Setting a Standard

Contrary to popular opinion there is no established stereotype for a Dominatrix, except perhaps Her preference for a black wardrobe.  She can be tall or short, She can be slim or… not so slim.  Her skin can be dark or light.  Her age can vary.  She can be Catholic, Jew, Protestant, Agnostic, Pagan, Islamic, or Hindu.  She may even worship “The Goddess.”  She can prefer men, women, or both to satiate Her sexual appetite which may be either finicky or ravenous.  Dominant Women comprise a rainbow of personalities, anatomies, interests, and standards.  As far as I am concerned, there are definite positive physical and psychological traits associated with being an accomplished Dominatrix.  Over the next few weeks or so My messages will be dealing with some of what I feel these are.  For example, intellect, intuition, dexterity, generosity, endurance, patience, will and compassion.  For today I would like to express some of my thoughts in regards to the intellectual aspects of a beautiful Seductress such as Myself.

Handcuffs, a cat o’ nine tails and high, kinky boots are all part of the B&D gear a Mistress keeps at hand.  But the most important piece of equipment She can possess is Her own intellect.  A good memory is required to remember the subtle idiosyncrasies of past sessions.  A creative imagination is par for the course in keeping repeat fantasy encounters fresh and exciting. An accumulation of general knowledge is favorable so that She may converse intelligently with those obviously educated, upscale submissives who seek Her out.  Intellect is the core of a Domina’s confidence, self-reliance and overall appeal.  She need not be an Einstein clone, certainly, but a high IQ will stand her in better stead than high heels ever could.