It is a perfectly clear, crisp morning, just after sunrise.  The sun is strong, but not too hot and a light, but refreshing breeze blows from offshore.  i am up early, per Mistress Marquesa’s instructions, preparing Her a light, but hearty breakfast of fresh fruit juice, assorted fresh fruits sliced to Her liking, a fresh baked muffin and fresh coffee.  As always, when I work in Mistress’s kitchen, I am naked save for a frilly apron, my leather cock and ball restraint and the obligatory nipple clamps and weights, which dangle freely from my budding tits, pulling them, shaping them and making them grow to Mistress’s delight and, naturally, my delight as well.  my ass, which Mistress paid close attention to before She sent me to sleep the night before, sports an eye-catching redness, a reminder of the deliciously sharp spanking Mistress gave me before She ordered me to retire.  The redness prickles with a soreness that sends waves of pleasure through me; anytime Mistress administers punishment, pain or attention of any kind to my body – Her exclusive property – the joy is most profound for me.

At 6:45 am sharp Mistress comes down stairs, looking resplendently regal, royal, and Goddess-like, as always.  i immediately get down on my knees at her feet, head pressed to the carpet, ass held high in case Mistress wants to spank  me.  Instead, Mistress has more important things on her mind, for today is to be most special.  It is the day Mistress will christen Her newest prized possession, Her new 50-foot power yacht, SEA GODDESS, by hosting an intimate and surprise-filled party for her special friends.  i, Her willing, obedient, pliant, and grateful slut/slave boy and whore, will assist with the party and the surprise, much to my gratitude and joy.

As Mistress eats Her breakfast, I tell Her that all is in order for the christening of SEA GODDESS.  It is poised in its trailer to be lowered into its exclusive Yacht Club slip in the Marina.  The Club Commodore has cleared his calendar to attend, as well as a few other select “dignitaries” from the Club, along with Mistress’s friends, all of whom were chosen for this affair because they are straight.  In addition, i explain to Mistress, other charter Yacht Club members will be aboard their boats to welcome SEA GODDESS into the water with horns blowing and flags waving, for they know how special it is for Mistress Marquesa to join their sea-going ranks.  i am flush with anticipation at the respect everyone will show Mistress this day and doubly proud to be Her exclusive property and servant.  i pledge to myself that i will do anything and everything in my power to insure that the day is a smashing success for Mistress, for She deserves that and more.

After Mistress finishes Her breakfast, She promptly orders me down into position number four and thanks me for breakfast with a swift but strong spanking.  As always, i lustily thank Her for each swat, counting each one as i feel my ass redden and soften to Mistress’s wonderful hand.  Mistress finishes the spanking, orders me to stand before Her, pulls taughtly on my nipple clamps and tells me, “I must make sure that you are in shape for our little exploits today, slave boy.  I want to make sure you are primed and ready for everything I have in store for my guests.  Can I count on you totally today?”

“Absolutely for everything you command, dearest Mistress Goddess,” i reply.  “As always, my body, heart, mind and soul are eager and ready to do Your bidding and fulfill each and every one of Your Commands.”

“Good,” Mistress replies, then She returns to Her room to ready Herself for the day while i meticulously clean the kitchen and dining area, check to see that the food i prepared earlier for the party aboard SEA GODDESS is ready and then begin taking it down to the slip for loading.  Soon, i return to Mistress’s domain to pick Her up and take Her to SEA GODDESS.

When we arrive, Mistress’s invited friends and people from the Club have begun to mill around SEA GODDESS, ogling at its beauty and presence.  But of course, as i assist Mistress out of the car, all eyes turn immediately to Her, for She is the most devastating, magnetic and beautiful Woman on Earth and Her mere presence commands attention, reverence and awe.  The Club Commodore, innately sensing his need to show respect to Mistress, emerges from the crowd, walks up to Mistress and bows.  Mistress just nods and smiles as he points to the multitude of members on their own boats, carrying banners that read “Welcome SEA GODDESS” and “Hail to SEA GODDESS, Queen of the Oceans.”  Then, as Mistress nods, Yacht Club attendants maneuver the SEA GODDESS, still on its trailer, to the edge of the water, Mistress royally leading the way.  At this point, as Mistress had commanded, i walk up to Her and present Her with a bottle of Dom Perignon, which Mistress clutches by the neck and, with all eyes straining to see Her, swings and strikes the SEA GODDESS, proclaiming “To the SEA GODDESS.”

