This time I’ve bitten off more than I could chew, not to say I have any regrets because I don’t, but I was with people who have been at this for a long time and I felt like a freshman. The events of this week began with an invitation to spend time with Mistress M. on Saturday and that it was just for fun, a social gathering and that it was not going to be a session, “How could I say no?”

Mistress M., knowing that I worked alone during most of the day, had sent me a package containing all the items I was expected t o wear each day of the week during those hours alone and nothing else. That package contained a leather corset, which I absolutely loved, a pair of black seamed stockings, nipple clamps, a pair of leather ankle cuffs and something unexpected, a pair of rubber panties with a very thick rubber dildo built-in, by Saturday my nipples were “very” tender, I had some cramping and soreness from wearing a plug for five days in a row for hours at a time, but that wasn’t so bad, in fact most of the time it was very stimulating. The corset was exquisite, I love them already, but I had never worn one of such quality and never have I worn leather clothing of any type. It laced up very tightly and shaped me much better than mine does. But the was a small box with a note saying, “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL SATURDAY,“ as is turned out that box contained a large dildo in black and was about the size of two soda cans put together. I felt loose and stretched but I wasn’t sure I could take that. Mistress M. left a note and it said “I wasn’t to attempt putting it in myself but just to carry it with me for the trip, to hold it and to become accustomed to it”, well that  I did and I was off to her house with all my goodies on, under m y clothing.

When I got to her house she was dressed casually, in jeans and a t-shirt and was very friendly and happy to see that I made it okay. After a hug she had me take off my clothes so she could see how I looked wearing all the items she had sent me. She gave me another hug and said I looked good and gave me a nice pat on my bottom and asked how I liked the rubber panties with the built-in plug.

I thanked her for letting me wear it and I really did enjoy it so much so that even though I had only to wear it for a few hours I had slept with it in on Friday night.

She took me into her special room and said that we could get started with some “light” things. I found myself kneeling before he r without her even asking and thanking her for this week and for asking me to come to her home, she held my head with her hands and looked at me just to say that it was her pleasure, and with that she had me stand up and placed handcuffs on my wrists and then my hands were pulled up over my head and once again I was in a position I’ve come to know well.

Mistress M. ran the riding crop over the length over my body and touched it everywhere, with an occasional strike here and there even on my crotch. I was still tucked away in my rubber panties and very excited. She tugged on my nipple clamps which by that time were very tender to the touch, she added a small chain which connected the two and tugged on them twice with made me gasp. She smiled at me and tugged two more times.

Mistress M. walked around behind me and kissed me on the neck and I felt the warmth of her body next to mine. Then I felt her hand caressing my butt while her other arm came around me waving the huge dildo in my face. She ran the tip of it around my face and had me kiss it and try to take as much as I could in my mouth. Her other hand pushed against the dildo which was already in me and I felt myself getting very warm, and my breathing became faster and shorter. She then traced it over my butt, up and down my legs, and even over my crotch, which was now erect. Mistress M. asked me if I wanted it. She looked straight into my eyes, so penetrating. I said, “Yes Mistress, please.”

I had said yes to her and I really meant it. I wanted it and I begged her for it. I saw a delicious smile come to her face. Mistress M. started to peel down the panties and then slowly pull t he dildo out. It just slipped out. I thought it would hurt, but it didn’t. Mistress M. was happy that I was so relaxed and said I would do well with the new one. She released me from the hook and pushed me down on the bed and had me raise my hips. I felt the coolness of lubricant being applied and then a finger, then two, then she circled a few times and then it came. It was warm, and eve n though I had been stretched, it didn’t feel like it would fit.

She said not to worry, don’t be afraid, to trust her and to relax. I did as she said and trusted her completely. She pushed in s lowly and I felt a cramp. She moved on a bit and I felt a pain run through my body like when you stub your toe into heavy furniture in the middle of the night. It ran through my whole body. She pushed in deeper and then it was in, after what seemed like an eternity. My heart was racing. My head felt like it was going to explode and my bottom hurt. It was pulsing. She pushed me forward so I was lying on my stomach and she lay on top of me. I realized she was breathing hard too and you might think this odd, but I felt she loved me.

