My date, Jeanne, and I are at a large party hosted by a common friend, who told me that I would find my date fascinating.  She is beautiful, in the full curvy fashion of gorgeous 1940’s movie starlets.  She’s wearing a dark knee-length pleated skirt, good for dancing, and matching stylish short jacket top.  But what keeps catching my eye is the bright blue corset framed by the jacket and skirt.  It has decorative stitching forming flowers and Asian icons that catch and reflect the light as she turns and dances.
She catches me staring.  “Ah, so you do like my outfit.  I was beginning to wonder.  I was told you had a fondness for corsets and bustiers.  I thought this would eventually catch your attention.”
Oops.  Embarrassed, I look away.
“Uh, uh!  I dressed for this party to enjoy your attention, not for you to avoid looking at me.”  She stepped back to give me a better view of the full outfit.  She spun around to swirl her skirt out, and swayed her hips as she faced me again.  “That’s better.  Keep your eyes on me, give me a chance to take your attention for a while.  Her swaying slowed, but she spread the movements through her body.  My attention followed her movements.  As my eyes followed down to the edge of her skirt, I saw that she was wearing lacy stockings that matched the color of her corset.  I couldn’t quite make out the pattern, but they were interesting to look at.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was carefully watching my reactions as she drew my attention upward again.  “Watch for the decorations on my corset.  You need to watch them as I move to catch the full shape and color of them.”  After I studied the corset and its patterns for a while, she suddenly walked up to me and pulled me out to the dance floor.
We enjoyed the rest of the party, together and with our friends.  But eventually it was time to take Jeanne home.  I pulled up to a parking spot, with first date jitters and not sure what to say next.  She broke the nervous moment by asking, “Be a gentleman and walk me up to my flat, will you?  I’ll make you a snack to help you get home safely.”
“No problem.  And a quick sandwich sounds good.”
She turned on the lights as we entered her apartment, and punched a button on her stereo as she walked toward the kitchen.  “Have a seat over there and I’ll be back in a bit.”
I picked a comfy looking chair and settled in, relaxing a bit to the music she had turned on.  As she returned, I saw that she taken off her shoes and her short party jacket, leaving her with beautiful bare shoulders and stockinged feet.  “While you are here, I’d like to show you an experimental dance I’ve been working on.  I did a bit of it at the party but decided to save the rest of it for later.  Do you mind?  All you need to do is watch.”
“No.  I’d like that.  I could watch you dance the night away.”
“Oh, I’m sure you will,” she said with a slightly deepened voice.  In her normal voice she continued, “I call this my calibration dance.  It gives me a chance to determine what movements you like more than others, those you find more fascinating and entrancing.  I’ll start with shoulder movements and work my way down.”
Fascinating was right!  She moved fluidly with the music, starting with small shoulder rolls and getting more imaginative as her motions flowed down her torso.  She had my full attention as she took a deep breath, pushing her breasts fully into the corset and twisting her torso in entrancing motions.  She continued to pull my attention further down her body.  She turned her back to me as she started swaying her hips, swinging her skirt rhythmically from side to side, the pleats rustling against themselves and against her thighs, occasionally catching the light just right.  I relaxed back into the chair as I watched her flowing full hips.  She continued her sway while turning back to face me and drew my eyes down to her stockinged calves and feet.  Her stockings were fascinating.  I kept looking closely at them as she danced, trying to focus on what the patterns in the lace were.  The more I watched, the more elusive the patterns were.  Fortunately, as her hands eventually passed her calves again, she slowly drew my eyes all the way up to hers.
“Mmmm.  I like your reactions and you certainly seem to be enjoying my presence.  But I’m not quite yet seeing the specific reactions I was hoping to find.  I wonder…”
She drew my eyes back down to her hips, and very slowly loosened her skirt and let it drop to the floor.  My breath drew in sharply as she revealed the corset’s matching g-string panty to my full view.  Before I could catch my breath she started a slow roll of her hips, centering my attention on the eye-catching triangle between her thighs.
“Ah, now that’s the reaction I’ve been waiting for.  Now I know where your body fetish lies.  That’s good.  Relax and keep watching my entrancing g-string.  Watch closely as the light rolls over the colorful reflecting designs while I slowly dance my way deeper into you.  Are they the same designs you studied so closely earlier on my corset?  Watch the light reflect them carefully.  They make wonderful distractions while I focus the power of attraction of my satin-clad pussy on to you.  Keep watching.  That’s right.”
I started a bit as I realized she was literally entrancing me.  I lifted my head towards her face.  But she used her hands to catch my attention as I glanced by her similarly satin covered breasts, her curves highlighted by the matching corset.  The corset that matched the magical cloth drawing my attention back down between her thighs as she continued…
“Where do think you’re going?  Follow my hands as they draw your eyes along my curves back to my fascinating, entrancing, irresistible panty covered pussy.  Did I startle you when I said ‘pussy’?  It’s ok to watch my pussy’s g-string.  It’s very beautiful, colorful, shiny…  I want you to keep looking deeply at it.  See the color and light shift as I slowly move.  I’m very pleased to discover where your controlling fetish lies.  So many men never make it past my stunning breasts when I decide to capture them.  Some of them make it to my legs before they succumb.  But you made it back up to my thighs and magic pussy nestled between them. I like that, I can lure you so much deeper and fully into my control when I can focus you fully onto the center of my sexual power.”
Capture? Control? Power?  She’s beautiful, desirable, hypnotic,…  I know I need to resist, so I start pulling my attention back to myself.  I realize that I was already well into a trance and struggle to pull myself back to alertness.  But as I do she shifts to even more intriguing motions of her hips and legs.  Every thing she does recatches my focus and pulls my eyes back between her thighs, her soft tender inner thighs that focus my attention deep between them to the shiny hypnotic cloth enveloping her sex.”
“Don’t resist.  You can’t resist.  I can tell you like what you see… what I’m doing with you… pulling you deeper into my will… impressing my will even deeper into you.  Relax, I can see you want this.  I was told you were unlikely to try anything sexual on a first date, but after this evening I’ve decided I want you, and I don’t plan to let you escape.  You feel more relaxed… and feel more pleasure… as I focus you on the irresistible power that I’m using to draw you deep into my will.  Feel your pleasure rise as you relax further into my desires and my will.”
I can’t resist.  The more I try to come out of it, the more relaxed I get, and the hornier I get.  As I’m aroused, all I can do is listen to her voice and follow where she’s taking me with her small dance and compelling words.  Why am I getting sleepier?  I want to keep watching her pussy and its magical clothing, but the more closely I watch the heavier my eyelids become, and soon they close leaving me with only her voice, but I can’t quite follow what she is saying.   I wonder what she wants… and then I fall deep asleep.