As i paused from my domestic duties to wipe the sweat off my brow, i began to ponder how i got lured so deep in this pool of persuasiveness. i am treading water with no hope of rescue. i am over my head and there is no longer guard, there is only to keep moving my arms and legs, or succumb to the inevitable deep bliss of Her Voice….


i hear Her in the background just humming a tune, something from the ’80’s, Prince’s Little Red Corvette maybe…. Oh, suddenly my body quivers, shakes uncontrollably and i am filled with desire! Mad, crazy, do anything for Her desire! i kneel down once again, dip my hand in the bucket and begin once again to scrub Goddess Marquesa’s floors. i am so grateful that She allows me this privilege… Surely, there are hundreds of slaves who would instantly trade places with me. i must be the best domestic She has ever had… i must please Her and make Her floors shine! i find myself humming Her tune and now everything is once again in balance…


As it should be. me on my knees in service to Goddess Marquesa who sits on Her throne!


“puppy, puppy? Come here puppy?” rings out of the heavens. i stop, pause, tidy myself, adjust my attire and crawl quickly to where my Lady sits. Head bowed i crawl into the room, guided only by memory and Her Words.


“Sit by me puppy. I noticed you were pausing and contemplating a moment ago. What was it that occupied your mind? I would really like to know!” cooed Marquesa.


“M’Lady,” i begin to stutter, still looking at the gloriousness of Her flickering shadow on the hardwood floor. “i was pondering how i got to this point in my life. Here, by Your feet, serving You.


Please Please Please let me explain… i was just thinking how this came about. i honestly don’t remember how i had the honor of becoming Your live in domestic slave. Goddess my mind raced about and i pictured an ocean and i was treading water, about to drown. Then i heard Your humming and everything changed to bliss and wonderfulness. Goddess Marquesa, i beg Your pardon, but could You please tell me how i arrived and entered Your service. If that would please you of course.” i stammered as i slowly bowed my head to the floor.


“Why of course i will tell you my pet how you became my favorite little puppy. Always at my feet. Awaiting to commands and performing them without any thought or disagreement.


It was one day, a few years ago. you wrote to Me on My website. you had been perusing the site and you became enamored of the free content and wanted to know a bit more about what I did and who I was.


your requests were clear, concise and very  submissive in tone. As I typed my reply, I giggled to myself at how much time would pass between when I sent out that first email and your reply.


The email simply stated, “Call ME!” That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. I hit the send button and in a matter of about two minutes the phone rang. I let it ring, and ring and ring knowing it was you! Hahahaha! Knowing I owned you from that moment on. Yet, I wanted to have a little fun with you. Kind of a cat and mouse game. So I let the phone go into message mode. Your reply was absolutely wonderful… Let me, see, ahhhh it was something like this…


“God-d-dd-dess Mar-r-quesa, You emailed me and commanded me to call You-uu. i don’t know what else to say except, Your Voice is breath taking and hearing it over the phone has me on edge. i await Your response. Your’s PSmyth


Then I wanted to tease you a little bit more my pet… However, you are just sitting at my feet, kneeling? Why” She demanded.


“Goddess i am awaiting Your next command.” i said.


“Then worship my feet as I tell you your story of love and obedience,” hushed Marquesa.


“I emailed you again. Same as before, “Call Me” and seconds after the email was sent my phone rang, and rang and rang. It went to voicemail and I heard your feeble attempt at verbally pleasing Me.” She stated.


Marquesa, let out a great sigh of arousal “AHHHHHhhhhh. Keep your tongue there! That’s it! Nibble a little bit, harder, harder…. YES YES YES!!! Oh it is good to have you worshipping my feet puppy. you’re such a good puppy!”


i felt bliss throughout my body and fervently kept my tongue, lips, and teeth doing exactly what Marquesa wanted… it was now what i lived for, loved and couldn’t live without.


“you sounded so dejected when I didn’t answer the phone that second time. It was as if someone had torn your heart out of your chest and was now using it as their own personal playtoy… and you were right i was… teasing you, tormenting you till your only choice would be obedience. She giggled.


Marquesa explained to me what to do next…“Now begin to work on my ankles, calves, knees and thighs. I will tell you when and where to stop.”  i licked, kissed, nibbled and sucked like a man possessed. Indeed i was, i was possessed by Marquesa’s Eternal Love Spell of Bondage… and i was diving in deeper and deeper till nothing else mattered.


“Hmmmm. Oh yes, the phone calls…heheh. I emailed you a third time and you called immediately. The phone rang six long times, I knew you were in pain and agony desiring to speak with ME, your Goddess so badly that it hurt. I picked up on the seventh ring, because seven is the perfect number, like my intentions of making you my perfectly obedient pet.”


