can feel that gratitude and love growing. As you listen to My voice, you can sense that You love me twice as much as you did before you were entranced. Say it.”

“I love You twice as much as before, Goddess.”

“Excellent. Now finally, pawn, I want you to run Your eyes over My body,” the Goddess instructed. “Begin at my feet, work your way up my legs.”

My gaze followed the course She laid out, tears of longing pooling in the corners of my eyes.

“The sight of My legs makes you ache to caress them, to plant kisses along the length of My calves and thighs. Say it.”

“I need to caress Your legs, Goddess. I need to plant kisses along the length of Your calves and thighs.”

“Good. Now run your eyes over My waist, My stomach, and let them linger on My breasts. You long to cup My breasts in your hands, to knead them with your fingers, to hold my nipples in Your mouth and feel them engorge with pleasure. Say it.”

“I need to fondle Your breasts and suck Your nipples, Goddess.”

“Good. Now look at My mouth. Watch My lips and tongue as I form My words. You would give anything to taste My mouth, to feel My breath mingle with yours. Say it.”

“I need to kiss You, Goddess.”

“Very good. Finally, look into My eyes, slave boy.” I obeyed. “You can feel all of these yearnings for Me intensifying. However much time you have spent fantasizing about My body, you will spend twice as much time from now on. Say it.”

“I will spend twice as much time fantasizing about You, Goddess.”

“Excellent,” she declared, well satisfied with her work. “You were My pawn before You lied on My couch, but when I complete My spell you will be my brainwashed, ever-enslaved, helplessly captive pleasure puppet. When I touch you, you will cum. Not merely with your cock, but with your whole being, your whole soul. That full mind-body orgasm will irrevocably rewire you, searing the conditioning I have done in this session into the fabric of your being. You will remember everything that has happened here, but be powerless to resist My programming. When you return home you will write this up into a narrative that I can use to lure other puppets like you into My decadent web. Tell Me you understand.”

“I understand, Goddess.”

“Very good. Place your left hand on My thigh.”

I did so, and aside from the joy of touching Her I felt a conduit of energy open between us, as if Her soul were flowing into mine. Her hand reached out and gently stroked my left nipple.

“Cum for me,” she commanded. I did, not just with my cock, but with my whole body and spirit. Every muscle of my body tensed in ecstasy. Bolts of lightening seemed to shoot down from my scalp, up from my toes, and inwards from the tips of my fingers, all racing toward my cock and outward, erupting into the cosmic void.

I must have passed out, because I don’t recall emerging from trance or rising from the couch. The next thing I can remember, I was prostrate on the floor at Her feet, raining kisses on Her toes, gasping, “Thank You, Goddess…thank You so much….i love You….i worship You…thank You for allowing me to be Your slave….”

The rest of my journey into Goddess Marquesa’s hypnotic realm of domination is best left unsaid unless the Goddess commands me to recount it all for her hypno-fans, subjects and readers but mostly for her own delight.

I arrived at my East Coast home two hours ago and have been writing ever since. I could not eat or sleep until I obeyed Goddess Marquesa’s command. I know that some part (some more) of my freedom has been lost, but I can have no regrets. My pilgrimage to worship Goddess Marquesa in the flesh was the greatest experience of my life. I am already planning how I might find my way back to see Her again. On some level it, doesn’t matter, however. Part of me will forever and always be at Her feet, kissing Her toes in worship, proclaiming  my love and adoration….