i had just come home from work, it was Friday, and I went to check the mail. In the mail room i saw a Victoria’s Secret catalog and took it with me up to my apartment. my aroused member was already starting to engorge itself as i was trying to unlock the door to my apartment. i must confess….I couldn’t wait to see the Satin Panties that were waiting in the pages behind the cover! i immediately put the other mail on the counter; bills, subscriptions, credit card offers, and flyers from the supermarkets. i had no time for them. i sat down on the couch unbuttoned my pants and started to page through the catalog. Wow! hot stuff, for sure and my penis was absolutely steaming and was itching for me to touch it. i continued to gawk and gaze lustfully at mesmerizing lingerie, especially all the Panties. i worked myself into a frenzy, but i still planned to wait an hour or two (before I played with myself) so i could think about what i saw a little “harder” and a lot longer. This would make the experience more dramatic and so much more intense. i went to the bedroom where i took off my work clothes, i noticed that my under-wear was soaked with pre cum from my erect penis. i took my under-wear off, wiped my reddened erection off and put on my light gray work out shorts. i then put on a black T-shirt and was ready to go work out to the gym for my dedicated work-out. When i pulled out of the parking lot, headed for the gym, i noticed that my gas gauge was very low; so i decided to stop at the Mobile station and fill up my truck. It was about 5:30 P:M: when i pulled into the station and drove up to the very outside pumps. I opened my gas tank inserted the nozzle and started to pump gas (something really fallic here on a subconscious level, that’s for sure.) It wasn’t more than a second after i clicked the gas on auto that i noticed someone over my right shoulder. i looked to my right, hmmmm…. I decided to park close to the air pump and the pay phone. In just a moment, i saw a Beautiful Woman getting out of Her car. She had been sitting in a Black Mercedes and now just popped the hood of Her car. She looked over at me tilted Her sunglasses down and gave me a wicked little smile. i felt a hot quiver go down my spine. i really believe that Her car was sitting there before i drove in, and was thinking….why She just got out of Her car now? It was beyond me. However, i’m happy She did and that i was lucky enough to notice. At least that’s what i thought! She was wearing at least 3-4 inch heels with dark stalkings running up Her Legs. She was wearing a navy blue mini skirt with a matching business jacket over a sily white sheer blouse. She had vuluptous full breasts and a perfect bottom. Her hair was free flowing and golden blonde and though my mouth was wide open…..it felt like i hadn’t taken a breath in a long while.

She then opened the hood to Her car and walked around the fender so Her back was turned towards me. She bent over the fender of Her car and looked under the hood. i saw the clips to Her Garter Belt seductively holding up Her sexy black stockings. i didn’t know it but i was pre cumming all over inside my gray cotton shorts. She then slowly stepped back from Her car and deliberately dropped something, She bent down, straight legged, to pick up whatever it was and yes you got it….she reeled me in! When She had bent over i was blessed with seeing that Her Garter Belt fit ho so nicely around Her Emerald Green Satin Panties; They were reflecting the sunlight which was low on the horizon. Hell, i was dumb struck, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car! i didn’t notice but my engorged member was throbbing and pushing against my gray shorts, leaking large quantities of clear slippery pre cum; and leaving a soaked stain smack dab in front of my shorts. i should of felf embarrased but instead….i walked over and asked Her if She needed any help. She looked right at my shorts and gave me an all-knowing smile. At the time, damn i was so entranced by Her i had not noticed my obvious erection and pre cum stain was incredibly visible! She then said with authority – “Yes you may, My car doesn’t seem to want to start. you can get it running for Me.” She had already engulfed me with Her beauty…. which i could not resist. i said, “Thank You, what seems to be the problem?” She told me that She had no power (yeah right) and the
engine would’nt turn over.

Now to tell you the truth, i am just about worthless with cars but this sounded like something I could figure out. i looked at the battery for corrosion or for something that may be wrong with it and i saw that Her positive battery cable was hanging loose next to the battery. It seemed weird at the time, how did She even get here if Her battery cable was disconnected? i looked up at Her to ask some question that i no longer remember and got an eyeful of Her luscious, lovely cleavage while She teasingly leaned over the fender watching me. She asked, “Well, can you fix it?!” i said, “yes ma’am.” So i reconnected Her cable and started Her car. The whole time all i could think about was Her Green Satin Panties. She got into Her car, looked me up and down again, smiled slyly and said “Thanks.” i was about to turn and go back to my truck when She asked me if She could re-pay me somehow. i said “no, that’s okay, You don’t have to do anything for me.” my mouth was being polite as i was shaking my head no….while my penis was throbbing and bouncing up and down like it was trying to scream out the word…”YES!” She said “Please, let me make you some coffee or tea for your troubles.”