After a little while she got up and said she was proud of me. She had me stand up and that was when I could really feel it in me. She picked up a harness which had rings on it. It went around my waist and she buckled it then pulled a strap from the front, over my penis and back between my legs and up between my cheeks, she then fastened it somehow to the waist band, pulled it up tight. I heard the click of a padlock. Wrist cuffs were put on and my hands were then also locked to rings at the sides of this harness.

A leather hood which she had put on me before was then pulled over my head and also locked into place. Mistress M. then had me slip m y feet into a pair of high heels which were 5″ and much higher than any I’d ever worn before. A spreader bar was locked between my ankles to the cuffs I had been wearing the last few days and then s he was done.

She pushed me forward and with little balance I fell back onto the bed. I then felt the sting of a paddle, then another and another. Time passed and after about fifty in all, she seemed satisfied that I had enough. Her hand caressed my bottom.  It was hot, and I was still in a mix of pleasure and pain from the huge plug.

My whole body felt like it was fire„ then came the hot sting of dripping wax, my body just jerked each time a drop came, then she rolled me over and tugged on the little chain to my nipple clamps. She pulled them off, slowly, but still they hurt. Then I could see her, holding the candle over me, she dripped it on my nipple, then the other, I felt it rush through my entire body. She stopped, climbed on top and straddled my body, looking down on  me; all I could say was “Thank you, thank you Mistress for being so kind to me”. She smiled and I could tell she was pleased. She said there were plans and asked if I was up to it. I said, “Yes.” And with that she climbed off, removed the spreader bar and placed a blindfold and a gag in my mouth.

I was left there in the room alone for a while. It seemed like a couple of hours and when she did finally come back the door opened and she drove out. I had no idea where we were going.

The drive seemed like it was about a half hour, but lying in the back of a car bound, blindfolded and without a clue can make it seem forever. Not to mention the anxiety I was beginning to experience. At that point I felt I was really in over my head and I felt that maybe I had made a really bad mistake. The trip was quiet; Mistress M. didn’t talk or even have any music on, just the sounds of light traffic.

The car finally came to a stop and Mistress M. left the car. I was left behind for what seemed like an eternity and I was reaching a new level of discomfort, when I heard the door open, my blanket was pulled off and I felt a rush of cold air. I felt hands grabbing me and helping me from the car, but I could tell it wasn’t Mistress M. This was someone else; in fact I was pretty sure it was a guy. I was helped up to my feet and lead forward on a sidewalk, up a few steps and finally, I could feel myself indoors again. I heard Mistress’s voice introduce me and I heard a voices talking and some laughing. This was a new level of humiliation I had never felt before, and suddenly my head and the hood I was wearing became very hot.

I felt hands on me, some tugging on my nipple clamps, hands running up and down my very sore bottom, someone gripping my leash very tightly and then a sharp smack on my ass from a crop, then another and another, I manage a muffled “Thank you” through my gag, and I heard the familiar laugh of my Mistress M. and I suddenly felt at ease by her.

The spreader bar was put back between my ankles and my elbows were pulled back and then held in place with a strap, then the click of a lock. My hands were still cuffed to the harness around my waist. I couldn’t move. I could feel someone behind me but I wasn’t sure who. I could smell Mistress M’s perfume and I knew she was nearby but I just wasn’t sure. This body behind held me by the shoulders and pulled close to me. I felt a leg slide up against the back of my legs and then a knee pressed into my behind pushing t he plug in, I felt a quick rush as it left me pulsating again. God it was so filling. I had never felt anything like it and I heard an unfamiliar females voice say “she had never seen a slut like m e with such a big cunt before”, and with that another knee came in to me. Mistress M. said I was one of her best and was very obedient.