“To the SEA GODDESS,” the crowd responds in unison and i humbly add “To the SEA GODDESS and the Great Woman that commands Her.”  “And to the Great Woman that commands Her,” the crowd responds.

With that, the SEA GODDESS slides easily and effortlessly into the ocean and Mistress climbs aboard, followed by Her guests and friends.  After everyone has climbed aboard, i follow noiselessly, carrying the food and drinks for the party.  i realize full well that i must be completely unobtrusive and not noticed until Mistress beckons me this day; for this day, like all days, is to glorify Mistress, to shower Her with adoration, attention, reverence and awe.  For Mistress deserves this type of adoration, and more.

With a nod, Mistress orders me to start the engines on SEA GODDESS and when i do the royal craft purrs with an unmistakable power, just like the Mistress Goddess who commands it.  Mistress takes the helm and expertly guides SEA GODDESS through the garland of boats there to salute and honor Her. People in the harbor cheer mightily, horns are blown and Mistress’s guests applaud and salute Her vigorously.  And although i must go below to prepare the food and drink for Mistress and Her guests, i am able to catch mistress’s eye for a quick moment.  Tears of pride at being Her slave boy well up in my eyes and i can only bow and smile adoringly at my divine Mistress Goddess.

Shortly, Mistress commands that i begin serving drinks to Her and the guests.  Naturally, the day begins with the first official toast to Mistress and Her resplendent craft, SEA GODDESS.  Everyone aboard drinks to Mistress, praising and congratulating Her on Her new boat.  Mistress had expressly ordered me to keep everyone’s glass full and i scurry around the main deck doing so, ever watchful of any new commands and desires my Mistress Goddess may have for me.  Then, i bring out and serve trays of food, prepared to Mistress’s exact orders:  caviar, crtackers, cool cut vegetables like jicama, celery and endive covered with soft light brie and finger sandwiches of crab salad.  Again, i make sure that Mistress has enough food and liquid refreshment to Her satisfaction, then see to it that Her guests are happy as well.  After everyone is joyfully eating and drinking, Mistress beckons me to the helm and turns the wheel over to me so that She can spend time with Her guests.  Soon, i have taken SEA GODDESS out beyond the Marina breakwater toward the open sea.  The craft’s steadiness, strength, stability and power are striking, yet not surprising when i remind myself that it is the boat Mistress chose.  Of course it would express those qualities, embodying in its own way Mistress’s awesome and unique Goddess-like qualities.  i am in sheer heaven, so proud the i, Mistress Marquesa’s slave boy slut have been chosen to serve Her in this manner and entrusted with the care of the SEA GODDESS.  i  am careful to make the trip as smooth and easy-going as i can and of course, nature cooperates for Mistress, as the sea is like glass, the sky is a deep azure blue and the sun bright and luxurious.

As we continue out to sea, with SEA GODDESS cavorting like a Queen, Mistress and Her guests continue chatting, sunning themselves and partaking of more food and drink.  At Mistress’s command I stop SEA GODDESS within sight of Catalina Island, throwing the anchor overboard so people can swim.  i the go back to serving Mistress first, then Her guests, more cool beverages and light snacks.  The day continues gloriously, with Mistress deservedly basking in the congratulations, adoration and respect of Her guests and friends.

Before we know it, the afternoon sun begins to touch the top of the horizon and evening descends.  i make my way below and busily begin preparing dinner:  fresh cold poached salmon with dill sauce, artichokes, radicchio salad, more champagne and chilled chardonnay.  As is my responsibility, i again serve Mistress first, making sure She is happy, then turn my attention to Her guests, but always keeping one eye on Mistress so that i can respond immediately to any desire or need She may have.  Soon, everyone is finished and i take the dirty plates and utensils below, returning with a fresh lemon torte cake with icing on the top that reads “CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SEA GODDESS . LONG MAY YOU RULE THE WAVES.”