Well, i didn’t need to be asked a third time. i said, “okay” and she instructed me to follow Her to Her place. i went back to my truck and finished putting gas in and put the nozzle back on my pump, i mean the gas pump (can’t think straight.) i got into my truck and as She drove right past me, i eagerly followed, closely. i still hadn’t noticed that the appendage between my legs was pitching a tent with my pre-cum soaked gray cotton shorts. She had confused my thoughts somehow. All i could see were Her Green Satin Panties holding Her sumptuous ass in perfect place. As i followed her this image was so strong that I must tell you… the only way i can describe it is that it was like when you look into the flash from a camera. If you look directly into the flash bulb when it goes off, that image will stick with you; even when you close your eyes, you can see the image of the flash floating in space from left to right. In my mind Her Panties were burned into my eyes!! i kept following way Her up into the mountains. i followed Her on winding gravel roads until there was nothing. i no longer saw other mountain communities or signs. She finally led me to a beautiful house in the middle of no where. i got out of the truck and rushed to opened Her car door for Her. She gave me some bags to carry for Her and led me, like a servant to the front door. i followed Her,i felt somewhat light headed, thinking about it now, i’m not sure if it was the lack of oxygen or the lack of blood flow to my brain. She led me to the kitchen and made some coffee. In the mean time She had started to make small talk. She asked me what i did, where i lived. She spoke in a soothingly, sensuous voice and asked me questions that i can no longer remember. She then brought me some coffee and asked me to taste it to see if it was okay. i did so, and yes it tasted very good. i still had no idea that my penis was completely stiff and throbbing and in full view! She told me to relax and that She was going to go upstairs and change into something more comfortable. i nodded (both my heads) obediently and took another sip of Her coffee. i started to think about where i was and what was happening to me.

i started to think about my girlfriend, and that i better not do anything to piss her off. So i figured that when the Woman who i followed to Her home came back downstairs that i would thank Her and go on my way. i listened attentively to Her walking back and forth above me. Thinking to myself, wow, imagine if i didn’t have a girlfriend? i might have been spending the night here with this beauty, if that were the case. Little did i know what was to truly happen.

my mind was broken out of this mode of thinking when i heard the clicking of boots on what seemed to be hardwood floors above me. i then heard Her walking down the stairs, i looked at the coffee cup and noticed that i had drunk all of the coffee. She walked into the kitchen wearing High Heeled Stillettos, Black Silk Stalkings that were attached to a Dark Bronze Satin Garter Belt with Black Lace Trim. She had on a Dark Bronze Satin Bra and framed perfectly between Her front Garter Straps was a Matching Bronze Satin
Panty that was held by bikini straps on Her Beautiful Hips. She was carrying a sleek black cane and had on a Gold Waist Chain; kind of like a necklace, only wrapped around Her fir, feminine, lean and shapely waist. The chain had another gold strand which led to Her Bronze Satin Panties and disappeared inside. i said…. “i think that i need to go home.?” The Hypnotic Mistress said, “I don’t think so! However, if you think that you can get up and walk out of here under your own power, go ahead and try.”
i tried to stand up, but for some reason i could not! i strained and struggled but to no avail. That is when i noticed that my penis was standing at full salute, my gray shorts were completely messed-up with pre cum! i sat down and tried to catch my breath. The Satin Goddess then said…”I put a mild hypnotic drug in the coffee I made for you. That is why you are not able to move under your own power. I quickly confused and mesmerizied your mind at the gas station because…you see…. I am going to turn you into My sex slave (among other things.) I am going to forever put you under My Hypnotic Spell. Now I command you to stand!”

i quickly rose to my feet without any effort at all. She moved in close to me and looked into my eyes, i couldn’t move an inch. She didn’t say a word but i felt Her command. Quickly i freed my pulsing purple erection by un-clothing myself. i next fell to my knees and elbows with my palms up and my face pressed to the ground. She did not say a word but again…. She commanded me with Her Hypnotic Sapphire Blue Eyes. my penis was throbbing to my heart beat and as my heart sped up….. so did the bouncing of my full erect soldier. my testicles were hanging out as far as they could pulling on the base of my erect penis, causing a painful yet pleasurable tingle. It felt like my testicles were trying to fall out of their scrotum sack. They felt as if they were heavy lead balls and it felt as if heavy lead balls were placed on my tired sleepy eyelids. the opening to my aching erection was stretched wide as my engorged saluting soldier was trying to ooze as
much pre cum as possible.