I was pushed down onto my knees and I was bent over, my head now touching the f1oor. I felt a foot pressed on my ass, the tip o f a shoe stroking my cheeks then I felt it press the tip of the dildo and push in again, then a few more times until a rhythm began.

I began to feel it move in me and while it did hurt at first, I was getting into it and I began rocking with this foot which was controlling me. Then it stopped and I heard laughter from several people and jokes about what a whore I was.  Mistress M. said I was a natural then I felt the familiar sting of her crop, then again, then several more. My body was trembling.

I was helped up, still on my knees but kneeling upright. The gag was removed and before my jaw could enjoy the freedom a huge rubber cock was shoved into my mouth and I felt hands holding my head, I could smell the scent of my Mistress and I thought how proud she would be if I gave it all I had, and I did, I sucked and did that cock like it was the last paradise on earth, then she pulled out, and I said, “Thank you Mistress, thank you Mistress.” Then it was pushed back into my mouth, but it wasn’t. This time it was a real cock, with a condom on I think but definitely a real mans cock. I didn’t do anything at first but then a stinging crop o n my ass got me started. Slowly at first, but then I got into it with the same effort I had done on Mistress.

As I sucked and licked for all I was worth, I could feel the strap from my elbows released and the wrist cuffs unlocked from the waist harness. That freedom was short lived as my arms were cuffed to something which felt like a spreader bar but then it was slowly pulled up over my head. My arms and shoulders burned, they had felt so sore, stiff, and achy and for a moment it felt good to stretch. I was still on my knees but now awkwardly leaning forward with my forehead resting against the belly of the man I was still sucking, he held my head and I could tell he was close to cumming. He gripped my wrists and held them while I felt my arms ‘hoisted up’ over my head. I could feel someone connecting weights to my nipple clamps. I thought they were tender before but now, the clamps bit into me with a renewed intensity, I wanted to scream. Just then I felt the man I was pleasuring tighten, he gripped my wrists tightly and I felt the heat of his cum fill the condom still in my mouth. He relaxed and pulled out of my mouth.

This whole thing is like being in a dream. It’s surreal, so unreal, yet here I am, I’ve just sucked a man’s. The cock of man I don’t even know, I’ve never seen and if I saw him, having been blindfolded I wouldn’t have a clue anyway.  But it’s happened and I still can’t believe it. So hot, so sensual, so unreal.

Mistress M. took my head in her hands and said, “You’ve been very good my pet, and soon I’ll make you mine in a way you’ll never forget.” What a chill that put through me. I felt butterflies in my stomach and as Mistress walked around me I felt my arms being pulled up and my body was now suspended in a position with me sti11 on my knees but now leaning forward. I felt Mistress move behind me and her hands on my ass, touching lightly, tenderly caressing it.  There was a moment, then the sharp cutting sting of her crop I had come to know so well, like lighting going through my body every part of my body became alive, then another, another.  Someone began to pull on my nipple c1amps, then another hit. I could sense someone standing next to me, a hand on my shoulder; then another hit, and another. Then a pair of hands holding my head as someone in front of me shoved a rubber cock in my mouth, a cold rubbery taste.  Then another hit this time on the back of my legs. Another and I bit on the cock, and then took it into my mouth as this person in front of me rocked in and out of m e.

Mistress stopped and then I moved up close to me she blew a soft kiss on my burning skin and her breath felt cool and soothing, then a light touch of hands stroking my skin. A lock was removed and I felt the leather strap from between my legs slip down and t hen my plug, my huge filling plug was tugged on and I jerked a b it as I struggled to relax while the rhythm of a strangers hips rocked back and forth into my face. That cold rubber cock was now warm from my mouth. Mistress pulled on the plug, slowly, slowly, then finally out and I felt a spasm, then re1ief. One of her hands poking and probing at my stretched bottom. Then I felt a finger gently slipping into me, then two, then three. I started to tense and Mistress said, “Just relax Cathy, behave for Mistress my little pet.”

And with that I felt her fingers lightly touching me from the inside, gently stroking and circling, slipping in and out almost in rhythm with the rocking of this hard rubber cock in my mouth.

