All he knew was that the lovely young woman he was interviewing for the secretary’s job had become the center of his world. Her name was Kia and she was a short, but very well built Asian seductress. She had been sent to him by MarquesaCo—a new temporary service recommended by one of his business associates. She had just walked into his office a few minutes before but already he could hear nothing but Her melodic voice. He was asking Her about Her skills to evaluate Her potential when She started playing with a large, multi-faceted green pendant resting between Her sumptuously beautiful, firm breasts. Her white silk blouse was unbuttoned to the third button, exposing Her lacy black bra and the warmth of Her succulent cleavage.

At first he was embarrassed, not knowing where to  look. But then, as Her pendant caught the light it  flashed and slowly drew his eyes back to the jewel and  Her half exposed breasts. Kia leaned forward and again the green stone flashed in front of Her glorious tits. She spoke to him, softly, sensuously, seductively:   “Watch the soft green light coming from deep inside My crystal… washing over you… captivating you entrancing you. Feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into My power… under My spell… deeper, deeper.”

Kia was obviously a very skilled hypnotist but he didn’t know that, or anything, he just knew he had to keep looking deep into the deep, restful crystal suspended between Her wonderfully cock-exciting breasts. He could not help but concentrate on Her soothing voice as She spoke to him. “Only My voice… only My crystal…  listen… watch…  you can’t take your eyes off the pendant, can you? It is pulling you in, further and further, deeper and deeper…  you hear only Me.”

She slowly reached back and undid the clasp of the chain which held the hypnotic crystal. She held it in one hand and let it swing as She used Her other hand to inch Her skirt up, exposing Her black silk panties. She lowered the crystal until it rested on Her puffy pussy lips, a shining dark spot slowly spreading on the silk as She became excited by how quickly the businessman was succumbing to Her erotic spell.

“I’d like you to get up from your desk and crawl to me. Kneel before Me… do it now !”

He nodded his head and started his journey toward his new owner. “Yes Kia,” he whispered.

“Yes Mistress Kia… I am your Mistress, am I not?”

“Yes Mistress Kia,” he answered.

She laced Her fingers through his hair and pulled his head toward Her panties. “Relax, My little slut-salve. Breathe deeply, inhaling My sexy, erotic scent. With each   breath you take you sink deeper under My control… weaker and weaker with each breath… you can no longer resist any command I give to you. You no longer want to resist any command I give you… you want to surrender completely to Me…  to My voice…  to My crystal…  to My panties…  surrender…  surrender.”

As She looked down at the now deeply hypnotized man She saw his eyes were open wide, staring at her pussy, inhaling Her fragrance. He was totally under her control. His head started moving closer to the wet   spot on Her panties.  “Stay, doggie boy!” She commanded.

She got up and walked to the phone on his desk and dialed a number as he continued to kneel, in the spot where She had left him, enslaved by Her smell.

“Yes Mistress Marquesa, he is fully under My influence now. If You wish to send his secretary in now, I will turn ‘the reins of power’ over.  Do you agree to the deal, to Her?” With that, the office door opened and the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa entered – cell phone in hand – followed by Carrie Wilson, the entranced man’s former secretary.

“Damn!” exclaimed Carrie, “When I refused Mr. Johnson’s sexual advances I thought my career was over.  And when he fired me I knew it was!  I’m so glad I went to MarquesaCo to get another job.  You have really helped me get revenge!”

Mistress Marquesa replied, “It’s more than revenge.  At MarquesaCo we right the wrongs men have perpetrated on women!  When he fired you for not giving him sex, he demeaned all women and we couldn’t put up with that!”

Kia has been with MarquesaCo for nearly two years now and not only is She a very experienced accountant and business woman, but I have successfully instructed Her in the art of feminine hypnosis – a skill which many of My associates at MarquesaCo have learned.” explained the Magnificent Marquesa.

When I learned of your plight I thought Kia would be the perfect female to help change our little slave’s firm into a high quality, profitable, Female-owned company.  Once Kia teaches Johnson about the finer points of his new slave-status and teaches you how to exercise the power you will soon have over him, we will leave you to run what was his company.

“In return we may, at some time in the future, ask you to help us right a wrong done to some other female.  Do you agree to the deal, Carrie?” inquired Her Hypnotic Highness, Marquesa.

“Oh yes,” Carrie replied. “Now that you explain it, it all seems so natural. Females are more powerful than males. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before.  We have pussies as well as many other irresistible attributes they can’t ignore. That is where our power lies!”

