Testimonial by Z

Dear Krystal!

Let me say Thank You again for this session.

That was A-plus Ultra in hypnosis from my point of view.

My English is not good enough to describe all of my feelings.
When I think back to this session during my day my body starts to shake.

You are an Artist, Your scenario was perfect.
You incorporated everything I could imagine and more.
As You described Your dress, just as I imagined.

If I see a beautiful woman in a tight silk dress I become hypnotized.
If a beautiful woman ever hypnotized me [I have never had a real one on one session πŸ™ ],it would be a dream come true.
If a woman wears a silk dress (as You did in this session) and she is a hypnotist too, it blows my mind totally.
I am unable to think or speak. All I can do is just let it happen to me.

Hypnotists often say, “Not all people can be hypnotized.” I think You could hypnotize everyone.
Your induction was so long and so strong…it matched wonderfully with my taste.
You led me deeper and deeper and more deeper.
I was so deep in trance than I could not imagine before.

You did not stop the procedure. You used word pictures, hypnosis, and hypnotized me so often mmm…. (I love it).
You suggested the images so strongly: silk; satin glove; Your perfect, feminine body; and You combined it with deepeners . It was full of eroticism to me, and I almost came at several points of this session :))

I have to say Thank You because You did not call me “pet”.
I love and respect women. If a woman is able to use hypnosis, I love her more!
But I do not feel I am a sub who loves whipping and other unusual activities.

I love women, I love hypnosis, I love women who use hypnosis–mainly erotic hypnosis πŸ™‚ It is my hobby.
You are doing that perfectly.

I could have cum two times, almost three times under Your Silk session.
At the end into Your satin gloved hand. πŸ™‚
And when my face lay in Your silk skirt and in Your lap.

And I was very near to release, under your pendant and silk glove induction (when Your gloved hand touched my eyes) , at the hand levitation part, and when I had to watch Your silk skirt while You moved Your hips back and forth (if I remember well).

I have searched through the web for another session like Yours, but I was unable to find it.
I think Satintrancer will also be interested in Your “Silk and Satin Seduction” too. πŸ™‚

Some notes about sound quality.
Sound seemed like it was a bit overdriven, mainly at the low frequency range.
Some high frequencies are missing too. I made some adjustment on it.
I used some normalization effect with Cooledit, maybe Compressor-limiter can help too.

I hope I did not write too many silly things? You know my English is
not good πŸ™‚

Thanks again!