Dear Mistress,

I just wanted you to know your incredibly provocative, sensual, and stimulating words (on your web site) inspired me to write my latest story about a beautiful, powerful mistress such as yourself. I forward a copy to you and once again express my most sincere admiration.


WARNING: The following story contains graphic descriptions of a sexual nature. It is intended for mature persons only. Any persons not old enough to legally receive adult materials or who are offended by them should read no farther. Further distribution of this story–and all others of this nature by this author–is permissible only to appropriate persons and only if the contents and author credit are unchanged.


  1. Copyright © July 1998.
  2. The persons and situations depicted in this story are entirely fictitious. Any similarities to actual persons or situations are completely unintentional and purely coincidental.
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A Personal Comment from Mistress Marquesa

I want to thank “mind bender” for this marvelous story. It is replete with wonderful detail- very insightful of the thinking and motivations of its Mistress Yvette and of Her slave 24. Of course even more is revealed through this story of the thinking and motivations of mr. mind bender himself. His fantasies obviously provide him with much comfort in his otherwise dreary life, wherein he has -until now- found little tangible “real life” fulfillment for his deepest sexual yearnings. It is good and very healthy to have these fantasies as an outlet.

The wonderful “science fiction” aspects of his story give vent to these healthy yearnings. Of course there is no real life need on the path to fulfillment for all the contraptions Mistress Yvette seemed to find necessary to enslave the needy hero of this tale.

An hypnotic trance of sexual surrender can be induced very simply through the use of hypno-therapy- much as I have performed on countless needy males who have strong submissive tendencies- tendencies latent and hidden deep in their subconscious minds, often beneath a “macho” exterior.

For those of you out there who felt a sympathetic chord strike below their belts by this story, and who can not easily arrange for an in-person interview with Me. I suggest you give Me a call sometime soon. I have certain hypnotic remedies that you may be interested in.

Thank you,

Mistress Marquesa

Ted Nichols had saved for months to set aside enough money to buy his first personal computer. Oh, he could have bought a cheap computer sooner, but he was determined to get the computer he wanted: a state of the art model with the fastest available processor, tons of memory, and every bell and whistle he could get his hands on. And, of course, a modem for access to the Internet was essential.

The wonders and the diversity of the information found on ‘The Net’ seemed endless. Ted’s new PC took him to all sorts of interesting places-places he would never dare go on his computer at work. Being an average single male of 23 years, he inevitably found himself drawn to the more ‘adult’ locations on The Net.

One of Ted’s biggest fantasies was submitting to a dominating woman, although he wasn’t big into BDSM. Still, he was curious about what it would be like to experience the subjugation of a genuine mistress. Intrigued by the thought, he soon was typing in the keyword “mistress” in a search engine page.

After spending 10 minutes filtering through the hundreds of matches he received, Ted came across the following web site summary: “The Mistress Web Compendium: A list of Femdoms and their services.” Ted clicked his mouse on the associated link, and was soon electronically transported to the site.

For the next 30 minutes, he read about one mistress after another. Some offered phone services with steamy erotic BDSM word play. Some showed pictures of ‘dungeons,’ and promised to deliver ‘maximum pain and pleasure.’ Some offered tapes with ‘subliminal submission training’ programs. Some even sold books on how to give the proper homage to a mistress’ feet. Ted couldn’t help rubbing his crotch as he read on, as each site seemed more provocative than the last.

Then he saw an ad that stopped his searching.

“Looking to be dominated by the ultimate powerful and sensual woman? Interested in the most incredible personal Femdom experience? Willing to submit totally to an omnipotent but kind and caring Mistress? Call Mistress Yvette and arrange an introductory interview right now! But beware-The Mistress demands total obedience, total compliance, and total cooperation from her slaves. Applicants who don’t behave in this manner will be rejected and removed.”

30 seconds later, Ted dialed the phone number in the ad. Mistress Yvette herself answered on the fourth ring. Her deep voice was sensuously melodious. She assured him she would not use whips or chains or anything else like that. And best of all, she was only three hours away by car. He agreed to her non-refundable $100 fee for an introductory interview, and made an appointment for that Saturday afternoon.

At 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, Ted found himself sitting in an office, a rather plush one at that. On the red velvet wall behind the desk hung a large restraining belt that was obviously designed to fit over a man’s genitals. As he sat across from the empty desk, he found himself suddenly tempted to peak inside the drawers of the large oak desk to see what other toys lay in wait. But Ted wouldn’t take the risk of being caught; he remembered the warning in the ad that drew him here in the first place. “Mistress Yvette demands total obedience, total compliance, total cooperation. Applicants who don’t behave in this manner will be rejected and removed.”

