My boyfriend has a very unique hobby, which I am proud to say I am completely responsible for. I mean, don’t get me wrong – it’s his own choice, and he’s very enthusiastic about it. But I take full credit for introducing him to the joys of wearing pantyhose, and for diligently maintaining his interest in doing it.
You see, he mostly does it at my request. Sometimes he may try to get out of it, but if I push just a little then he always gives in. I know how much joy it brings him, so I’ve taken to encouraging him to do it often, at almost every opportunity.

My boyfriend Tommy always loved to look at women’s legs and asses. Whenever we would be walking at the park, or on the beach, he would always turn his head to catch the rear view of the bikini-clad ladies as they wiggled by. He was also very appreciative of next-to-nothing spandex pants on the right body, and the sight of panty-lines was known to put him into a kind of trance.
His head-turning began to annoy me early in our relationship, but I just figured that it was part of who he was and I had to accept it. I had no idea how to proceed, since it really did bother me even though the sex we had was still great.

One day I decided to tease him into submission. I wore the tiniest little spandex shorts I could find, sheer-to-waist nude pantyhose and some very sexy pumps of the sort that are particularly easy to walk in. I made especially certain that my pretty panty-lines were visible through my shorts from all the right angles.
I wanted to go out with him for a walk in the park, but he didn’t want to go. I asked him, “Do you think I should go alone, then? Don’t you think I would get stared at?” As I said that I wiggled around to give him a good view.
As expected, as he looked me over I could see an erection develop. His breathing slowed down and he started touching himself.
“I said, do you really think I should go alone, looking like this?”
He still didn’t answer, but kept looking and touching himself.
“Do you like the way I look, Tommy?” I asked gently. “Do you think I’m sexy?”
He nodded.
“Look at my pretty legs and tushie, Tommy. Do you like them?”
He nodded and said “Uh-huh.”
I could see from the look on his face that he was already falling into his usual trance, and I made my move. “I bet you’d like to kiss my ass now, wouldn’t you Tommy? Tell me if that’s something you’d really love to do.”
“I’d love to kiss your ass right now, Gina.”
“Then by all means, go ahead my darling. Kiss me to your heart’s content.” As I bent over a bit to give him better access to my panty-covered ass, he nuzzled his mouth and nose right up in there and began kissing.

By the end of our first session, I had turned Tommy’s love of the feminine sex into a weapon I could use to control him. He admitted that deep down in his heart he always wanted me to take control, and that he wanted to be my sex toy. He told me how much he worshipped my lovely legs and my cute tushie, and that sometimes he couldn’t think of anything else but burying his face in me.

I thanked him for his honesty, and told him I would like to reward him. I told him that I’d like ‘to let him shave his legs and dress up in pantyhose for me. I told him that this would be the ultimate way to prove how much he really worshipped my feminine form, and asked him if he agreed.
He was reluctant at first.
“Think of how sexy you’d feel all wrapped up in silky-smooth spandex. You could even wear
panties underneath your shorts. You would feel almost as sexy as if you were me.”
I could see a change come over him, as he pictured himself in pantyhose. He smiled from ear to ear and closed his eyes and sighed in bliss. From that moment on, I knew he would follow every part of my plan willingly, even eagerly.
“We could go even out together, and people would see how sexy you look next to your Goddess
I could see he was a little nervous at the thought of wearing pantyhose in public, so I told
him we could take it slow. First he had to get used to the fabulous feeling of the pantyhose on his legs, before I could take it to the next level. I assured him, however, that he’d absolutely love to show off his sexy legs once he felt comfortable with the idea. I explained to him that it was great that we had a goal to work toward, and that it was just a matter of time before we reached it.

The first few private dress-up sessions went well, and I could see him learning to enjoy his sexy new legs more and more. In the beginning I had to initiate it, by softly suggesting he put on some pantyhose and show rue his sexy poses. I’d ask him to put on his L’eggs for me, and show me how sexy they were. If he hesitated, I’d bend over just a bit and show him my panty-line (or my pantyhose covered crotch, if I was wearing a skirt) and tell him to kiss my ass. Then once he was finished kissing me, I’d whisper in his ear “Now, Tommy, put on your legs for me.” And he would.
After a while of that, he eventually began dressing up on his own, and asking me to look at his pretty legs. He was so proud of them; I knew the time was right to initiate him in public pantyhose flashing.
At first, I had to accompany him each time he went out. We’d go out together, kind of like two girls out to turn heads. I’d dress him in a T-shirt, with his sexy-smooth legs covered in pantyhose, and a pair of short shorts (usually spandex). I always picked his outfit for showing off, but in return he got to pick the panties he’d wear underneath. This seemed like a reasonable arrangement to start with, especially since I had a better idea of what would look especially sexy on him.
We’d often get looks from both men and women, because many of the women would instinctively notice Tommy’s naturally masculine physique. Upon closer inspection, they’d see the nude pantyhose covering his smooth legs, and that s when they’d really stare.
‘Was it a man or a woman?’ they’d wonder. ‘And if it was a man, why would he be wearing pantyhose?’
This attention would thrill Tommy more and more, to the point where he was almost addicted to it.
He would often look for opportunities to wear pantyhose in public, even taking risks in our own neighborhood fairly often. (How often would familiar friends let themselves be caught looking at his legs; and even if they thought they saw his pantyhose, would they ever think it proper to mention it?) All this added immensely to the joy of Tommy wearing pantyhose.