Rainy Day Goddess


Are You a woman? A Goddess?

No more or less

Than both the same

In one fair frame.

How could light so Divine

Sparkle and shine

But from a woman’s heart?

Though we’re apart

i bask in its light.

Even at night

Lying in bed

All through my head

Your radiance seeps.

As my heart sleeps,

You fill its space.

Yet Your sweet face

Is sometimes marked by pain,

And so falls rain

Into my soul.

Let me enfold

You in my arms so tender

And let them render

Your hurt my own.

The seeds of love You’ve sown

Flower daily each anew

Watered by Your words, like dew

Upon the soil of my passion.

And in such fashion

You walk the world, its Queen

Such as was never seen.

A woman, yes, Who aches

Whose heart breaks

For the world so cruel and cold,

Yet One as bold

As Kali in Your dance,

Upon Shiva, entranced

Your foot upon his throat,

Your whirling hands afloat

Your victory complete

Your triumph full and sweet.

Take heart, Fair Divine

Whether Yours, or mine

Both belong to You

And as You do

Know that You are not Alone

Your light has ever shone

On thousands near and far

For whom You are their Star.

Both Your joy and sorrow

Create a new tomorrow

That is ever Yours

But opens new doors

Through which the myriads stream,

Enchanted in love’s dream.