In the case of a professional Dominatrix who expects a generous tribute for Her valuable time and attention, you might doubt generosity would be one of Her many fine attributes.  But a good Mistress is generous, nearly to a fault.  She is generous with Her time.  During a training session, She may observe an exacting time schedule, but a conscientious and caring Domina will spend periods with you before and after Your actual session to chat, to reassure, to answer questions or simply to wind down.  She is also generous with Her knowledge.  By imparting Her experience, it should help you to understand, accept and embrace your fantasies.  She should be generous with the equipment and costuming She has, in incorporating special devices or exotic apparel into your session if the circumstances call for it.

There are certainly greedy women out there who pose as Dominas only for the profit incentive.  They may have looks, fetish clothes, and a lust for cash, but that’s all!  A true Goddess, on the other hand, whether or not She is professional, takes financial considerations in stride and concentrates on the more important and positive aspects of a Dominant/submissive rendezvous.  Her personal generosity plays a very important part in establishing a special relationship.