His restraint was providential, for a moment later the sliding door in the back of the office opened. Ted smiled as Mistress Yvette’s long, well toned legs propelled her toward the desk, her stunning green eyes clearly evaluating him at every step of the trip. Perhaps in her late 30’s, she wore an alluring black leather body suit, one that perfectly highlighted her flawless feminine form. Without uttering a sound, she sat down behind the desk and continued to study him closely. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Ted, her ruby red lips parted.

“So, Mr. Nichols, why have you come to see me?” she asked, her deep voice as probing as her eyes. Ted found her presence overwhelming. He had to clear his voice before he could answer her. “Ah hem…. I came because…” he paused, knowing he had to clearly convey his willingness to submit to her, or the interview would be over very shortly. “I came…because I want to serve Mistress Yvette.”

The mistress brushed a few strands of her luxurious shoulder length brown hair from the side of her face as he finished his statement. She sat in silence for several seconds, carefully noting-and enjoying-the anxiety that clearly shown on the young man’s face. Again, after what seemed a painfully long time, she spoke. Her words were measured, yet clearly forceful and authoritarian in nature. Her firm demeanor ensured there was no mistaking who was in control.

“So you wish to serve me. And just how do you intend to serve your mistress?” Ted could feel the blood draining from his face. This next answer was definitely make or break material. “Well… I’ll serve you by doing anything… uh, everything that you command.” Her lips parted in a small smile, one which Ted couldn’t discern the significance of. “Are you absolutely certain of this? Do you give yourself to me freely, body, mind, and soul?”

His eyes lit up. “Yes! Yes, I do!”

Her lips twisted downward in disapproval. “That’s ‘Yes, Mistress!'”

Ted swallowed hard. He couldn’t keep his voice from breaking. “Of course, I… I’m sorry. Yes, Mistress.”

Satisfied at his submissive response and attitude, she began to ask him questions. Questions about his life, his family, his job, even his fantasies. The mistress nodded after each response; Ted hoped this was a sign she liked his answers. She then asked if he had discussed attending this interview with anyone, and if anyone knew he was here. He assured her that no one else knew where he was. After he finished, there again was silence. Finally, the mistress confirmed his acceptability. “You seem to be a satisfactory candidate, Mr. Nichols. I think we can do business.”

She swung her chair slightly and opened the bottom left-hand drawer. She removed something, but Ted couldn’t see what it was from his chair. She seemed to be adjusting whatever she was holding, but she was intentionally keeping it below the desktop to mask its identity. “I will make you one of my servants. From this moment on you will not be addressed as Mr. Nichols, Ted, or any other standard name. From now on, you will be known only as “Slave 24.”

Slave 24. Ted smiled with nervous excitement. This was too good to be true.

True, yes. Good, well…

Finally, the woman brought her hands above the desktop, briefly revealing the hidden object. It was a metallic collar, silver in color, with a clasp that held a locking mechanism within. Swinging her legs, the voluptuous woman stepped out from behind her desk. “Sit still while I tag you, Slave.” He caught a quick peak at the object. It seemed to house several electronic devices woven within, and it was labeled in front with bold letters proclaiming its soon to be new bearer: ‘SLAVE 24.’

Ted felt the cold metal encircle the base of his neck. The woman fiddled with the collar for a moment, tightening it to the point of mild discomfort on her submissive’s neckline. Ted started to protest the fit of the collar, but restrained himself in eager anticipation of what was about to happen. His objection unvoiced, Ted resigned himself to his discomfort as the heard the ‘click’ of the collar’s lock.

Apparently satisfied, the woman returned to her seat. She took another object from the desk; this one resembled a pocket calculator with a small keypad. She pressed a few buttons, then turned her attention back to the anxious man who sat waiting her next words. “Now that we’ve begun the training process Slave, you will do exactly as I tell you. Any resistance or disobedience will be punished.” She poised her thumb over one of the buttons. “Allow me to demonstrate.”

As her thumb depressed the button, Ted felt a sharp pain radiate from his neck to each of his extremities. The pain intensified with amazing speed, and within moments he found himself unable to contain a blood-curdling scream. Her satisfaction clearly etched on her face, the woman removed her thumb from the button. The pain was gone, but it left a lasting impression on the man who sat convulsed in the chair across from her.

Her smile returned. “You understand the depth of my power over you now. I hope for your sake you will not require further demonstrations.” She slowly rose, all the while keeping her hand poised on the pain controller. “But physical control is only a small part of your training. True, it does keep you from taking any undesired actions at this point in your training cycle.” She eyed him, gratified at the look of fear in the eyes that met hers. “However, the psychological portion of your training will be what makes you mine forever.”

Forever?! This was supposed to be just a quickie-fantasy that Ted decided to try for fun. Who said anything about forever?

