Do you fantasize about a beautiful sexy powerful woman ‘Transforming’ you into a lingerie craving crossdresser?  If you do, this is the recording for you!

Without a hint of a hypnotic induction the owner of Marquesalon of Transformations, Mistress Marquesa, will take you by the hand and lead you to the place you so much wish to be.  And all the while you will believe that you are just shopping for a gift.

This ‘Story’ recording is deceptively overpowering.  The Mistress will make you feel so very, very GOOD as She takes you deeper and deeper into your secret dream.

You will want to listen to this recording again and again as Her wonderfully velveteen voice delightfully takes you to where you should be.

Even if you have several of the Mistress’ recordings you should have this one to gain Her positive reinforcement of your secret desire.