Possibly the most admirable virtue of any good Mistress, Patience, is an absolute necessity when She deals with shy, clumsy, overeager, inexperienced, demanding, inarticulate, unexpressive, irksome, unsure, or nervous submissives – in other words, just about every person She might dominate, for one reason or another!

A Domina’s Patience often holds a session together.  It is Her Patience that allows you to learn or experience at a level you can deal with, whether that be boot worship, cross dressing, hypnosis, punishments, or any other aspect of this Wonderful World of Dominant/submissive relations.

Stubbornness is not something conducive to good Dominance.  But a Mistress’ defining characteristic is, of course, a strong Will.  The whole idea of Dominance is for the Lady in charge to exert Her desires over yours.  If you are balk, you are disciplined.  Simple.  A Mistress equipped with a strong sense of Willpower has what it takes to make You obey.  And that’s that!