Moving behind her captive, the dominatrix continued detailing her plans for Ted. “Among my many talents, I am trained in advanced hypnotic mind manipulation. Are you familiar with hypnosis? Oh, not the kind done by some hack in a college town stage show. I mean real hypnosis.” He shook his head slightly from side to side, afraid to say anything. The woman laughed a soft, devilish laugh. “Well then, you’re in for a treat, my Slave. Soon you will experience sensations you never thought possible. You will become a real man, just as all men should be.” Reaching over to the desk, she pressed a button on her phone. “Come in here immediately,” she ordered insistently.

The sliding door swung open, and two men entered the room. One was in his mid-20’s, and well muscled. The other was older, maybe 45, and was slight of build. Both wore discipline collars similar to Ted’s, with their identities etched on the front. Each quickly fell to his knees and bowed his head before the woman.

“We come to serve, Mistress,” announced Slave 16 in a reverent voice. “We ask you to command us,” added Slave 9. She gestured at the figure in the chair. “I’m very happy to announce your ranks are growing again. You may stand. Take Slave 24 to the psychological training room.” The two men rose and moved over to Ted. “Yes, immediately, Mistress,” they responded in an unnatural unison.

Paralyzed with fear, Ted felt strong hands lift him firmly from the chair and propel him towards the doorway. The two slaves led him down a hallway towards a room at its end. After Slave 9 unlocked and opened the door, the two men ushered Ted into the dimly lit room. He quickly took stock of the new surroundings: a reclining chair with restraints was the sole furnishing. The walls and ceiling were littered with electronic devices; some vaguely resembled stereo equipment, others were completely unfamiliar.

Too frightened to resist and weary of provoking another ‘demonstration’ of the effects of the collar, Ted was easily forced down into the chair. The two men quickly secured him in the metal restraining harnesses. In a matter of moments, his head, arms, torso, and legs were completely immobilized. As soon as they finished securing him in the chair, the two men turned their attention to the various devices that lined the walls.

Ted’s eyes settled on the black curtain directly in front of him. Meanwhile, the two men were engaged in quiet consultation that Ted couldn’t make out. Nodding, they began to flip switches and turn dials. Soon the strange equipment came to life with a series of beeps and flashing lights. The lights were bright enough that their beams shone clearly through the room, even though it was not completely darkened.

After looking over his shoulder at Ted, Slave 9 made a few adjustments to the component he was working on. Suddenly the small multicolored lights-like a plethora of intense penlights-began bombarding Ted’s face from different directions. One by one, the two slaves adjusted each light until its beam fell directly upon Ted’s eyes, which began blinking involuntarily in a vain effort to block them out.

Unable to move his head due to the restraining bar encircling it, Ted heard Slave 16 move toward an intercom on the wall behind him. “The new slave is secured and the program has been initiated, Mistress. May we serve you further?” he asked in a submissive tone. The woman’s filtered voice answered, “No. You may both return to your cell to await further instructions.” The man nodded. “As you desire, Mistress. Our purpose is to serve you.”

As the two slaves departed, Ted’s ears began to detect a strange humming noise in the background. It seemed to be continuously changing pitch, and Ted’s frazzled conscious mind couldn’t draw any conclusions as to its composition or purpose. His subconscious mind, however, was clearly processing the subliminal message embedded within the signal; the message suggested he was beginning to feel very tired.

Mistress Yvette’s voice returned, this time via the speakers on the wall. “Don’t be concerned about the lights and sounds, Slave.” Ted squirmed as best he could in the restraints as she once again laughed softly in her annoyingly confident manner. “They’re simply to create the atmosphere that’s most conducive to my purposes. Let me demonstrate for you.” The speed and intensity of the flashing lights increased dramatically. Ted found himself involuntarily closing his eyelids faster and tighter in an attempt to shield his eyes from the growing discomfort of the bright beams.

Just as his mistress wanted him to.

His eyes were now closed more often then not. Ted became aware of the growing hum that seemed to envelop him from every direction. With the woman’s voice now silent, his attention turned to the peculiar sound. While his conscious mind could detect nothing but the hum, his subconscious mind was soaking up the subliminal commands the sound contained.

Just as his mistress wanted him to.

After what seemed like days, his mistress’ deep voice finally returned, soft and seductive. “Now, as the pretty lights flash brightly all around you, you’re realizing that you’re feeling very fatigued. It’s almost as if each flash pulls a little more energy from your body. Each flash leaves you feeling more and more relaxed, more and more tired.”

As he listened to her words, Ted was becoming fixated on the intricate light patterns that filtered through his closed eyelids. The combination of colors resembled a quickly moving kaleidoscope, and he found his eyes were now moving involuntarily in response to the complex stimulus. The movement added to his sense of fatigue. “Yes, very good, my slave. Look at all the pretty colors, and feel more and more relaxed. Become more and more tired. Happy to let my pretty colors drain away every last ounce of your strength.”