The Satin Goddess then commanded me to sit up….still on my knees, i straightened up and gazed deeply and intently at Her Satin Bronze Panties.

She started to talk to me softly, sweetly, seductively…. “Don’t think anything, just FEEL your erect penis. it feels good, doesn’t it? Soon your penis will be mine. But, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. you (like all males) are powerless to stop this from happening. I chose you! you had no choice in the matter. Concentrate on how your erect little soldier is feeling, isn’t that so very nice? It is saluting Me, you know that don’t you? Think about how your penis would feel if it were to be stroked by My Satin Panties. it would feel so good, so soft, so smooth, to stroke up and down. Think about holding My Panties by the waist band, lying on your back, with the front part of the Panty making contact with the underside of your shaft. Mnnnnnn. Now stroke yourself. Oh good it must feel. you are doing so very well, My little stud puppy! your penis is becoming Mine, soon I will own that penis. Why I already do! It’s only a matter of time. Concentrate, only feel My Penis.” i was just staring (like a sex zombie) at Her Bronze Satin Panties.

i could smell Her Scent.

i could feel the Power of Her sacred shrine sucking me in as i stared at her love box behind Her Bronze Satin Panties. i could have looked at Her beautiful inner Thighs and saw the pores of Her skin melting me, but i couldn’t. i could have… looked at Her long shapely Legs trapping me, but i couldn’t. i could have gawked at Her vuluptious Breasts and fallen into their world, but i couldn’t. All i could stare at were Her Bronze Satin Panties!! Panties…Panties!!! She reached for the gold waist chain, right where the two chains met. The one which went around Her beautiful waist and the one which disappeared into Her Satin Panties. She pulled on the chain which led to Her Satin Panties and i could see something being pulled out of Her Panties. Alas, out came a crystal pendant which She then placed on the front of Her Bronze Satin Panties.

She continued to speak to me….

“Imagine that the penis between your legs is this crystal. Stare at the crystal. Watch it as I slowly move it up and down My mystical Satin Panty. imagine what it feels like. Once you fully invision your penis moving up and down the Bronze Satin Panty….. your penis will be Mine!! Once your penis is Mine, you will start to get sleepy. Stroke, Stroke, stroke. Ohhhhh yes! Thank you, Myyy pet for giving Me your Penis” she cooed.

That’s the last thing i remember about that particular experience. i didnt became aware of my surroundings until some time later when i saw six Beautiful Women seated in the living room.

i was completely naked and my Goddess’s Penis was fully erect. i was holding lingerie, like for a Womens Lingerie party. my Goddess was turned around helping another Woman fasten the back of a lacy red Corset. One of the Women sitting said, “Hey, I think Your slave came to.”
There i was, standing, unaware how long i had been in trance. my Hypnotic Mistress then gracefully turned around and smiled as She said, “Someone must have said his trigger word.” She had a beautiful Black Lace Teddy on. She started to walk toward me.
Her eyes hypnotizing me as i impulsively under no power of my own kneeled down in the middle of the room. She leaned over and whispered something in my ear. i floated away………………

i come to every now and then and they sometimes leave me alone for a while to rest……hopefully just long enough to write down my experiences.

i think maybe somewhere…someone may be curious as to what has happened to me….but hell, why should i really care. Man. Would you?!

Oh, did i mention….? i think i used to write sports articles for a local paper in the Newport Beach area of So. California. i used to have a girlfriend…..yeah, i think i mentioned that….i’m drifting off now…feeling so sleepy yet so horny and sexually submissive. Maybe i should beg my Mistress for some more of her wonderful coffee….just so i can keep writing. That’s all. Just so i can keep writing……..