“Your latest video with Stacy has to be one of the most sensual ones you’ve released! The induction process is so erotic you almost want to climax upon seeing those breasts that are simply impossible to resist. The journey into erotic bliss is simply erotic in itself. I confess I have a weakness for bountiful breasts and nearly want to pleasure myself again just thinking about those big breasts hmmmmmm. The pleasure from the release is awesome and the urge to see those bountiful breasts grows stronger each moment that goes by…that I may need to see the video again and again just to be on cloud nine! The anticipation of seeing Stacy in a video is enough to make a certain part of the body jump to attention awaiting instructions on what to do next. I just saw the video again and enjoyed one of the most powerful climaxes more so than the first one I enjoyed. Seeing Stacy all hot and horny towards the end was all it took for me to explode my load, she is a beauty with healthy assets. 🙂 I look forward to the next Stacy video and the pleasure that awaits and hopefully seeing those bountiful breasts once again. 🙂 Respectfully, D.