Truth be told, I have been a fan of Mistress Marquesa/Krystal Mesmer for many years. There are many files that have had a significant effect on me over that time. On balance, I tend to prefer the files that have a caring, sweet dimension to them as well as the always powerful and erotic dimensions. Legsquisite is one such file (although there are many others that fit that description).

I am writing this review after 2 AM. Before I tried to go to sleep a few hours ago, I saw that Mistress Marquesa would like some new reviews. I guess my subconscious decided to comply. In order to write an informed review, I thought I should experience this file again as I was starting to go to sleep around midnight. Mistress Marquesa’s voice, legs, and charms had other plans for me. I lost consciousness shortly into my first watching of this video, only to semi-wake up pleasuring myself towards the end with no explicit memory of the sequence of suggestions. I tried watching again shortly thereafter and managed to stay awake enough to remember bits of what happened, but fell into a deep hypnotic, responsive trance during the video and fell asleep again after Marquesa’s voice led me to a powerful orgasm. I won’t disclose everything here (in part because the readers of this review should experience the file for themselves and in part because there may have been an amnesia trigger). But I will hit a few highlights.

In the beginning section of the trance, my eyes started to “glass over” watching Marquesa’s legs as she describes how much she loves to catch a man gazing at her legs and watching his eyes “glass over” as he goes into trance. In this most recent watching, I found myself getting up from my bed and sitting on the floor in response to her suggestions. I also love that she encourages hypnotic submission to all sexy legs and throws in some positive suggestions for self-improvement. If you are reading this review, you should watch and enjoy “Legsquisite”. Her legs, voice and charms are exquisite. What will they compel you to do?


My darling pets.  ABS is the first to take advantage of my promise to receive a personal phone conversation with ME for posting a review of one of My many Erotically Enticing Audio and/or Video recordings.  He is going to simply Love the 7 minutes in Marquesa Heaven that he has coming to him.  And who knows where those seven minutes might lead!  You too can experience the wonderment of my soothing, sultry, seductive voice!  Personally!  Write a heartfelt review of one of my hypnotic recordings that has touched you as only Goddess Marquesa can touch you.  You can do this!  Who knows?  Writing the review may even pleasantly coerce you into an enjoyably deep hypnotic trance for your powerful Mistress, ME.  Wouldn’t that be a pleasant way to spend an evening?  Isn’t that what you really want, my Pet?