He was a new employee in this charity. They had him down to work temporarily in their central south office and he had been there a week. Ms. Winters, the General Manager, was fairly strict. But he found something somehow gentle and soothing about her manner. She seemed to appreciate this, giving him little, gentle endearments when he was in the office. He always remembered everything he could about each instance when she said anything to him like, “Sweet boy” and “Good boy”. When she said such things, he could not help his knees turning to rubber, despite being 15 years her junior. Though certainly no boy, whilst he would not consciously admit it, her endearing words turned him on and aroused him like nothing else he knew.

The other lady at the office (There were no men ) was Ms. Caroline Soporik. He always wondered about her. She was actually his direct manager. But Ms. Soporik always seemed to defer to Ms. Winters with a fascinating and inexplicable far-away look in her eyes on most days.

One morning he arrived at the office after a client cancelled his appointment. He saw an open door to Ms. Winters’ office. He heard gentle music, he also definitely heard Ms. Winters’ voice saying to someone, “That’s right, my dear, just surrender to the sweet crystal locket that sways so sofffftly and sopppororifically before your tired little girl eyes. Just think of yourself as a child, my sweet Caroline. Just feel your drowsier eyes closing. Sofffftly closing as you listen to my wonderful, soothing slumber-inducing, gentle lullaby voice. Your entranced eyelids are resting together in relaxing repose. Yessss my sleeeeeeepier and more comfortable little girl, you hear only my hypnotic lullaby and sleeeeeeep, sleeeeeeep!”

Curiosity forced him to look into the room where the wonderful soothing yet dominant voice of Ms. Winters was coming from.

He saw Ms. Winters calmly waving a crystal locket in front of the eyes of Caroline. Caroline´s eyes were clearly heavy. He watched her eyes roll into her head as she appeared to try to fight in vain the relentless but so soothing barrage of silken lullaby words by Ms. Winters. Ms. Caroline Soporik’s shoulders slumped. Her head seemed to frantically search in slow motion for the best place to lay down as her eyes drifted into her head. “That’s right, pretty one, sleeeeeeep, sleeeeeeep. Ressst your tired head on my soft, sweet gentle bosom. Sleeeeeeep, sleeeeeeep.” He watched transfixed Caroline´s head slump helplessly but peacefully onto Ms. Winters’ breast.

Ms. Winters slowly waved the locket a few more times and then cupped the younger lady’s head to her ample bosom. At this point she looked at him and then back to her hypnotized charge. “Sleep now, sweet Caroline, have your morning nap”..

Ms. Winters looked at him again and said, “I am a hypnotist you know. And Caroline has been so stressed recently. My little morning sessions help her cope”

He didn’t know what to say, mostly because of the huge, swelling erection in his pants on this summer morning. Watching Caroline being soothed hypnotically to sleep had aroused him. He had always been stimulated by the thought of hypnosis. But now he’d actually seen someone he knew truly mesmerize somebody deeply right before his enthralled eyes. He felt this could be the proper time for what he’d dreamed of to progress in to becoming real not fantasy.

“I see you are down for a number of visits on this hot summer’s day” said Ms. Winters. “When you return, I have a proposition for you about a new job here. You will spend more time in this office and be managed hands-on by me and Caroline.”

She looked at Caroline´s peacefully sleeping face “Caroline, my child ” she said.
“Yesss, Misstress” replied Caroline.
“You must sleep now. But later, be prepared for this young man here” …..”
I will be prepared Misstress” said Caroline.

“Now” Ms. Winters said to him “After I see you later I have a corporate event involving me and Caroline…tell me what is the best material to wear to impress and messssmerizze your audience: silk, satin, velvet, or cotton?”

He did not need to think “Why satin of course” he said.

“Good sweet boy” she replied.

He returned later having walked miles. The appointments had been scheduled directly by Ms. Winters and he was exhausted when he returned. Surprisingly, the English sun had become relentless.

He heard a voice behind him. It was Ms. Winters.