Again, people cheer and applaud and Mistress, proud yet reserved and the embodiment of decorum and class, thanks everyone.  She looks at me and winks and i melt inside.  As people finish with dessert, i clean up after them again and go below as i hear Mistress say, “My friends and guests, thank you for spending this most special day with Me aboard SEA GODDESS.  And now that you have had your fill of food, drink and recreation, it is time to entertain you further.  Just find some comfortable place to sit.  I will,” Mistress adds as She begins to make Her way below, “be right back with the evening’s entertainment.”

Mistress’s speech is my cue to get ready and i don the slave/slut/whore outfit Mistress commanded:  black stockings, red garter belt, red frilly crotchless panties and red push-up bra.  And of course, i put on my nipple clamps and weights, to complement the cock and ball restraint.  In Her cabin, Mistress dons a striking black leather bra and leather leggings, cool enough to wear now that the sun is going down.  She also puts on a black leather mask and orders me to place a ruby-studded tiara atop Her resplendent golden tresses.  “Down on your knees my little tramp whore danielle,” Mistress commands, “and get that little whore ass up in the air as high as possible.”  i do so at once and then Mistress, paddle in hand, spanks me until the redness on my ass rivals the red on the lingerie.  my ass stings delectably and i profusely thank Mistress for each wonderful swat, counting them until Mistress is satisfied.  “We couldn’t let this special evening begin without that, could we My little slut danielle.”  “No Mistress,” i sensuously coo in response.  “As always, Goddess Mistress, my body is Yours to use and abuse.  All i care about is providing it to You for Your pleasure and amusement.”  “I am always glad to hear that, slut,” Mistress tells me.  “Now are you ready to perform?  Ready to help me show these ‘ignorant’ guests the true meaning of servitude?”  “Yes i am Mistress.  And thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart Mistress for allowing me aboard SEA GODDESS today to assist You.”  And finally, Mistress places my exposed cock in tight leather rope bondage with weights dangling from my balls.  The Mistress quickly, but briefly, removes my nipple clamps for a brief but unforgettable foray with a wire brush, until each teat stands out like a hard cock.  After replacing the clamps, Mistress affixes a dog collar and choke chain around my neck and pulls me above toward the deck.  When Mistress appears above, with me poised just below the hatch, the guests are stunned and abuzz.  But their whispers die quickly under Mistress’s strong gaze and their attention is immediate and rapt.

“My friends,” Mistress says strongly, “not only is SEA GODDESS my yacht for entertaining, it is also, after a fashion, My slave galley.”  Mistress then gives me a taught tug on the choke chain and i quickly crawl above to the deck.  Again the guests are stunned.  Some stifle laughs, others appear uneasy, but soon a hush falls over everyone.  “Meet,” Mistress says, “my slave slut danielle.” And i immediately crawl over to Mistress and bury my face in the deck at Her feet.

Then, Goddess Mistress Marquesa begins putting me, Her pliant, obedient slave slut danielle through some exacting paces.  First She walks me around the deck, parading me for all to see.  And although some of the guests are still red-faced with embarrassment, i am proud and thrilled to be serving Mistress in this way and letting my true inner nature be exposed for the whore/slut/submissive/sex slave and possession that i am.  my cock begins getting hard, straining at its bondage.  As Mistress continues parading me around the deck, stopping to spank me (for which I, as always, in my slut danielle voice, profusely and coquettishly thank Her for each swat, counting each on as She has taught me) and to use the wire brush on my tits, i begin to see the expressions of Her guests changing.  Mistress notices this immediately and tells them “This kind of, shall I say ‘situation’ is what all Women deserve and all worthless men want.  Women are the Goddesses and men are only good for serving Us in any capacities We command.  A real man knows his place is at the feet of his Mistress, poisrd to do Her bidding in any and all ways She sees fit.  And though this seems to run, shall I say, ‘counter’ to many of society’s traditional beliefs, I know that one day the world will come to this.  And besides,“ Mistress chuckles, “men will thank you, praise you, behave for you and, most of all, worship and obey you for it.  Isn’t that correct slave slut danielle?”

