Do You Crave PantiesI once heard it said that when Congress is in session, you will find far more panties being worn than can be accounted for by female members alone.

The same has been said of the “world’s most powerful boys club:” The United States Senate.

Now just why do you think that is?

Could it be that panties feel better? Look better? Smell better? Taste better?

Goddess is going to generalize here: Men are captivated by panties, bras and nylons because they are defining female garments. They are touched with a feminine magic that no heterosexual man can resist.

To one degree or another, every man has a fetish for lingerie. Most hold their fetishes at bay; others, Inraptured members, for example, embrace their fetishes and enjoy them. Panties become pussies; bras become breasts; nylons become legs.

There is something very sweet about a man who slips on a pair of panties for the very first time. There’s the massive initial erection, of course, which I enjoy, as it gives Me incredible power over the slave thus “afflicted.” Then there is the rapturous look men get as they reach down to feel how their panties feel on their butts and on their cocks. Some are even moved to tears of ecstasy.

Even out of trance, most men seem to find that wearing panties for the first time is a deliciously delirious and disorienting experience that leaves them hungering to do it again, but ashamed to admit it (which is the real shame).

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A bra is often a challenge, unless a man has an adorable set of “Buddha Boobs.” Then, with a little shopping and some proper fitting—plus a lesson on how to put on and properly wear a bra—the effect is nothing short of astonishing.   Wearing a sexy bra, a man literally cannot tear himself away from a mirror. (And if his chest is shaved, he may never take the bra off at all. LOL)

Nylons, too, can quickly enslave even the most uninterested man . . . just so long as he has a manicure and a pedicure first. I cannot help but laugh when I see a man try to put on pantyhose for the first time; most do it with all the grace of a drunk pulling on long underwear.

But when they are on properly (and a man has shaved his legs) the result is incredible: He is often speechless at how they feel when he runs his hands over them . . . when he walks . . . and when he feels the pre-cum leaking from his cock.

As one of My slaves said after I had finished dressing him, “I want to feel this way for the rest of my life.”

If you have not tried on at least a pair of panties, I want you to do so.   This is, after all, Inraptured, where such delightful behavior is both safe and encouraged.

And if you don’t think panties are for you, think again.

Think about when you are with a significant other.  Think about when she removes her bra, her panties.  Think about how you look at them sometimes, instead of her.  Ask yourself why you often pick them up and feel them . . . and rub them softly against your face and inhale them.  You do it because you are a man, and you cannot NOT do it.

Now think about what it would feel like to wear those panties . . .  What it would feel like to wear your own panties . . .  And what it would feel like to wear MY panties.

Don’t feel self conscious. Just go shopping.  A full-line department store is ideal.  Give the saleslady your hip measurements, and ask to see what she has.  But be prepared, for what you are likely to see will take your breath away.  You might even feel faint.  You may shudder nervously; you may dry swallow.  But you will live.

All you need to is pick one pair.  Just point.  The saleslady will smile and do the rest. (And if she waves them under your nose and invites you to feel them, you’ll know she knows. But that’s half the fun, isn’t it? LOL)

Just don’t get any speeding tickets on the drive home.