Soon a fourth finger, then she slipped her entire hand in.  Oh my god! Her hand was inside me. I felt a jolt through my body.  My back tensed, my toes tightened, my hand gripped at the chains that held them over my head. Oh god it such an intense feeling of pain, but, my in mind, there was nothing else in the whole world that mattered or existed but for this moment, this place, these people, my body, most of all, Mistress M.  Her hand made love to me; moving, sliding, touching.  Oh, never in my life have I ever felt like this. The rubber cock pulled out of my mouth and I took a deep breath. I smiled and just relished in this feeling. I belonged to my Mistress, completely. I was hers.

Something touched my mouth, something warm, familiar, the cock I had sucked earlier but this time there was no coaxing, I accepted this gift warmly, gladly and I wanted to love it. Mistress M. then said, “Oh Cathy, love him. Show me how much you want to love him.”, and with that my breathing became heavy, and moaning came from deep in my throat. Mistress kept her hand deep inside m e and I felt someone put a condom on me. Then a soft caressing h and squeezed my own cock matching the movements of Mistress M.’s h and inside me. I was floating in this room, so hot, so incredible. My body tensed and I came. I heard Mistress scream in a wave of passion and then the heat of hot cum filled the condom which covered this strangers cock in my mouth. There was a moment which froze in time. It seemed an eternity. The stranger pulled away from me and Mistress slowly, slowly, slowly pulled out.

The now familiar feel of that very large plug was pushed back into me feeling somehow smaller and the condom was pulled off of m e and the leather strap pulled back into place and locked. Mistress M. told me to open my mouth, which I did as she squeezed my own cum from the condom into my mouth and then a gag silenced me once again.

I was helped to my feet, partly by having my arms hoisted up higher and partly by loving hands which helped me stand, if you could call it that. My legs and body felt like jello, and my mind was in a daze. I almost felt like I didn’t even know who I was. I was asked if I could stand and I said yes, but it’s funny, it was like the words came out of someone else’s mouth and not mine. My arms were lowered and the soreness in my shoulders was now just a dull ache which slowly subsided. The spreader bars were unlocked from my ankles and wrists and I was walked across the room. Still blindfolded, I wasn’t sure what was next.

Mistress walked me into a room and a door closed behind us. She lead me by my hand to bed where I was seated and then laid me down on my back. My mind raced with all the thoughts of what could happen next.  She removed one of the locks and removed the strap between my legs and from around my waist, dropping it on the floor. She gently patted the plug still inside me and that brought my cock back to life. She had me raise my hips up and slipped something under me, soft and warm, a diaper. Mistress said I would appreciate it more than I realized. She pulled the plug out slowly, gently and I felt suddenly very empty. She cleaned me with a moist warm cloth and then pulled the diaper up and fastened the tapes. Mistress M. then pulled plastic panties up my legs and gave me a loving pat on my crotch and said I should just relax and rest. I was left alone.

I woke up, not even realizing I had fallen asleep, and with a

weird warm feeling, I had had a bowel movement, and was still having one but I had no control of it and it continued to fill my diaper. I was in darkness with the hood and blindfold still on and decided there was nothing I could do but just lay there and wait.   I fell back asleep until I was awoken. I was being changed into a clean diaper and I heard the voice of the woman I assumed was also a Domme. She said to me “Mistress M. is very proud of you, and

I find you very entertaining Cathy. I hope to see you again.” She finished changing my diaper and helped me get back to my feet„, she held my hand and walked me out of the room. I heard Mistress say, “Welcome back my little pet. It’s time to leave.” I knelt down and thanked everyone for being so kind to me and for allowing me to serve them all.

In just moments I was helped outside with a blanket wrapped around me and I was back in Mistress M’s car. She pulled out of the drive and once we were well down the street she began to remove the locked collar and unlaced the hood. When she pulled it off I felt great. She had my window rolled down and the feeling of the late night’s cold air on my face made me feel like I was alive for the first time, and because of Mistress M., I was.

The end