He was in one of the older trains, alone in a quiet compartment, and feeling a little dozy. He had left work early in the hope that the train would be quiet.

As it pulled into one station, he saw a crowd of young girls. All were lavishly dressed in long, satin, charmeuse and velveteen gowns. All these fetching young ladies were stylishly bejewelled and clearly going to a party. Some of them were carrying bottles of some sparkling alcohol. “Oh no!” he thought as they made for his carriage.

They all got in. Confirming his worst fears, all of them were loud and raucous and slightly drunk. They hardly seemed to notice him, but he became stiff all over (Apart from one part of his anatomy), and very conscious of their presence.

“Please don’t notice me” he thought. Those who ever think that all lone males relish a crowd of young females around them should think again. He’d never felt so self conscious and alone.

As the train moved on, he began to feel sleepy again. His head kept slamming against the window. He became dimly aware of slightly mocking female laughter. A little later, he dimly heard the humming of a lullaby. Then he woke with a start to see five pairs of girlish eyes all looking at him.

“Hello sleepy head” said one. “You want a soothing, little nap, don’t you?” said another. “You want to sweeeetly drift to silken dreamland ” said a third. “You want us to lull you sooooo sweetly to dreamy bye bye land ” said another. “So sleepy!!!” said a fifth. “Sleeeepy” said the fourth. “Sleeeepy” said the third. ”Eyes heavy ” said the fourth (First?) “Tenderly closing like soft, silky gloves enveloping you, my little, sleepy baby ” said the third ” (Second?). “tired, resting, sleeeeeeping , slllleepy, little booooyyy” said another. “Want to lay across our lappps.” “Want to lie down and sleeep.”

He suddenly felt five sets of soothingly teasing fingers massaging his neck and stroking the tender, sensual part of his fingers. He felt his body let loose. He felt himself freefall across at least four satin and velvet clad pairs of legs.

“Cloosse your eyes, close your eeeyes, close your eyyyes, closse your eyes , close your eyyes …” Their voices were like the most beautiful, soothing, soporific refrain he had ever heard. He could resist their bewitchments no longer. He succumbed and snuggled into their laps. He was in their powers and at their mercy. As if in a dream world, he felt a collection of numerous, gentle fingers across his face and neck……

He awoke naked at some railhead somewhere. The clank of rail-trucks abused his ears. A guard laughed as he entered the carriage.

“Had a bit too much to drink, sir?” he said.

“No,” he thought, “I’ve been relaxingly railroaded”.