sissysecAfter completing a job application and passing an online aptitude test i receive an email voice message from Marquesa inviting me to interview for a position as Sexretary.

“Congratulations my dear you are cordially invited to interview for a position as my sexretary slave girl. ”  ooohh ooohhh Yes.  Well my submissive slut, proper attire is a must. Tell me, how will you be attired during your interview?

imagine knocking on Marquesa’s  solid entry door “boom boom” .  The “click click click”  of high heels is heard as Goddess Marquesa opens the door and says…..

“Well girly, don’t you look sweet.  Please come in.  Follow me.”

“Click click click ” as the submissive applicant follows seduced and transfixed on Goddess Marquesa’s seductive legs, form fitting black skirt, white satin business blouse and high heels.

Goddess commands, “SIT THERE SISSY”
To prepare for my interview I shaved and soaked in a hot bath tub with perfumed oil.
My toe nails are polished with a bright pink metallic nail gloss.
My finger nails decorated with ceramic glue on pink fingernails
my hair washed with a full bodied curl enhancing shampoo
My warm skin covered in fragrant feminizing body softener
i am attired in a perfumed nylon body stocking
i am wearing a bright pink garter belt with beige nylon stockings and matching silk full lacy panties.
A boned tight lace under-bust corset is compressing my waist exaggerating my now hips and breasts.
Giggly pointed DD silicone breasts are implanted under my pink satin bullet bra
The ball gag and heavy application of permanent lip stick and numbing lip plumping gloss renders me speechless.
A latex female mask with clear glossy lips and bimbo eyes feminizes my every expression.
Hair extenders and pink hair bows accentuate my hair sprayed hair doo
A frilly neck choker with tinkling pendant, clinking gold O ring earrings, and dangling diamond anklet accessorize and not so subtly feminize.
The tight leather mini skirt, white frilly silk sheer high collared blouse have me panting with excitement
The 6″ ankle strapped open toed white patent leather platform stripper high heels add the finishing touch
With steno book and permanent pink marker in hand…..
Sissy is ready for her interview with GODDESS MARQUESA
Ever fantasize about becoming Mistress Maquesa’s sexretary?