“Well, my little puppet, we have been working hard haven’t we?” she asked quickly flashing a knowing little smile.

He became aware of the sweet but overpowering perfume. But nothing could prepare him for the vision when he looked around.

Ms. Winters was wearing a soft, black , figure-hugging satin dress. In addition her hands were clad in soft, short satin gloves. On the wrist of one glove was a bracelet where countless crystals gathered and reflected the light and gently jangled like softly soothing wind chimes on a soothing summer’s day in a gentle breeze….

“Now I know you are very, very tired. But I need to see you in my office now about my proposition about you working for me.”

He followed her into the same room where he had seen Caroline lulled to hypnotic sleep. Whilst he was anxious he was also tingling with anticipation. As he entered he saw Caroline–in a purple, satin blouse and slender, split, black satin skirt–standing by the sofa where he had seen her put to sleep that very morning.

“I hope you don’t mind the three of us being together. Caroline will take notes of our encounter.”

He noted she said “Encounter” not “Interview”

“Just sit for a while” she said. “Just feel the summer’s day wash over you. As I looked at you in the other room you looked sooo tired, sooo verry tired.”

“Sooooooo tired, Mistress. This little boy is soo tired” said Caroline.

As Ms. Soporik placed a satin-clad arm around his shoulder, he felt his neck both come alive and be soothed as the soft material and her gentle embrace took effect.

“Jusst sit, my little one. Sit and  feel dreamy and tired after your hard day” said Ms. Winters.

He became aware of her softly passing her satin gloves and bracelet before his eyes. Her hands got closer and closer. The crystals were like a soothing rainbow rocking back and forth. Softly her silken-clad fingers found their way to his forehead. As Ms. Winters gently stroked his forehead, her voice became more and more quiet and softly soothing.

“Yessss, my sweet, you feel tired don’t you? Like a little boy coming back to nursery after such a hard day’s play. Back to your wonderful Nanny tracing her silken, loving, lullaby fingers across your sleeeeeeepy, tired, sleepy, little forehead.”

He felt himself sink into the couch.

“Yess and Nanny’s sofft fingers tracing wonderful, sooooooothing sleeeeeeep-inducing patterns across your tired, little neck.”

“See the facets of my soothing bracelet dance softly. Dancing before your eyes like a dreamy rainbow. Like a prismic web of tantalising colour pulling you into my satiny web of soffft, sooooooothing, sssilken, resstful, gentle sleeeeeeep. Sleeeeeeep, sleeeeeeep my darling angel boy. My wonderful, lulled and soothed, little baby , look at my soffft, satin breast. Be tantalised and soothed by my satin breast. Hear my whispers urging you to lay your sleeeeeeepy, sleeeeeeepy, little, hypnotized head on my sofft, sooooooothing, silky satin breasts. Floating in sleepier ecstasies of my breasts like pillows of silken surrender. Like satin clouds of soft, summer slumber carrying your little, tired head to the land of deep, ssatin, hypnotic sleeeeeeep! sleeeeeeep!! sleeeeeeep!!!”

Inexorably his muscles relaxed and his head slumped softly against her shiny, soothing, satin-clad bosom.

“He has taken my breast, Caroline. Would you like his little, sleeeeeeepy head next to your womanhood?” Ms. Winters’ voice was strangely mocking.

“Oh yes” said Caroline. All her entranced servitude to Mistress Winters was now mixed and seemingly overshadowed by a colossal helping of feminine carnality. ” We can have such fun with this one. Especially when we hypnotize him to work here’ She said as she laid his head helplessly on her black satin lap.

“Yes Caroline, it will be even better then. he thinks I am constantly hypnotizing you to do My bidding. When really, now we finally have a male co-worker, or should I say slave. We will be constantly hypnotizing him!”

Both ladies laughed. They looked at his sleeping form and noticed the huge bulge in his trousers.

“Let’s take advantage of our tired, little man’s sleepy siesta while we can.”

Both women giggled, their hands wandering downwards…..