“Yes, Goddess Mistress,” I reply humbly in danielle’s voice.  “You are absolutely right, as always.”

The women are clearly struck by looks of jealousy and then, infinite probability.  Their eyes become wide as they watch Mistress put me, Her obedient, unquestioning slave slut through my paces.  i can see that Mistress’s words, as they begin to sink in, make sense to these Women and they all begin having a look of new found power overcoming their countenances.  Some are overtly turned on by the display Mistress and i, Her obedient slave, give them and their hands, either consciously or unconsciously, make their way underneath their pants or bikini bottoms and they begin frigging themselves, especially when Mistress dons a black strap-on dildo and begins penetrating  my hungry and willing ass with it, fucking me rhythmically so that studs underneath the cocl rub gloriously against Mistress’s clitoris.

The men, meanwhile, show mixed reactions.  Some immediately understand what they are seeing and one man even falls to his knees at his wife’s feet with a look imploring Her to use him as She sees fit.  Other men move uneasily, but it is clear that they are struck with the truth as Mistress Marquesa spoke it as She continues to plunder my ass.  Other me get up uneasily, but one by one they are ordered to sit back down by their wives of Lady friends until every male on the SEA GODDESS gets the point of Mistress’s demonstration.  Meanwhile, Mistress continues having Her way with me until She senses that everyone on board begins to comprehend what is happening.  She takes off the strap-on, however leaving it dangle in my ass as She continues to parade me around.  Mistress pulls me between the legs of one female guest that has become particularly aroused and orders me to service Her with my tongue, which i  do so passionately, pretending to myself that it is my divine Mistress Goddess i an servicing.  As i continue to lick this Woman toward orgasm, another Woman removes the strap-on from my ass only long enough to put it on Herself and plunge it back into me until i am possessed by glorious Womanhood in front and from behind.  Mistress, of course, regally, watches over all that prevails on Her domain, the SEA GODDESS, until every Woman on board has Her man performing some type of slave behavior for Her.  The SEA GODDESS has become MISTRESS”S slave ship, perhaps sooner than anyone expected.

Soon the sun has full set, the moon is up and the new mistress and slave festivities on deck come to a close.  The Women, flush with their new-found power are relaxing or dozing while their men, faces pressed into the deck, kneel at their feet.  Mistress commands me to pilot SEA GODDESS back to the Marina and i do so quickly, as the sea has remained like glass all day.  We soon reach our slip and i moor SEA GODDESS in for the night and the guests begin to leave, but not before the Women thank Mistress for a most incredible and, needless to say, instructional day and evening, pledging confidentiality about the day.  The men kneel in front of Mistress before they get off SEA GODDESS.

After all the guests have left and after i have cleaned the entire deck of SEA GODDESS, making it as clean as possible, Mistress orders me to join Her below deck.  “We will spend the night aboard, slave slut danielle,” Mistress tells me.  “I am pleased with your performance today, danielle.  Now crawl to me for your reward.”  i crawl over to Mistress as She orders me into position number four and gives me a wonderful spanking until i feel my ass become a bright, shining red.  Then, She spreads Her incredible legs for me, showing me Her wondrous vagina.  “Now lick until I order you to stop,” Mistress commands and i do so at once with great unbridled passion and love, until after a number of minutes, Goddess Mistress Marquesa quivers and quakes in orgasm.  Her juices, like the most delicious nectar, wash over my face and down my throat.  i drink in Her wondrous juices like never before.

Finally, Mistress orders my ass back into the air and She inserts a vibrating dildo cock into my ass, turns it on, orders me to masturbate as She spanks me again.  The sensations are overwhelming me and i can only hold off my orgasm for a minute or so, i beg and plead with Mistress to be allowed to come and, as She continues to spank my ass a brilliant red, Mistress lets me orgasm, which I do from the depths of my heart and soul, thanking Mistress profusely and pledging my everlasting love for servitude to Her and only Her.

Finally, with me chained to the floor of the cabin, Mistress bids me good night and sleep well.