“You stammered through some introduction and that you would love to know more about what mesmerism entailed. So I told you it was really only something that could truly be explained in person. And what are you doing right now?” giggling once again…as She remembered what i did!


“the response was more than I expected, puppy. You gasped for breath. Shuffled around in your seat, for what reason i don’t know, Marquesa slyly smiled. Then you did what few men had done before you… you politely asked how, when and where did I want to meet you. Such a good puppy. It was right then I knew I had found a puppy who was going to do everything, yes everything I commanded, whenever I commanded.


“Do you know that little bar by the pier in Redondo?” Marquesa inquired.


“Joe’s, or The Craft?” you responded back.


“The Craft, I said “of course!” Be there in two hours, showered, shaved, and with a cold Cosmopolitan cocktail waiting for me. Also I want something of an assurance that you are an obedient, disciplined puppy… I want you to where a dog collar around your neck. After all, you called and want to be my puppy, right? I said Right?”


You stammered “Right Marquesa, You are absolutely right!”


“Well, to make a long story….. Marquesa paused a moment and  looked down at my crotch.  She saw that i was enjoying Her story….

”I watched you enter from behind the mirrored glass at my friend’s bar, The Craft. Ten minutes early, She smiled. Dog collar, flowers, a box of chocolates, neat, tidy and so anxious, nervously you ordered My drink… you also ordered one of the stouts and began to sip it nervously as you checked your watch.


You waited, chatted with the Bartender who asked, “why were you wearing a dog collar? I can only imagine what lie you came up with, or was it the truth? She reached down, grabbed my hair, tilted my head till my eyes stared directly into Her dominate emerald green eyes… feeling somewhat more subservient my eyes diverted from Her Queenly gaze… “The Truth i whispered, The Truth, The Truth, i repeated over and over hoping to please She who owns me.”


Back to the Story! I had the Bartender distract you so I could enter unannounced to you. I slid up to your side and spoke three little words… “BOW TO ME!”  you instantly got off your stool and got on your knees and bowed your head till your forehead hit that grimy, dirty floor. I then placed the sole of my right foot on your head and asked, “Whom do you serve and worship?”


Frightened, aroused and in awe you whispered, “You, Goddess Marquesa.”

“What, I can’t hear you, slave! Louder, shout it out loud so all may hear and know that you are my possession and property.” Marquesa demanded.


you shouted,  “YOU, GODDESS MARQUESA!”


As I lifted My foot off your face, I praised your decision, “Good Boy! Good puppy. Now let your Owner attach your leash and take you home to play.”


you drove Me home, always three steps behind Me and waiting upon My every word.”


As Marquesa still had my head in Her grasp, She told me to look up and gaze into Her eyes. i instantly obeyed, how could anyone resist Her beauty and grace? Look deep into my eyes and listen, pet. I want you to pleasure me while I finish your story.


“Yes, Goddess Marquesa, thank You! THANK YOU!


Marquesa, slowly opened Her legs, exposing Her perfect path to paradise. She directed my face, wedged me between Her smooth silky thighs and delicately draped Her legs over my shoulders, crossing Her calves and pushing my head toward Her perfectly powerful pussy.


i held my breath, not moving a bit till She commanded where and when…knowing that i am to obey Her always, for Her ways are the best ways!


“Worship Me, slave and don’t stop till I say.” Marquesa seductively suggested. i licked with all my heart and soul, once again mesmerized by Marquesa’s Mysterious Magic.

i don’t know how long i was between Her legs, but i know that i was experiencing what heaven must taste and feel like. Honey, brown sugar carmelizing to golden perfection, the perfect bouquet of a bright Rose, Chocolate, Vanilla and a hint of Cinnamon would just begin to explain how wonderful Marquesa’s pussy tastes. Her legs pushed harder and harder onto my back forcing my tongue deeper and deeper into Goddess’ golden triangle of transformation.


Suddenly, i heard Marquesa say at the count of three you will awake, one…two…three! I awoke with my headphones on and a soaked plastic pussy in my hands, Marquesa had once again lured me into Her world, Her palace, Her scintillating space, Her hypnotic realm and under Her Love Spell. Thank YOU Marquesa for using Your puppy as You see fit.


i have decided to Call Marquesa and beg her to allow me to serve Her in person. i so desire to serve Her, to be Her slave, Her domestic, Her whipping boy, even Her toilet if She so desires… i stopped treading water and am going to drown in Marquesa’s Love Spell of Bondage.


If you so desire to enter, jump in…. the water is intoxicatingly addicting….