A Mistress / Goddess worthy of Her title has need to endure many things while in the company of Her adoring subjects.

For example, standing and walking in very, very high heeled boots or shoes for any length of time is far from comfortable, yet She endures the discomfort for the image expected of Her.  Enduring a corset is also a sacrifice, as well as wearing leather or stockings in the warmer months.  She can endure unsavory sights, sounds and smells in the course of a session, particularly in regards to clinical or adult infantilism fantasies.  She must endure tedium at times, if a submissive’s desires do not stimulate or challenge Her.  She will endure Her own painful experiences in the course of dispensing yours, such as the stinging in Her palm  during a barehanded spanking or an accidental splash of hot wax obviously not meant for Her.  Her endurance must and always will outlive yours if She is to effectively mold you into Her well-trained and pliable little puppy!