All three women laughed at the truth that Carrie had just discovered.  Kia walked over to the still- kneeling Johnson and slapped him hard across the face. “Stand up and strip! Slaves should be naked when serving Supreme Goddesses!”

Immediately the enslaved businessman pulled at his clothes and removed them, in compliance with Kia’s orders. The Oriental I seductress then turned to Carrie and said, “I will first show you how to take firm  sexual  command  of our little slut-slave.”


Kia gestured for Johnson to stand up and then she led his former secretary – now to be his boss – to him. Kia reached into Her pocket and took out a thin rubber glove which She gave to Carrie. “Put on the glove, then spit on it,” She  instructed Carrie. Carrie complied. “Now grab his cock. Notice how erect it is in Our honor. Now Carrie, grab it like you would an ordinary handle.” Carrie followed Kia’s instructions.       “Now   walk him  around the room, pulling on his cock as hard as necessary to get his compliance. This conditions him to do what all men want and desire – to be led around by their cocks by a powerful Female!  It conditions him to obey all Your commands without hesitation.

The Marquesa told Carrie “Now you can continue to play with your new toy while Kia and I tell the other employees how You and MarquesaCo have made an acquisition. When we are done we will take a quick look at the books and set up some new company by-laws making this an employee-owned company with You as CEO and slut slave Johnson as Your personal assistant.”

“If you need us just buzz My cell phone. We’ll be back in an hour or so. In the meantime, just enjoy yourself.” The two Goddesses then left Carrie alone, leading the naked man around by his hard cock, the man who just two days before had fired her.

In spite of his humiliation precum was oozing from his cock as Her spit-covered rubber glove pulled him a round. She stopped momentarily and lifted Her hand to his mouth, forcing him to lick Her spit and his own precum from the glove.

”Now – you slut – kneel! “  She barked and he immediately fell to his knees. She extended Her foot to Her new slave and ordered him to lick Her shoe. Unable to resist Her slightest request, he tongue-worshiped Her erotic black high heeled shoes, licking first the tops, then the wonderful stiletto heels, then even the dirt-covered soles as Carrie lifted one of Her divine feet and shoved its shoe into his eager, frothing mouth.

“Now take them off!” She commanded. As he submissively complied She thrust Her nylon-clad foot into his mouth, one, then the other, as he slavishly and eagerly sucked on Her toes. “Now turn around and show Me your ass, slut slave!”

Johnson spun around on his knees and lifted his naked buttocks – offering them for his Mistress’ view.

She looked around the office and Her view fell on one of those huge “coffee table books.” This one was called “The Story of Great Men in Business.” She smiled a cruel smile as She picked it up.


She hit his ass with the book.

Whack! Whack!

His ass grew redder and redder and tears filled his eyes. Even in his deep submissive hypnotic trance the blows were painful.

Whack! Whack! She continued.

“Where is the book on Great Women in business?” She shouted.

Whack! Whack! Whack! She got faster and harder.

As Johnson began to sob, Carrie grabbed his hair and turned him around and lifted Her skirt, exposing Her sexy white panties. “Smell this and be My slave… Now!”

The sobbing Johnson inhaled the fragrant delta of his ex-secretary and again started to fall into a deeper sexual trance imagining the green crystal while smelling the powerful Feminine Fragrance of Her glorious pussy.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You… Goddess Carrie!”

“Who do you obey – always”

“You. Goddess Carrie!”

“Now jerk your pitiful little cock in worship of Me. Jerk it as your tribute to Me!”

“Oh, thank You my Goddess,” he   said as he started to pull on his still hard cock, building toward a tremendous climax.

“Look at Me slave! You are not allowed to cum until your Goddess allows it!”

He continued to stroke but unable to resist Her command, he ached and throbbed toward a climax that he could not achieve.

“Keep stroking, My little slave! Keep playing with that pitiful piece of manhood that you used to be so fucking proud of! Look at you on your knees jacking off as you smell the wonderful aroma of My luscious pussy – a pussy you will never be allowed to touch… only to see and smell. Stoke, keep stroking and worship Me.”

She wondered how long he could jack off without doing himself physical harm.  She picked up the Mistress’ cell phone and called. Kia answered, “Yes Carrie.”

“Is it true men go blind if they jack off too long?”

Carrie chuckled into the phone. “Oh, just make him do it until he needs glasses!” She joked.