Ted was now fighting a feeling of impending slumber that seemed to intensify by the moment. The rapid eye movements that the lights had spawned became progressively slower as his reflexes were dulled by the overwhelming combination of dancing light, subliminal sound, and spoken word. Finally, he surrendered as his conscious mind sank deep into hypnotic sleep. Only his subconscious mind remained open and receptive to stimulus.

Just as his mistress intended.

As if from very far away, Ted heard the woman’s voice again. “You’re now deep in trance. Now we’ll begin your real training, Slave. You may open your eyes and look straight ahead.” Suddenly, the colors bombarding his eyes were gone. Deep in hypnosis and in a highly suggestible state, Ted slowly opened his eyes. A projected image of Mistress Yvette stared back at him though the now-opened curtains.

The image spoke. “You will look at me. Look only at me. From this moment on, you know and agree with the following absolute truths.” Ted stared straight ahead blankly, his face completely devoid of expression.

“I now own you completely-body, mind, and soul.”

Her words were absorbed into his mind, where they resonated deep within. “There is absolutely no higher authority in your life than me. I am totally infallible. I am totally omnipotent.” His subconscious processed her message and imprinted it upon his psyche.

“I now control your thoughts and feelings. My words instantly become your thoughts. My desires instantly become your feelings. My commands instantly become your actions.” Something deep inside him said “No,” but it was too late. He was too deep and she knew it. “Your will is now an extension of mine. Your existence is measured only by my value of your service to me.”

The image flashed. After a brief moment, Mistress Yvette reappeared, totally naked. She was gorgeous.

“You find me utterly irresistible, Slave. Look closely.” The camera panned in closer to her body. “Look at my luscious tits. Look at my delicious pussy.” She turned around as if modeling at a fashion show. “Look at my wonderful ass. Just catching even the most fleeting glimpse of my perfect body excites you.” She faced forward again, running her hands through her hair. “Looking at me naked like this makes you hard!” Although he wasn’t aware of it in his trance state, Ted’s rapidly growing cock began to bulge against the zipper of his jeans.

The projected woman ran her hands over her breasts and between her legs in a provocative gesture. “Only my complete control over you and your fear and reverence of me will keep you from ripping my clothes off to get to my body. If you are obedient, I may one day allow you to pleasure my body.” His erection became massive as he beheld the sight of is mistress. “Your deepest fantasy is for me to climb on top of you and make you come deep inside of me! You feel yourself wanting to come even now as you watch me. Obey your mistress–come in your pants for me this very moment!” Unblinking, Ted shot a large wad of hot sperm all over the inside of his boxers as a small groan escaped from his throat.

“Very good, Slave.” Mistress’ Yvette’s expression suddenly became stern. “You will always do everything I command you to do. You will never resist my commands. You will never hesitate in carrying them out. Otherwise you will be punished and you will never be able to pleasure my body.” The thought of that was too horrible now for Ted to contemplate.

“The charade of your former life is now over. You will now live in my compound in service of me. Your only purpose in life will be to serve me. After your training is completed, you will be allowed to temporarily depart the complex with several other slaves. You will bring all of your possessions, including all of your money, back to me.”

Ted already began looking forward to moving into his mistress’ compound.

The image before him faded, but Mistress Yvette’s voice persisted. “I give you permission to speak now, slave. You will answer my questions. First, what is your name?”

His lips opened, but he paused before answering. “I am T… I am Slave 24.”

“Correct, Slave 24. What is your purpose in life?”

His voice came weakly. He patched together the thoughts deposited into his mind as best he could. “To serve Mistress Yvette totally and completely.”

Did he detect approval in her voice? He certainly hoped so. “That’s correct. And what will happen to you if you ever fail in your service?”

His words were flat. “I will be punished.”

“And what else?”

He continued in a monotone. “I will never be able to pleasure you.”

Mistress Yvette laughed. “Excellent, Slave 24. You have done quite well. Now we will continue with some physical submissiveness training.”

He felt a shock from his neck. It startled him out of his trance.

“The energy you just felt serves two purposes. First, it awakened you, so to speak. But it also helped to seal your programming deep in your mind.” Her devilish laugh repeated. “After several more treatments, you won’t remember your old life.”

The door to the room opened. Slaves 9 and 16 moved to the chair and removed the restraints. Now free, Ted offered no resistance. Slave 16 smiled as he beheld the dark spot on the front of Ted’s pants. He nodded to his comrade, and Slave 9 activated the intercom. “Slave 24 has been released, Mistress. He is docile and appears to be assimilating his psychological training in an acceptable manner. Slave 16 and I humbly await your further instructions.”

The three slaves listened for their mistresses’ guidance. “Bring Slave 24 to the dungeon. I will begin his torture training presently.”

If only the young man formerly known as Ted Nichols knew what awaited him, he would scream with pure terror.